I went live on my Facebook page to answer some of your most popular questions from The Myers Way® Community!

Learn if the keto diet is recommended if you have Graves’ disease, what to look out for on packages when buying meat, the best fats for autoimmune-friendly cooking, and which type of probiotic is right for you!

Resources I Mention:

Autoimmune Solution
Thyroid Connection
The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook

Is a gluten-free, dairy-free, and AIP version of keto ok for Graves’ disease?

Paleo Protein
Collagen Protein
Adrenal Support
Liver Support

What should we look for when buying meat?

Butcher Box

Is peanut oil allowed on the 30-day protocol?

Desert Farms Hump Fat

How do I know which one of your probiotics are right for me?

100 Billion Probiotic
30 Billion Probiotic
Essentials Kit
Primal Earth Probiotic
Wellness Coaching
Vitamin D + K2