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How to Reverse Autoimmune Disease: Dr. Amy Myers on The 700 Club

I was so honored to be a featured guest on CBN’s 700 Club! I spoke about autoimmune diseases, what causes them, and how you can reverse them by healing your gut and changing your diet. The episode also features one of my Hashimoto’s patients who has successfully reversed her autoimmune disease and is now living symptom-free! You can watch the segment as it aired below.

Read the write-up and see the recipes for the three dishes mentioned in the interview here!

Want to learn even more? Check out these extended clips for more great info about autoimmune disease.

What is An Autoimmune Disease

What are autoimmune diseases and what causes them?

How to Reverse An Autoimmune Disease

How can we reduce the risk of the environmental factors that trigger autoimmune disease, in order to reverse conditions?

The Problem of A Leaky Gut

It’s important we understand the serious condition known as “leaky gut,” because it is likely the root cause of hundreds of health problems. Here I explain what it is and how lifestyle choices cause it.

How Gluten Can Harm Us

Another must-see video! Learn why going gluten-free isn’t just hype, but actually a legitimate therapy for many health problems…yet why we should avoid many of the gluten-free products we see on the store shelves.

Why Dairy Can Cause Problems

Learn the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities, and why dairy is a problem for so many people.

The Damage of Too Much Sugar

Find out how destructive sugar is to our gut and our immune system.

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