How To Heal Your Gut Naturally

February 8th, 2013

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How to heal your gut naturally

The 4 R Program


  1. Remove
    Remove the bad.  The goal is to get rid of things that negatively affect the environment of the GI tract such as inflammatory foods, infections, and gastric irritants like alcohol, caffeine or drugs.  Inflammatory foods such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs, and sugar can lead to food sensitivities. I recommend an IgG food sensitivity testing to determine if any foods are a problem for you. Infections can be from parasites, yeast, or bacteria. A comprehensive stool analysis is key to determining the levels of good bacteria as well as any infections that may be present.  Removing the infections may require treatment with herbs, anti-parasite medication, anti-fungal medication, anti-fungal supplements or even antibiotics.
  1. Restore
    Restore the good. Add back in the essential ingredients for proper digestion and absorption that may have been depleted by diet, drugs (such as antacid medications) diseases, or aging.  This includes digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid, and bile acids that are required for proper digestion.
  1. Reinoculate
    Restoring beneficial bacteria to reestablish a healthy balance of good bacteria is critical.  This may be accomplished by taking a probiotic supplement that contains beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus species.  I recommend anywhere from 25 -100 billion units a day.  Also, taking a prebiotic (food for the good bacteria) supplement or consuming foods high soluble fiber is important.
  1. Repair
    Providing the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair itself is essential.  One of my favorite supplements is collagen which is rich in amino acids that quite literally, “seal the leaks” or perforations in your gut by healing damaged cells and building new tissue. Another one of my favorites supplements is L-glutamine, an amino acid that helps to rejuvenate the gut wall lining.  Other key nutrients include zinc, omega 3 fish oils, vitamin A, C, E as well as herbs such as slippery elm and aloe vera.

No matter what your health issue is, the 4R program is sure to help you and your gut heal naturally. I have witnessed dramatic reversal of chronic and inflammatory illnesses in a very short period of time by utilizing this simple approach.

For a Gut Healing Smoothie recipe see my previous blog on Loving Your Gut. Healing Your Gut.

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The Myers Way® Leaky Gut Repair Program includes:

  • Prescript-Assist Broad Spectrum Probiotic to reinoculate with healthy bacteria
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  • Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate to promote connective tissue health
  • Complete Enzymes to assist in the breakdown and absorption of nutrients
  • HCL to balance your microbiome and help with protein digestion
  • 4 hours of guided lessons on how to heal your gut
  • Special lessons on SIBO and Candida
  • Guide to digestion
  • Personalized gut exam
  • Symptom tracker
  • 4R Program guidelines
  • A week’s worth of gut-healing recipes

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  • Kate Lauren

    Excellent and exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for the great explanation and tips on how to get back on track!

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  • Teodora

    For my fructose and lactose intollerance (not ereditary!) the probiotics and herb can damage even more my digestion? I intake L-Glutamine few yers ago and I experience a bad condition next day. And anything with C vitamin is verry painfull to me, not just in stomach. I strongly belive in your ideea: this leaky gut can be healed! Please help me with any suggestion, for me is a miracle every day without pain. And I don’t now what to eat anymore, everything (except meet) is killing me next day and my small intestine is go hard like a rock. Sorry for my english. Thank you for give us hope!!!!

    • I would recommend a wellness coaching session with one of my nutritionist

      I am sure we can help you!

    • sharon

      start eating saur kraurt. if you can get it at a health food store it must be raw. it can not be cooked. it will heal you gut.

    • Princess

      You have tropical spruce… is similar to celiac disease but bought on by infections when one travels to a tropical island. You need antibiotics to treat the infection…. Also see a functional doctor for help. Herbs won’t help you here.

      • Princess

        Oops sorry…..did not mean to post it here.

  • Drea

    Hi Dr.Amy, thank you so much for sharing this very important information. For over a year now I have been suffering with food sensitivities. I went to Panama last August my health was fine I drank the water using a brita water filter because I was told it was ok. I also ate the food. After coming back I noticed that my stomach would cramp after eating bread, so I cut it out of my diet. Eventually, that lead to all gluten products. By Feb/Mar I noticed that anything I ate gave me stomach cramps, excessive gas, diarrhea and foul smelling stool. After going to doctor’s and finding nothing from standardized testing I went to a nutritionist. I told her about my symptoms, which also included acne (I didn’t have before), we discovered that I had parasites. She put me on a system of Green Black Walnut 3x, Clove 3x and Wormwood 3x eight days with a three day rest for two months. I ate a high fibre diet and drank plenty of water. I eliminated fruit and dairy products because I read and noticed that parasites feed off of sugar. After this process was completed I began to take Iberogast (recommended by the nutritionist) to help with healing my stomach for two months. I began to incorporate fruit back into my diet, stopped eating meat, no gluten or dairy because noticed that I still have foul smelling stool, excessive gas and occasionally a burning sensation in my gut. I’m going to try the herbs you recommended to use for healing my gut. I hope this works!

    • great- keep us posted!

    • sharon

      try saur kraut raw un cooked. it will heal you gut I promise. people think Weston price was crazy but this is the way they think. I ve been on sk for 3 months after having constipation or opposite for all my life.

      • zzzzzzzzz

        my question is, even if you take this saurkraut, do you need to keep a strict diet within those 3 months or can you still eat regular foods and be healed from saurkraut…………… does the regular food prevent your intestinal lining from healing? what is the point of a strict diet other then not wanting to feel symptoms

    • Princess

      You have tropical sprue… is similar to celiac disease but bought on by infections when one travels to a tropical island. You need antibiotics to treat the infection…. Also see a functional doctor for help. Herbs won’t help you here.

  • ana

    Hi, THank you so much for this post. I have been made aware that my gut is totally unhappy and its time i took the right steps to heal myself. My question is for your 4 step program- do i do them one step at a time, eg, eliminate foods first and then add in the restoring products, or can i do it all at once?

  • Rocky Dutta

    Hello Dr Amy Myers , thanks for all the valuable information u have posted online. I am suffering from Gut infection from almost 1 year now , I use to get very high BP after taking protein shake or coffee, Taking Librax from 2 months now , it has helped me , can you please guide/help me to get rid of this problem. When ever I take high protein ( protein shake) or coffee it triggers , I have to stop weight training from last 1 year , I am also taking Yakult probiotics , earlier I also had very bad foul smell coming out from my mouth. Constipation is also there.

  • Berta

    Hi dr Amy. I listened summit lections and they are helped me a lot to understand leaky gut problem . I keep gluten dayry soy sugar free diet, but I take for my breakfast 2 peases of EZerkil bread. Is it consider as a gluten contain food or free? All gluten free products con stein a lot of sugar. Which one you are suggesting still take? Thank you Berta

  • Kimberly Preston

    Remove: herbicides, pesticides, synthetic animal hormones, GMOs, antibiotics in foods. I did this for myself. It works. I’m not gluten intolerant, but I had all the symptoms. I’m not allergic to milk, but I had all the symptoms. Chances are, if foods trigger inflammation, it’s not the food itself (unless you had a positive allergy test) it’s certainly the pesticides and herbicides and other crappy subfoods on the market. Eat Organic.

    How can anyone writing this article not see this crucial dietary relationship?

  • Wellington de Oliveira


    I’m from Brazil and I wonder what is the best anti fungal that you recommend? Here sells nystatin. And how long to take a month?

    Thanks You.

  • Chris

    what brand of aloe vera juice do you recommend or what to look for when using it?

  • Wellington de Oliveira

    How much reasonable paleo carbs for those who are treating candida (candidiasis)? Eating a small amount of cassava, sweet potato greatly influences the treatment? And for those who have had experiences. Making a correct diet how long candida (candidiasis) is cured?

    Note: I take Nystatin medicine, Bragg apple cider vinegar (powerful antifungal), diatomaceous earth and also take probiotic of water kefir, some vitamins such as vitamin C, omega 3, lugol 5%, magnesium chloride, vitamin d3, l – glutamine. thanks You

    Sorry for the English bad, I’m from Brazil and only speak Portuguese. Translate this automatically by google translator.

    • Hi Wellington, I recommend limiting starchy carbs to 1 cup per day.

      • Wellington de Oliveira

        Thanks for answering my question.

        I also wanted to know. I following the right diet and taking probiotic necessary medication as nystatin, among other things. How long until the candida is healed so I can come back with a “normal diet”? One, two months?

        Note: I already follow the paleo diet 1 year and will continue. More when you have healed want to eat everything (mostly sweet) to ‘celebrate’ since diet is so restrictive and hard to do.

        Thank you.

        • It really depends on the person! It can take a month, or several. Chances are, if you are prone to Candida, you might not be able to go back to a “normal” diet completely. You will always need to watch your sugar consumption. But if you want a sweet treat, I would try finding a recipe from my blog or book, or other autoimmune paleo source, that is less sugary (you definitely want to stay away from refined sugars!).

          • Wellington de Oliveira

            Look more I think I have no propensity to candida not. Because I remember when exatamemente began my symptoms of candida, it was just after I returned from the hospital, because I treat sinusitis and the doctor prescribed me antibiotics and the symptoms started, then I found strange and thought about quitting, more then my mom said I was supposed to continue it would pass. I mean it makes sense, even though I had a bad meal at the time my candida was controlled, I was taking the antibiotic and trigger symptoms.
            So I think when I’m with subsidiary candida believe that I will not have problems and I will follow the style of paleo life forever and taking probiotics and prebiotics, the more I like very sweet and sometimes want to allow me out of the paleo diet.
            I’ll make this diet for candida exactly by the end of July, I started at the beginning of April, I think that’s enough. I’m sure the factor of my candida grow was the antibiotics kill the good bacteria.
            Thank you!

          • Wellington de Oliveira

            Hi Dr. Coming back, it’s been a month since I’ve been doing the diet against candidiasis. And I learned of the saliva test and since then I’ve been doing. I still have candida, more bad taste in the mouth at dawn decreased. Candida causes this unpleasant taste through soon so we agreed?

  • Renee

    Any suggestions on tests I can get done… I have leaky gut no doubt! Got diagnosed with celiacs 4 years ago and my gut is still unhappy despite eliminating dairy, soy, corn 100% no luck! I also have Hashimotos, my antibodies are good at the moment and I have interstitual cystitis whatever that means (overactive bladder) I think I have candida overgrowth… I’ve signed up and filled out all the paperwork to visit your office and your wait time is almost a 2 year wait I fear I’m going to get worse before coming in!

  • Hello Dr. Myers, I realize you have a lot of questions coming your way so I will try and be brief in hopes for your reply. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s since last August. I recently got the Genova GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Analysis done and it came back with mild inflammation, elevated Calprotectin (62), low Fecal Fat (2.8), lower diversity association with low/no Lactobacillus spp, no blood, parasites or infections found. In 2010 I had a stool analysis done from Doctor’s Data and it showed 4+ for Citrobacter braakii and Klebsiella pneumoniae ssp…the only treatment I have done since 2010 is probiotics and a gluten free diet. My question is could it be possible that I still have these two bacterias present and causing my continued digestive upsets (chronic foul watery diarrhea, bloating) and now an autoimmune diagnosis? My recent stool test did not test for these two and I am wondering if I should do a separate test to check. I am also finding conflicting information on what “diet” I should be following but without a proper diagnosis of IBD (Crohns?), IBS, Leaky Gut or any other reason I have the digestion problems and inflammation. Its hard to treat something for which you don’t have a reason for the symptoms. Hope that makes sense and would love to hear a bit of your insight. Thank you!

    • Hi Amber, it’s possible that the infections are still affecting you if they were never cleared in the first place. I would recommend setting up an appointment with me or another functional medicine practitioner to look into your results.

      • zzzzzzzzz

        I have a question. I take coconut oil(to kill bad bacteria), take 30-60 billion probiotic(to reinoculate), and take L-glutamine. I am trying to heal my gut with these 3 things. My question is, can i still eat regular foods while taking these 3 things. Will my gut still heal? or will regular foods prevent my gut from healing fully regardless of me taking these natural medications?

        I just have a difficult time staying away from regular foods, even though I do mostly eat healthy foods(veggies & fruits etc.), but I like to eat rice, and breads as well. Can I still eat them while my gut is healing?

  • zzzzzzzzz

    I have a question. I take coconut oil(to kill bad bacteria), take 30-60 billion probiotic(to reinoculate), and take L-glutamine. I am trying to heal my gut with these 3 things. My question is, can i still eat regular foods while taking these 3 things. Will my gut still heal, or will regular foods prevent my gut from healing regardless of me taking these natural medications?

    • It depends on what you mean by “regular foods.” There are many foods that are inflammatory that I recommend removing from the diet because they can hurt your gut–gluten being one of the main ones.

      • zzzzzzzzz

        when I say regular foods, I mean things like rice, bread, pasta………. I want to know if my gut can still heal with the things I mentioned above regardless of me eating foods that can hurt the gut, although I will limit these foods.

      • zzzzzzzzz

        Yeah I wouldn’t be able to get rid of the gluten. So my question is can my gut still heal even if I consume gluten. I still eat healthy and take the 3 things mentioned above.

  • Wellington de Oliveira

    Hi Amy. I’ve been doing the diet for Candida in the gut to 1 month and a week. I’ve been taking Nystatin a month, today I decided to change the medicine bought Diflucan (fluconazole is here in Brazil). Nystatin was liquid I knew how to take, more like taking Diflucan? Some say one tablet of 150mg every 7 days, the other one tablet a day for three weeks. I do not know what I do. I’m thinking of taking 150mg of 7 in 7 days, more would rather not?