Functional Medicine Comprehensive Stool Test

February 11th, 2013

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Functional Medicine Comprehensive Stool Test


This stool test is unlike any your conventional doctor does.  Watch the video as I explain this four page functional medicine comprehensive stool test.

Page 1 –  Tests the levels of good bacteria in your gut — your ‘army’.

Page 2 –  Determines if you have any infections of bacteria, yeast or parasites.  It uses PCR technology to amplify the DNA in your gut.

Page 3 – Looks to see how well you break your food down into fiber, the level of your immune system and if you are reacting to gluten.

Page 4 – Determine your level of digestive enzymes and how well you are digesting and absorbing your fats.

This is the most common test I use in my functional medicine clinic, Austin UltraHealth.  This test is done by Metametrix Laboratories.



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  • Dr. Amy this is very interesting.sure wish I was in your area to get the help I sure need! I have Temporal arteritis and have been on high dose of Prednisone since 6/2012! my sed rate is higher now then when biopsy was done! The side effect of Prednisone have taken a total on body and I feel worst then 65 months ago. can u suggest anything?

    • I would set up an appointment with me or find a FM doc in your area. go gluten-free.

  • A nutritionist stated that she prefers a urine sample test over the stool sample test to detect candida, etc., because the small portion used may be absent from the organisms tested while the rest of the stool may have it. What are your thoughts regarding this? Btw, the test is for a 2 year old with multiple food allergies.

    • I wrote an article on candida on my blog — check it out.

  • I’d like to get the tests but I have no insurance.

    • Most of these test are not covered by insurance. We have you pay us and we pay the lab test for you. If you have insurance then we give you codes to submit but if you don’t then you would not worry about that.

  • sally waite

    Hi Amy, I live in London, do you treat patients overseas or if not can you recommend someone who has a similar approach to you in London? Thank you.

    • Sally I do not know anyone in London. You can check out and see if you can find someone. You cna fly here once to see me and then we do everything by phone and I can order tests and write rx. Or you can do a phone consult only and I cannot order tests or write Rx.

      Email my office if you are interested [email protected]

    • Rangan Chatterjee

      Hi Sally. I am a FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE PHYSICIAN in the UK who has done the same training as Amy and very much follows the same approach. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] if you still need some help. My practice is in Manchester.
      All the best

      • Magdalena Mytych

        Do you have website with your practise?

  • Laura Sandquist

    Dr. Amy- I am a nurse practitioner in MN beginning to use Functional Medicine. Your videos are so helpful-thank you for all the work you’ve put into this website and your podcasts!!!

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  • Samantha Duckworth

    I live in Desmoines wa so do i have to go to a naturopath to get this comprehensive stool test?

  • Summer Ann

    Hi Dr. Amy. Finally, someone who knows her stuff and is not just handing out pills like most other doctors want to do. Thanks for doing these videos and thanks for thinking outside the box in helping to get people healthy by really looking at the entire person and digging deeper to find the root causes of ill health. If I ever make my way to Austin I will pay you a visit for sure. Wish you were here in Cali. I am working with a natural doc on parasites and candida and now a virus, but he uses muscle testing and I just feel like a test like the one mentioned here would be more concrete. Nevertheless, I am feeling healthier so that is good. Anyway, just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to you.

  • Rena

    First of all, Thank you for your knowledge. Of course, I have 2 children who definitely are experiencing “gut” issues. My son is to the point where he is having narrow/flat stools. I looked up functional medicine Dr.’s near to us, but what specialty should I be looking for in a knowledgeable Dr. in this area of concern? Thanks you so much for your time!

  • Tom Olson

    How does SIBI factor in to all of this? I have been diagnosed with SIBO, but I am wondering if that is only half the story and that I may have parasites.

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  • Joe Teh

    My 4yo daughter is undertaking an optosy on her thigh tissue to confirm weather she is infected with JDM, if it’s confirm, then doctor suggest to give her treatment with steroid, and I heard steroid will do a lot of damage too a human body too. Any suggestion? I m living in Malaysia.

    • get her off gluten/ wheat ASAP and follow my autoimmune protocol in my eBook THE MYERS WAY

  • Bianca

    I live in Orlando Florida area. Do you have any functional medicine doctors located in this area?

  • Maggie

    My doc ordered
    Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis 2.0™ (CDSA 2.0). Is it the same as the one you use? Thank you!

    • I think that is the Genova test. I use the metametrix test — though Genova bought Metametrix – but you can call them and say you want the Metametrix one

  • Carol Beth Frank

    I did a blood test in June that identified many food sensitivities. I have eliminated those from my diet. While I feel much better, I still have some weaknesses and would like to try the stool test. Can I do that from New Jersey and use my nutritionist to work with the results?

    • Hi Carol we do not ‘sell’ the stool test. legally you would need to come to austin and be a patient of mine or my RDs and let us order. of course you could have your nutritionist go over the results. but if she doesn’t order them then my guess is she would not know how to read the test.

  • Treva

    Hello, I live in Geneva, Switzerland and would like to get the stool test done. Do you know anyone or a lab here? Thanks!

    • I do not. You could check the Genova Diagnostics website and see if they have a list of providers in your area. Good luck!

  • Maria Jose Alvarez

    Hello Amy, I am contacting you from Mexico City. I wanted to know if Trichina would show up in a Comprehensive Stool Test? If so, would it still show up if I am already taking anti-parasite medicine? thank you.

    • Hi Maria,
      It should show up in a comprehensive stool test, but not while taking anti-parasitic medications. If you want to get the test, you could still test after you finish those medications to make sure the medications were effective.

  • Mohamed Rashid Hodrog

    Hi Amy Iam in egypt and i want to make these stoll tests to know if i have these bad bacteria . as i had a chronic joints pain and fibromylgia .

    • Thank you for the comment. You would need to become a patient to order the stool test.

      • Mohamed Rashid Hodrog

        dr. amy can i became your pateint and make the stoll tests here in egypt . or the tests is not available in egypt ??

  • Lynn

    The values and items on the lab pages are not readable on the video. Is there any way you could post a clear copy of a sample lab test, i.e. scan it and post it? I’m very curious to see how the test you run compares to the one my daughter’s nutritionist recently did on her. Is there anywhere that you specifically discuss SIgA levels and their significance?

    Also, my daughter’s father is worried that having her on a gluten free diet will cause her to later be unable to digest gluten/will create a future problem with ability to digest it. She is currently on an elimination diet to heal her intestines (which stool tests showed to be slightly inflamed w/very low SIgA of 40). After 3 to 6 mos. we will begin reintroducing specific items. Is it possible that eliminating the gluten and dairy for now will cause her to develop a sensitivity to it so that she will never be able to have it even if that wasn’t her original problem?

    Thank you.

    • ou can go to the lab company website and they have a sample copy. Yes I talk igA in my Candida podcast.

  • Ashley

    Dr. Myers- I need some assistance my mother was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago. I feel that my mother along with some of here co-workers have been exposed to toxic mold and have contracted lupus from their work environment. I know that you suggest having an extensive stool test but there is no functioning medicine dr around our city nor does her current dr believe there is a correlation between the autoimmune disorder and mold

  • DarkSword99999 .

    Two years ago, after developing severe, widespread, sudden onset
    neuropathy, after months of testing for everything imaginable, I
    discovered my gluten response was off the chart. Eliminating (to the
    best of my ability) gluten allowed things to return to normal, mostly.
    But I have since developed (at age 51) gad antibodies that indicate I
    could become Type 1 diabetic. My neuropathy recently returned and was
    widespread (everywhere but torso) in a matter of days. No clue as to
    cause. 1) How do I find an appropriate doctor? 2) How can I get the GI
    Effects test? Thank you.

  • Angela Meyer

    I live north of sacramento, california. Do you know of a good provider who deals with autoimmune prevention and healing?

  • Lea

    Hi Dr. Myers, I discovered you through the Detox Summit which was fascinating. I am seeing a naturopath for a host of issues, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with their method of diagnosis. She has diagnosed me with parasites, and suspects SIBO and heavy metals, but didn’t use any stool sample or bloodwork to diagnose. Rather, she used Autonomic Response Testing (ART) and on the spot declared I have parasites. She insists that stool tests are inconclusive. She also said the only way to treat them is through coffee enemas, and that’s without knowing exactly which parasite they might be. She also hasn’t done testing

    So, I’m looking for a second, venerated opinion on these methods of diagnosis. I am accustomed to sample-based testing and am interested in the test you mentioned here. My question is, have you heard of the ART method of diagnosis for parasites, and are coffee enemas safe and/or effective in treating them? My instinct is wary, but I’m not a professional. Thank you!

    • Hi Lea, that’s not a method I use here in my clinic–I use stool tests to diagnose parasites. As to whether or not it’s going to be effective, I can’t say. Have you thought about setting up a wellness coaching session with my clinic? It’s a great way to get some extra guidance without establishing yourself as a new patient.

  • Angela

    Hi Amy. I just listened to your video and feel that I would really benefit from the stool test. What is the actual name of the test so I can see if there is a functional medicine practitioner in my area who could order the test for me? Thank you!

  • Mary Hickman

    Hello, we are very interested in the comprehensive stool test for my 11 year old son. He has been an insulin dependent diabetic since age 1. He developed idiopathic hives at age 9 that lasted for about 7 months, in which the doctor said it was an autoimmune response. It came back with a vengeance in April of this year. He experiences acid reflux, angioedema, and has started having some asthma symptoms as well. He takes boatfuls of antihistamines and Zantac and singular. Since adding the singulair he’s better. I’ve just been introduced to this whole idea about leaky gut and we are just beginning to go gluten and dairy free to see if that helps. I’ve always entertained the idea of parasites as the culprit of many ailments of our day but when I talk to the doctors about that. They laugh and blow me off!!! Please help! Where is your office located perhaps we can make an appointment. I feel like time is kinda running out in a way because the immunologist is just waiting for my son to turn 12 so they can put him on zolair and they are always mentioning immunosuppressive drugs! I REALLY DONT WANT IT TO COME TO THAT!!! Thank you.

  • Hannah Ebner

    I’m extremely ill, like something is crawling all over my body mostly head/eye. I am nausea’s constantly as well as severe pain all over my body and blurred vision. No doctor on my HMO wants to help me or do anything. Their response is, “parasites aren’t in CA, I don’t think you have one or its so rare so you don’t have it, you are young and so you are healthy, oh its probably something else or allergies.” At this point I am so weak I can only eat once a day, and sleep constantly. I do fear for my life. If you can do anything Amy I will be very grateful.

  • guest

    Hello Dr. Myers,
    I’ve developed Vitiligo about 3 years ago at the same time that a mild continuous discomfort on my lower right abdomen started happening as well. After I spent the last few months researching the subject I’m certain that my gut is the source of the problem. My GI doctor want to do a colonoscopy to confirm her suspicion for Crohn’s disease, but I don’t believe that I have Crohn’s. I am in general good health other than the 2 symptoms above. Do you have any thoughts in the matter with connection to Vitiligo? Also, I live in MN, are there IFM doctors that can order the comprehensive stool test? I think I could benefit from this test.

    • Hi there, skin conditions can definitely be rooted in the gut. Try searching here for a functional medicine practitioner in your area:

      • NanNansgirl

        Dr. Myers,
        I am new at this website so forgive me if I’m not properly doing this reply. But I have been earnestly searching the Internet for over eight months with every thing that you talk about on your website and hoping to Find some help with at the moment and stopping my diarrhea. I recently was diagnosed with celiac, autoimmune, and depression/ anxiety. Hoping to get the best advice possible for treating the diarrhea. I need to gain weight back since I have lost tremendous amounts and now anorexic. And I’m also on many supplements But can’t seem to stop the diarrhea which it is important for absorption of my nutrients through food and supplements. If you could please, please give me some advice of something that would help this until I get my leaky gut/celiac under control, I would so much appreciate your advice. Thank you

        • Hi there,

          Please call my office to set up an appointment or consultation. I can’t advise you over the internet without seeing you as a patient, but I would love to be able to help! 512-383-5343 is my front desk 🙂

  • Cheryl-Lynn Townsin

    Hi Amy, I’m thrilled to have an appointment booked with you in April for my 2 year old with severe inflammation and JIA. Our naturopath did a stool test with Doctor’s Data – would you recommend getting a new one with Metametrix. Also, she was on methotextrate, Naprosyn and prednisone, would this impact her results? We have since taken her off the Naprosyn, but still on the others – would the results be more informative with her being off the Naprosyn?

    • Hi Cheryl! We can go over all this during the visit, but it’s possible the first stool test will tell us what we need to know. I do use Metametrix, but it’s still useful to have the other test results. If we need more information, I will likely send you home with some new test kits 🙂 Of course, you can always call our front desk if you need any other information before your appointment!

  • Gina Mintz-Benezra

    Is there a dr in seattle who can do this test?

  • Elisa Marie Perez

    Greetings Nancy
    My Primary Care physician here in Ojai California will not give me a Comprehensive Stool only the conventional. I have been diagnosed with High Antibodies for Hoshimitos and i have had thyroid symptoms for years with a attack of Thyroiditis which lead my PC to refer me to an Endo and tested me for the antibodies. I also have 2cm nodule on my left thyroid gland but biopsy showed benign. I live part time in Costa Rica since 1999 and i wonder if i have parasites in which caused my Hoshimotos Antibodies. Are there any labs you know of that i can send my stool sample and get the Comprehensive test?
    Thanks in advance

  • Orlando Rutan

    I have a functional med doctor. What exactly is the stool test? Metametrix is out of business. If it’s a GDX test, then which one? Thanks.