10 Hidden Sources of Gluten

April 1st, 2013


Whether you are newly gluten-free or it’s been a way of life for you for awhile now it is important to watch out for hidden sources of gluten.  The best possible way to avoid gluten is to eat non-packaged, real whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and grass-fed beef.  My next article will discuss cross-contamination that can been seen even in other non-gluten grains and nuts and seeds.

It can be tough out there and I just want to arm you with the right resources to stay healthy and happy!

10 Hidden Sources of Gluten


1. Body and beauty products:

Lipstick, toothpaste, body lotion, shampoo, soap, conditioner, baby powder, and sunscreen


2. Medications, supplements and herbal formulas:

Many of these have fillers like dextrin, which can come from corn or wheat.  There are several websites such as this one that will list those medications that are gluten-free.  All supplements that we have on my online store are gluten-free.


3. Playdough and paints:

Playdough is made from wheat flour, salt, and water.


4. Stamps and envelopes:

The adhesive that makes stamps and envelopes stick can come from gluten.


5. Candy:

You must read the ingredients!  Licorice and many other solid candies are made from wheat flour.


6. Sauces and condiments:

Catsup, mayonnaise, mustard, tomato sauce, gravy, and salad dressings can all contain gluten.


7. Luncheon meat, Crab and Vegan ‘meats’:

Wheat can be used a filler in luncheon meats, and of course most beef jerky contains soy sauce.  The ‘crab meat’ used in many sushi rolls, like California rolls, is imitation crab meat and contains wheat as a stabilizer.  Many vegan ‘meats’ and veggie burgers are either made from wheat or contain one of the troublesome twenty ingredients.


8. Alcohol:

Beer of course contains gluten.  Distilled liquors such as vodka can be made from wheat and depending on your sensitivity you may need to steer clear of these.  Stick to tequila and potato and corn vodkas


9. Scrambled eggs:

Some restaurants add pancake batter to make eggs more fluffy or even buy a packaged egg product that already contains batter.  The waiter, or even chef, may be unaware they are using a product that contains wheat/gluten so make sure to ask questions!


10. Mashed potatoes:

Flour is sometimes added to thicken mashed potatoes.


My article on The Troublesome Twenty: Hidden Gluten Ingredients lists the names of ingredients that contain hidden gluten.


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