Perfect Back-to-School Smoothie

August 8th, 2015

Perfect Back-to-School Smoothie

Perfect Back-to-School Smoothie

It’s that time again: parents, kids, and college students are all getting ready to jump back into the school year routine. Mornings will be hectic as you race to get breakfast ready, lunches packed, and out the door on time. Luckily, I have two quick and easy ways to get a healthy start to your day with our Chai Cleanse protein powder.


Chai Cleanse protein powder provides macro- and micronutrients that support detoxification and promote energy generation to keep you going strong all morning. Not to mention it’s absolutely delicious!


Please note that this product has a protein blend of rice and peas, which can be great if you have finished The Myers Way Autoimmune Protocol and have added back in grains and legumes.


Chai Cleanse Grab- and-G0 Shake

This grab-and-go option is perfect for those who are super short on time, especially college students!


Method: Add ingredients to shaker bottle and enjoy!

Tip: To avoid chemicals and toxins commonly found in plastic shakers, I remove the metal shaker from the plastic bottle and put it in a mason jar for a toxin-free, on-the-go shaker.

* You may use any milk substitute that you wish such as cashew, rice, hemp, flax

Chai Cinnamon and Ginger Smoothie

For a more robust start to your day, you can go with a Chai Cleanse smoothie. It includes all of the detox and energy benefits of the shake, with an extra boost to your gut health from probiotic powder, and added flavor and texture to rival any Chai tea latte.



Method: Blend ingredients and enjoy!
* You may use any dairy substitute that you wish such as cashew, rice, hemp or flax.


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