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    I’m too poor! I have dead end job that I travel 120 miles a day for. Occasionally I get a moldy food or an inconsistent toxin exposure. Exposures and stress together will put me completely down. I can’t think or stay awake. I have to dump a caffeine drink (yerba mate is my choice) before getting on the road back home. What can I do instead? I have used cruciferous somewhat successfully but I really need a better, more direct, cleanup of my high cortisol and likely unbalanced estrogen,DHEA, and testosterone.

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    Dana Faris RDN
    Dana Faris RDN

    Hi Robert,
    Cortisol and stress can be a big factor contributing to unbalanced reproductive hormones and various bodily symptoms. I would see where in your life modifications are able to be made as far as stress reduction and adding in some self care goes! However, that sometimes is not feasible to do a complete change. Adaptogenic herbs are a good options to help with stress management and balancing out cortisol. You might try adding in some of those!


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