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    Hello – I need help decoding what is going on with my thryoid. Recent tests are as follows:
    TSH .18 to .31
    FT4: 1.15 to 1.3
    FT3: 2.6 to 3.0
    TSI, TPO antibodies “negative” (need to get actual numbers) though I have a family history of Graves.
    My endocrinologist did not do a reverse T3. I will ask for that next time.

    I had a thyroid scan that looked perfect – no nodules.

    I have classic hyperthyroid symptoms — anxiety, racing heart, hair loss.

    My doctor told me my thyroid is “fine” and wants to retest in 8 weeks.

    I am wondering which protocol is more appropriate for this situation — the hyperthyroid or hypo? I see my T3 is below optimal, which makes me wonder…

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    Dana Faris RDN
    Dana Faris RDN

    Hi Erin!

    Unfortunately, we are not able to review lab results or offer personalized medical advise over the internet. Also, I definitely want to make sure I have all of the background and context when I am reviewing my patients lab results because there is a lot more to lab results than just the numbers on the page! If you would like to set up a Wellness Coaching session, I would love to review your labs for you and get a full picture of where you are at in your journey so that I can give accurate recommendations!


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