GERD h.pylori

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    Hi I’m so glad I’ve found this forum I’m a young mum of 3 and have been diagnosed with Reflux, GERD and H. Pylori I’ve seen so many doctors and specialists as I’ve failed antibiotic treatment. I just can’t wait to regain my health as being in constant pain starts to mess with you mentally. I’m looking forward to following the diet protocol and hearing others stories.

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    Dana Faris RDN
    Dana Faris RDN

    Hi There,
    We are also glad you have found us! We are excited to hear your experience and hope that you can find useful information from other people’s questions that may help you in your journey.

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    I am in the 5th week of a coconut oil regime. My gerd and near lifelong “addiction” to antacids for indigestion was over after about 3 days. Of course I had candida and the coconut oil and pre and pro Biotics have now almost cured my accompanying psoriasis. My blood test came back and my triglycerides are down by half. Used to be over 300, and now 149. Also total cholesterol is down by 20 points. Brain fog, that I didn’t realize I had, and inflammation are gone. My legs and feet hurt horribly every time I stood. I’m 64, and walk 3 miles almost every day with zero joint pain. I have never felt so good in my life. I found the cure after reading Dr Amys book and could not be happier. Oh and BTW, the Big Pharms does want you to know about coconut oil.


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