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Functional Medicine Comprehensive Stool Test

Functional Medicine Comprehensive Stool Test


This stool test is unlike any your conventional doctor does.  Watch the video as I explain this four page functional medicine comprehensive stool test.

Page 1 –  Tests the levels of good bacteria in your gut — your ‘army’.

Page 2 –  Determines if you have any infections of bacteria, yeast or parasites.  It uses PCR technology to amplify the DNA in your gut.

Page 3 – Looks to see how well you break your food down into fiber, the level of your immune system and if you are reacting to gluten.

Page 4 – Determine your level of digestive enzymes and how well you are digesting and absorbing your fats.

This is the most common test I use in my functional medicine clinic, Austin UltraHealth.  This test is done by Metametrix Laboratories.



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