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The Perfect Holiday Glam Giveaway from W3LL PEOPLE

The Perfect Holiday Glam Giveaway from W3LL PEOPLE - Featured Image - Amy Myers MD

The Perfect Holiday Glam Giveaway from W3LL PEOPLE

I am so excited to bring you a fantastic giveaway from one of my favorite companies, W3LL PEOPLE! They are an Austin-based company that offers completely toxin-free makeup. It’s not only safe for you, it looks great and it’s the only toxin-free makeup I’ve found that actually lasts all day! I use their makeup exclusively, and I even asked one of their founders, who is also a good personal friend of mine, to do my makeup for my wedding.

What’s In Your Current Makeup?

Did you know that average person uses 10-15 body products with 126 different ingredients a day? And that according to the Environmental Working Group, there are approximately 10,500 ingredients used in cosmetics in our country, and only 11% of those ingredients have been screened for safety? The truth is, if you’re using department store or drugstore cosmetics, you probably don’t know what’s in your makeup, or if the ingredients are harmful for you.

This is alarming because your skin is your largest organ, and much of what you apply to it is absorbed and then circulated throughout your bloodstream. Applying toxic cosmetics and body products increases your toxic burden, stresses your immune system, and disrupts your endocrine system.


W3LL PEOPLE offers completely natural and clean products, with an emphasis on organic ingredients. Their cosmetic line is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulfates, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. Instead, they create long-lasting makeup using naturally soothing and healing ingredients, including aloe, chamomile, and green tea. To learn more about how they create and source their products, check out my podcast with one of their founders, Shirley Pinkson.

I’m pretty low maintenance in terms of my beauty routine, so I also love that their products are easy to use, easy to travel with, and give you a very natural look. Whether I’m headed to my office, the grocery store, or an evening out, their products keep me looking and feeling fresh all day long! (You can see which five products I use every morning in this post).

THREE Chances to Win a W3LL PEOPLE Holiday Glam Package ($250 Value)!

With all of the holiday and new year’s parties coming up, I am so excited to announce that W3LL PEOPLE is giving away three Holiday Glam Packages (including all of the items below) to my readers! This is a huge steal because each package has a retail value of $250!

Each Package Includes:

Bright Eyes Kit (Retail Value $42)


  • Expressionist Mascara
  • Hypnotist Eyepencil

Fall/Winter Beauty Essentials Kit (Retail Value $110.50)


  • Expressionist Mascara
  • Universalist Multi-Stick 3
  • Bio Brightener Stick
  • Bio Extreme Lipgloss

Bio Brightener Duo (Retail Value $56)


  • Bio Brightener Stick
  • Bio Brightener Powder

Excursionist Cosmetic Case (Retail Value 18.50)

Brave Beauty Tshirt (Retail Value $24.50)

How to Enter

Fill out the form below between now and Dec 14th, and on Tuesday, Dec 15th three lucky winners will be chosen. Whether you want to pamper yourself, or give the gift of glam to someone else, you won’t want to miss out, so sign up now!

This giveaway has ended, for updates on future giveaways, be sure to sign up for my free weekly newsletter!

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