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Autoimmune Disease
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In just six weeks you'll get to the root cause of your condition and learn the tools to reverse it with The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution Program

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You CAN Reverse Your Autoimmune Disease!

As someone who has struggled with and overcome an autoimmune disease myself, I want to tell you that you CAN reverse your autoimmune disease! It takes hard work and commitment, but I have seen first-hand, in myself, in my patients, and in the thousands of people who have read my book, that if you make the lifestyle changes, you can reverse your condition and take your health into your own hands.

I created this six-week program to help you experience those same results! It is packed with informative resources and empowering tools to put the proven program from my New York Times Bestseller, The Autoimmune Solution, into practice.

Amy Myers, MD
Functional Medicine Pioneer and New York Times Bestselling Author

Conventional Medicine Has it All Wrong, But There is Another Way!

After conventional medicine failed me in my own autoimmune journey, I have dedicated my life and my career to providing others with the resources and tools I wish I would have had when I was sick.

You see, the truth is, conventional medicine has it all wrong when it comes to autoimmune disease. They are focused solely on managing autoimmune symptoms with life-long, harsh medications, instead of looking at the true underlying causes of autoimmune disease. It's only when we identify and address these root causes that we begin to heal the body, reduce inflammation, and reverse autoimmune disease.

The Autoimmune Disease Spectrum

Once you step outside the bounds of conventional medicine, you see that there is not one set category of autoimmune disease. Instead, there is what I call the autoimmune spectrum.

On one end of the spectrum are those with full-blown autoimmune conditions who are suffering from extremely high levels of inflammation. On the other end are those with with little or no inflammation, who are living symptom-free and healthy lives.

The amazing news is that by reducing your inflammation, you can slow and then reverse the progress of your condition, moving backwards from full-blown autoimmunity to symptom-free healthy living. That is what I will teach you to do in this course, by addressing the root causes of inflammation and autoimmune disease.

What's Really Causing Your Autoimmunity?

Through my experience as a functional medicine doctor, avid researcher, and patient, I (and many other functional medicine experts) have identified five key root causes that play a role in autoimmune disease.

In The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution Program we will take a deep dive into all five of these factors. I will explain how they contribute to your illness and how you can make lifestyle, dietary, and supplement changes to move back down the autoimmune spectrum, and reverse your condition.

Is This Program Right For You?

The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution Program is for anyone who is ready to eliminate their symptoms, regain their energy and vitality, and find a true solution for lifelong health. This program is perfect for anyone overcoming:

  • Graves' Disease
  • Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Psoriasis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Celiac Disease
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • Type I Diabetes
  • Scleroderma
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • and any other autoimmune condition!

I created this six-week program to make it as easy as possible to uncover the true cause of your health problems, and adopt proven strategies to overcome them. However, there are no magic pills or miracle cures in this program. The steps are all straightforward and simple, but it takes hard work. The good news is, I will arm you with all of the tools, resources, and support you need to make the transition stress-free and sustainable!

You don't have to settle for a lifetime of harsh medications, or a list of symptoms that only gets longer. You can live a symptom-free life, regain your energy and vitality, and feel better than ever. Are you ready to take back YOUR health?

What Does The Myers Way®
Autoimmune Solution Program Include?

In my six-week video course, I will walk you through each of the root causes and arm you with plenty of worksheets, handouts, and checklists to help you adopt The Myers Way® lifestyle.

Week 1: Prep Week & Introduction to Autoimmunity

Resources Include:

  • Weekly meal plan with ALL NEW recipes & shopping lists
  • Brand new resources, checklists, and guides that are not included in the book
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Direct support on my free community forum
  • Symptom tracker to measure your progress
  • Recommended reading to learn more about each topic

Week 2: Heal Your Gut

Eighty percent of your immune system is housed in your gut, so when I say the gut is the gateway to health, I mean it! This week we'll talk about how leaky gut contributes to autoimmune disease, and how to heal your gut and heal yourself.

Resources Include:

  • Comprehensive gut exam to identify your gut infections
  • Guide to digestion to learn how to maintain a healthy gut
  • Overview of Functional Medicine's 4R Approach to healing the gut
  • Tips for overcoming constipation

Week 3: Remove Gluten, Grains, and Legumes

One of the most important changes you can make in reversing your autoimmune disease is changing your diet. This week I'll share the most important dietary changes to make, and how to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Resources Include:

  • How to avoid cross-contamination in your kitchen
  • Tips to recover after getting glutened
  • Guides to losing or maintaining weight, depending on your goals

Week 4: Tame Your Toxins

Our modern world is filled with toxins that increase inflammation and contribute to autoimmune disease. I'll arm you with the tools you need to minimize your exposure, reduce your toxic burden, and support your detox pathways.

Resources Include:

  • Guide to a toxin-free home, from your kitchen to your bedroom to your bathroom
  • Tips for organic shopping, even if you are on a budget!
  • Everything you need to know about infrared sauna therapy

Week 5: Heal Your Infections and Relieve Your Stress

Infections may be lying dormant in your body that flare on occasion and fuel the fire of your autoimmune disease. What's more, stress plays an important role in keeping these infections at bay and minimizing your symptoms.

Resources Include:

  • Guide to stress management
  • How to reset your sleep cycle
  • Introduction to meditation and breathing exercises that you can do from anywhere
  • Tips for avoiding future infections and staying well

Week 6: The Myers Way® as a Lifestyle

In the final week we will talk about how to reintroduce foods to find the perfect diet for your individual needs. We will also discuss how to turn The Myers Way® into a way of life.

Resources Include:

  • Food reintroduction protocol to keep variety in your diet
  • Tips for restaurant dining
  • Guide to traveling while following The Myers Way®
  • Tips for lifelong wellness

Weekly Resources and Support

Resources Include:

  • Weekly meal plan with recipes and shopping lists
  • Symptom tracker to gauge your progress
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
  • Support from my free community forum
  • Tons of handy print-outs and checklists
  • Recommended reading to learn more about each topic

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: The Myers Way® Wellness Coaching

Receive one-on-one support from a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist while you complete The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution program. My Wellness Coaches have trained extensively in Functional Medicine and bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their clients, including:

  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Help tailoring the plan to any additional nutritional needs
  • Further explanation of the program's dietary guidelines
  • Help choosing the right supplements for your needs


The Myers Way®
Autoimmune Solution Program

- 6-week video course

- All NEW meal plans, recipes & shopping lists

- Never-before-seen tools, checklists & guides

- Weekly support and guidance


The Myers Way®
Autoimmune Solution Program
+ Wellness Coaching

- 6-week video course

- All NEW meal plans, recipes & shopping lists

- Never-before-seen tools, checklists & guides

- Weekly support and guidance

- 50 min Wellness Coaching session