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December 12th, 2019

These great-tasting, natural wine extract lozenges provide the protective effects of 2-4 glasses of red wine without the alcohol or calories!

Studies boast a long list of benefits from red wine, including supporting a healthy inflammatory response, improved athletic endurance, and increased blood flow to the heart, arteries and brain. These benefits come from the resveratrol in red wine, which also plays a significant role in modulating the immune system, and can be beneficial for those dealing with autoimmunity and inflammation.

However, red wine not only has a high alcohol content, it is also fermented and high in sugar, which can become a feeding frenzy for yeast and Candida.

These natural red wine extract lozenges provide the effects of 2-4 glasses of red wine, without the alcohol, sugar, or risk of yeast overgrowth. They’re the perfect swap for your after dinner treat, because they have a wonderful sweet taste!

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Physician-Forumlate Immune Support from Amy Myers MD

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