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How to Access Your Program

February 13th, 2018

Your program and eCourse lessons are accessed through your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, inside your online programs dashboard. We recommend using a desktop or laptop to access the worksheets and guides so that the files are easy to store and print.

For best results, please avoid using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge for your internet browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox.

Step 1: Login at

Step 2: From the My Account menu, choose My eCourses & Meal Planning Tool


Step 3: Sign in at

This login information is provided and emailed to you upon purchasing an eCourse or Meal Planning Tool. Please note, that this password can be changed to match your Store account password by clicking Lost your password? on the Members login page.


Step 4: From the Dashboard, click My eCourses


Step 5: Select your course from the Active Courses tab

Other Helpful How To’s

Here are a few other helpful tips to help you use your program:

How to Reset Your Password

If you need to reset your Store account password, click the Forgot your password? Link on the login screen.

If you need to reset your Member profile password, click the Lost your password? link on the login screen.

How to Take Lesson Quizzes

If you are completing The Autoimmune Solution Program your weekly symptom tracker is your “quiz”. Please be sure to complete your entry into the progress tracker each week and the program will show that the quiz is complete.

What to Do if You Accidentally Marked Your Program as Complete

Each program and eCourse has a green “mark as complete” button below it. If you accidentally mark your program as complete while you are still going through it, don’t worry! You can still access the program from your eCourses page, it will just be under Completed Courses, and you can go through all of the content the same as you would if it were not marked complete.

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