Did you know that the average person uses 10-15 personal care products with 126 different ingredients every day?1 Your skin is your biggest organ, and what you put on it, you also absorb! This is why it is SO important to know what you are putting ON your body, not just in it.

Now, the FDA does NOT test cosmetic ingredients for safety. Instead, the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), an industry-appointed and funded panel, reviews the safety of cosmetic ingredients.2

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), there are approximately 10,500 ingredients used in cosmetics in the US, and in its 30 year history, the CIR has screened only 11 of those ingredients.3 The CIR argues that it’s okay to put these toxic ingredients into products because only tiny amounts are used in each product. Therefore, they are not harmful. However, because of the number of products we are using, this simply isn’t true.

Let me give you an analogy: each person has a cup. This represents the chemicals that enter your system. Hopefully, when we are born, that cup is empty. As you age and are exposed to more toxins and chemicals, drops are added. Each drop represents toxins and chemicals that have invaded your system.

If the cup overflows, the result is chronic sickness and autoimmunity.

The rise of toxic personal care products has had a terrible impact on not only our health but our children’s health as well. That’s why taming the toxins is the third step in The Myers Way® and all of my programs.

Amy Myers MD® Beauty: Nourish your skin without compromise!

So how do you tame the toxins in your beauty and personal care routine?

It’s important to establish a skincare routine that features clean products… free of any toxins or harsh chemicals. Now that you understand how many toxic ingredients are used in many of the beauty products you see on store shelves, you know that this isn’t an easy task. I personally spent years searching for a skincare routine that would nourish and protect my skin from unwanted signs of aging without compromising my health. When I couldn’t find one, I decided to develop a skincare line of my own.

Amy Myers MD® Beauty was born from the belief that you shouln’t have to compromise your standards when it comes to selecting beauty products that work. My complete hydration routine includes three physician-formulated skincare products that replenish, restore, and rejuvinate your skin to reveal a noticeably healthier-looking, youthful complexion.

What’s missing? Toxins. Amy Myers MD® Beauty products contain carefully chosen exotic oils and organically-sourced botanical extracts… because natural beauty calls for natural ingredients!

Nourish your skin without compromise with Amy Myers MD® Beauty so you can achieve hydrated, younger-loooking skin without contributing to your toxic burden.