The Myers Way® Travel Tips

June 24th, 2016

I travel a lot, and I know it can be tough to stick to The Myers Way® while away from home. I have been following TMW for 5 years and can say that it is getting easier and easier as more healthier options are becoming available. Preparation is the key to making this way of life work for you–in fact, I always have a suitcase packed and ready to go for last minute travel. Here are my top five tips for traveling on The Myers Way®.


The Myers Way® Travel Tips:


1. Do your research.
I always look up the menus at the hotel where I’ll be staying and make sure I have options. That way, if I have questions, I can call ahead and talk to the staff and come up with some options for myself while I’m there. Apps like Find Me Gluten-Free have been really helpful for me in big cities like NYC. I also use Google–just google “gluten free + [city name]” to find nearby restaurants. When you do dine out, use these great tips on healthy restaurant dining.

2. Bring your own food.

This one is a must, and a lifesaver for me. Plenty of healthy foods don’t require refrigeration and are completely portable. Some of my favorites are unsweetened organic applesauce, Epic bison bars, kale chips, roasted seaweed snacks, salmon packs, and organic dark chocolate.

To make things easier, I’ve partnered with Thrive Market to create a complete kit of delicious, travel-friendly snacks that are all approved for The Autoimmune Solution! The kit includes protein-packed snacks and sweet and savory treats that are perfect for family vacations or business trips. Plus, each item is 25-50% cheaper than you would find at the grocery store!

Thrive Kit
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3. Pack your supplements.

When you’re traveling, the last thing you want to do is worry about forgetting your essential supplements. Make sure to pack the appropriate supplements that you would take during your daily regimen, plus some additional “safety” supplements. I highly recommend taking a complete digestive enzyme anytime you eat out. Restaurant food is often richer than food you would eat at home, and digestive you break down and digest your meal. Plus, enzymes that contain dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP-IV) minimize the symptoms of being “glutened” because they help your body break down the gluten faster.

Protein powder is a great supplement to pack for meal-replacements or snacks, and an especially good option for kids–they are great tasting and are perfect in a pinch. When I’m traveling I use protein powders like The Myers Way® Paleo Protein. All I do is mix it in a shake bottle with some coconut milk, and it’s ready to go!

4. Bring ice packs and insulated containers.
Ice packs are super useful–I put them in the hotel fridge or freezer, and then I pack them into an insulated bag with veggies, fruits, or last night’s leftovers to enjoy later! Another great option is to carry bone broth or soup in an insulated thermos (I like Klean Kanteen).

5. Ask for a small hotel fridge or buy a cooler.

On The Myers Way®, most of the foods you rely on are fresh vegetables, meats, and fruits. It definitely helps to have some sort of refrigeration where you’re staying so you don’t have to depend on restaurants. Call ahead and make sure your hotel room comes with a small fridge that you can use for storage. If not, ask if you can have one–most hotels will accommodate you if you explain that you need a fridge for medical reasons. If they can’t provide one, buy a cooler from a grocery or hardware store and use ice packs to keep your food cool.

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Now tell me below: what are your favorite tips when traveling?


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