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The Myers Way Episode 1: Dr. Myers’ Journey To Functional Medicine

June 10th, 2019

The Myers Way Podcast

A medical doctor and a health coach address the cutting edge of medicine, health, and how to live well.

The Myers Way Episode 1: Dr. Myers’ Journey to Functional Medicine

In this podcast, John Rosania, VP of Clean gets personal with Dr. Myers as she shares why she became a medical doctor and the key moments in her life that led her to functional medicine.


You can listen by clicking MP3 below


The Myers Way Episode 1: Dr. Myers’ Journey to Functional Medicine

 Before Med School

  • Dr Myers’ first interest in medicine
  • How you can be eating “health” food but they may be the wrong foods for you.
  • What she learned during in the Peace Corps in Paraguay?

The Med school years

  • Why she went to medical school instead of a naturopathic school
  • What medical school is actually like
  • How medical school does not focus on nutrition or getting to the root cause of disease

Getting Sick

  • Dr. Myers’ autoimmune condition, Graves’ disease, and what she did about it
  • How her conventional doctor thought her autoimmune condition was in her head
  • How she helped patients overcome Graves’ and Hashimoto’s disease

The Discovery of Functional Medicine

  • What is functional medicine? Is it alternative medicine?
  • The core principles of functional medicine
  • How functional medicine doctors are different than conventional doctors

Practicing What She Preaches

  • What Dr. Myers eats (She was a vegetarian for over 20 years)
  • Dr. Myers’ ┬ápersonal daily meal plan

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