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    I’d like to see Dr. Myers write a response to this report. Is the AHA focusing on the correct variables?

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    Dana Faris RDN
    Dana Faris RDN

    Hi Tex,

    I think there are some important things to point out when reviewing research. Anything in excess can be detrimental to our bodies. While I would consider coconut oil a “health food” due to it’s ability to raise HDL cholesterol as well as decrease the LDL/HDL ratio, a “health food” does not mean that this is something that we should eat in abundance as some people do. A more relatable example could be with avocados. Avocados are a “health food” but if I eat 4 avocados a day, I am probably going to see the negative side affects of consuming too much fat. The main concern displayed by the AHA is that coconut oil also can raise LDL which we have deemed the “bad cholesterol”, but LDL actually comes in two different forms: large/fluffy and small/dense. Large/fluffy has actually been found to have benefits in our body. The article written by AHA does not clarify which is increased and lumps LDL all together.

    Though I am sure there is much more research that needs to be done on this topic on my end as well, from a quick glance – I feel that any food can be not healthy for us that may have originally provided health benefits in balanced amounts. The key is being reasonable with how much we are actually consuming and not taking the term “health food” to mean “consume in large quantities”.


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