The holidays are a time for sharing, and if you’ve adopted The Myers Way®, then why not share the gift of health this holiday season? Maybe your friends and family are curious about your new lifestyle, notice your renewed energy, or comment on your glowing skin.

Since I’m in the spirit of giving, I wanted to share a few of my favorite gift ideas to help your loved ones get a healthy jump start on 2022 –  or give you a few ideas for your own Christmas list. 

For an Autoimmune & Thyroid-Friendly Kitchen

By now you’re probably fully on board with The Myers Way® protocols, and are a pro at sourcing high-quality ingredients and making delicious AIP-friendly recipes. Here are a few gift ideas to keep your kitchen healthy in the new year. 

Organic Meats from Butcher Box

Butcher Box is a monthly shipment of high-quality meats that gets delivered right to your door. Butcher Box delivers grass-fed and grass-finished, free range, pasture-raised meats, and humanely-raised Heritage breeds of meat. Box options include: All Beef Box, Beef and Chicken Box, Beef and Pork Box, and Mixed Box (contains beef, chicken, and pork). The Classic Butcher Box costs just $159 and comes with at least 9 to 14 pounds of meat of your choice.

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Thrive Market Membership

Need the perfect gift for someone with a busy schedule, someone who loves to find good deals, or someone who loves to give back? A Thrive Market membership is the perfect three-in-one gift! They offer healthy foods and toxin-free home goods at 25-50% below retail prices, and deliver them straight to your door. On top of that, for every membership purchased, they donate one to a family in need. As a special treat this holiday season, I’ve secured you a 25% discount on your first purchase and a free gift when you join! 

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AIP & Paleo Holiday Recipes eBook

Enjoy delicious holiday meals approved for all of my dietary protocols, including The Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution with this beautiful holiday recipes eBook! Each of the 42 amazingly delicious recipes features classic fall flavors, with plenty of seasonal produce, grass-fed proteins, and gut-healing nutrients.

For Stress Relief & Relaxation

Our lives are stressful enough, and the holidays can be particularly draining. Help your favorite people recover after the holiday madness and stay stress-free all year long with my favorite tools for stress relief. 

Sunlighten Sauna Infrared Sauna 

Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. The heat generated by the sauna will also help to relax muscles and relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress.

I personally have an infrared sauna in my home from Sunlighten Saunas that I use daily, however that may not be a practical option for everyone. If purchasing your own Sunlighten sauna is not an option, you can also receive treatments from natural spas that house their own infrared saunas.

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Make a Batch of Lavender Bath Salts

A handmade gift is a very personal way to show someone you’re thinking about them this holiday season. Making a batch of Lavender Bath Salts is a great gift idea that promotes relaxation without breaking the bank. The best part is that it’s easy to make. Use my recipe to help promote detoxification and stress relief! 

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Adrenal Support 

This is my go-to stress formula to support your body’s response to anything that takes away from a healthy state of mind. Adrenal Support is the perfect supplement to give to yourself or a loved one who is facing added stress during the busy holiday months. My Adrenal Support is a cutting edge blend of adaptogenic herbs. It supports optimal stress response, adrenal health and stress hormone production.

Rest & Restore™

Sleep. We all know we need it… however, sometimes stress, aches and pains, racing thoughts, and anxiety can keep you tossing and turning in bed all night long, denying you the optimal sleep you so desperately need. Scenarios just like these are exactly why I developed Rest and Restore™. It is the perfect supplement to support a calm and relaxed mood during the holidays whether it’s day or night.

For a Toxin-Free Beauty Routine

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s large porous surface creates the perfect opportunity for toxins to enter your bloodstream and circulate throughout your body. Unfortunately, most beauty products are absolutely loaded with harmful chemicals. This is why I launched Amy Myers MD® Beauty. Give the gift of beauty this holiday season with my new line of skincare products. 

Replenishing Vitamin C Cleanser

The Replenishing Vitamin C Cleanser is a carefully chosen blend of exotic oils and organic botanical extracts that gently nourish, purify, and revitalize your skin. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade vitamin C, rosehip seed oil, and reishi mushroom extract, the Replenishing Vitamin C Cleanser is fast acting to combat the effects of sun exposure and cell damage that comes naturally with age. Its lightweight texture foams easily to swiftly lift impurities and promote the appearance of youthful, fresh-looking skin.

Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The Age-Defying Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a rapidly-absorbing serum designed to plump, rejuvenate, and hydrate dry skin. Featuring a potent concentration of hyaluronic acid, your skin’s most powerful moisture retainer, as well as retinol, glycolic acid, vitamin E, and gotu kola extract, this advanced formula dives beneath the surface to help skin cells retain long-lasting hydration. Use daily for skin that looks and feels bouncy, dewy, and beautiful.

Hydrating Ceramide Cream

The Hydrating Ceramide Cream features a rich blend of replenishing botanical ceramides and physician-formulated essential oils. These bespoke ingredients deliver maximum hydration deep below the surface of your skin to restore youthful elasticity and encourage a noticeably plump, radiant, and supple complexion.

The Essential Beauty Kit

You can save money with the Essential Beauty Kit which includes everything you need to nourish and protect your skin from the signs of aging. Your complete hydration routine includes these three physician-formulated skincare products that replenish, restore, and rejuvenate your skin to reveal a noticeably healthier-looking, youthful complexion. 

For Anyone with Thyroid Dysfunction or Autoimmunity

For those with a chronic illness, there is no better gift than empowering them to take back their health. These are my most powerful resources for getting to the root cause of thyroid and autoimmune conditions and all of the tools and tips included in them mean they are gifts that keep on giving for years to come.

The Thyroid Connection

In my New York Times bestseller, The Thyroid Connection, I explain why conventional medicine gets thyroid diagnosis and treatment wrong, the true, underlying root causes of thyroid dysfunction, and how to overcome them. Best of all, I include a complete 28-day plan to jumpstart your thyroid health and eliminate your symptoms so you can take your life back. If you know anyone struggling with thyroid dysfunction, or who suspects they are, this book is an essential!

The Autoimmune Solution

In The Autoimmune Solution, another New York Times bestseller, I explain what’s causing our autoimmunity epidemic, why the conventional medicine approach is failing million of Americans, and how you can identify and address the root causes of autoimmune disease. I walk you through the roles of leaky gut, diet, toxins, infections, and stress in your immune system, and of course I include a 30-day plan to tackle each one using The Myers Way®. This book has helped thousands of people around the world reverse their autoimmune disease and is an amazing tool to give a loved one!

The Autoimmune Kit

The Myers Way® Autoimmune Kit is ideal for anyone with any autoimmune condition or those who are looking to support general immune system function and balance. To help friends and family support their health, this kit includes supplements such as Resveratrol, L-Glutamine, Glutathione, and Curcumin.’

The Candida Breakthrough® Kit

This is especially important for someone who has gotten off track and indulged in alcohol and sugar to the point of damaging their health. My Candida Breakthrough® Kit is a combination of the three most powerful nutritional supplements to support yeast balance in the digestive tract and discourage opportunistic yeast overgrowth, and yeast that feeds off sugars! When you purchase one of my supplement kits, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions for using the kit attached for you!

Optimal Weight Support Kit

The Optimal Weight Support Kit features 2 potent, physician-formulated supplements and the exclusive Optimal Weight Support eBook I designed to help you reach your weight loss goals. It’s the perfect gift for you or anyone that needs a little support to reach their weight loss goals in 2022. CLA and Lean Metabolism Support work together on your gut microbiome and brain neurotransmitters to boost fat metabolism and curb cravings in as little as 30 days

Give yourself or your loved ones a jump start on their health goals for 2022. You’re sure to be a hit this holiday season with these gift ideas!