With over 17 years of experience in the cosmetic and skincare industry, make-up guru Shirley Pinkson brings her expertise in artistry and business to W3LL PEOPLE™ Cosmetics.

Before partnering to create W3LL PEOPLE™, Shirley served as the corporate leader for NARS Cosmetics and grew NARS into one of the top five cosmetic lines in America. In addition, she held the position of Lead Cosmetics Business Manager at Barney’s NYC. If one thing is for certain, it’s that Shirley knows makeup, understands a woman’s lifestyle and has the special ability to make women feel beautiful!

After many unsuccessful searches for toxin free cosmetics that are rich in color and that last, Shirley teamed up with partners Dr. Reneé Snyder and James Walker to create W3LL PEOPLE™, the ultimate eco-chic cosmetic collection. It is Shirley’s vast knowledge of cosmetics that ensures each product looks just as gorgeous on the skin as it feels with no compromise.

Shirley is highly sought after for her make-up genius. Her clients include celebrities, such as Naomi Campbell and Isabella Rossellini. Shirley has also been featured in projects for the NBC network, Time Out New York and The Dallas Morning News.

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The Myers Way Episode 17: Green Beauty With W3LL People Makeup Guru Shirley Pinkson

  1. How did you get into the makeup industry
  2. Tell us what is green beauty and about how you started W3LL PEOPLE
  3. Do you formulate the products yourself?
  4. How do you choose your product material?
  5. How do you recommend someone begin to change to green products?
  6. What differences may someone notice when using a green product compared to a conventional product?
  7. How can the consumer know if something is really all natural and not filled with chemical?
  8. Which products are the worst or biggest offenders in the cosmetic world?
  9. We heard you recently made a deal with the clothing retailer H&M to have your products in their stores, tell us about that?
  10. How do your products compare price-wise compared to other make-up?

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