The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year and primetime for accidentally consuming gluten and other inflammatory foods that can cause symptoms to arise.

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To help you protect your gut and your health during the holiday season, I went LIVE on my Facebook page, to share with you what you can do if you do get derailed in order to recover as quickly as possible! Plus, I shared key supplements that I recommend during this time of year.

Here you will find the list of the tools and resources I mentioned during that Facebook LIVE session.

Gut Health Defense

Here are my top tips and tools for staying on track with your dietary protocol to prevent any gut issues or symptoms from returning.

  • The Myers Way® Holiday Recipes eBook – filled with 46 amazingly delicious holiday sides, apps, main dishes, desserts, and drinks, all approved for The Myers Way® and AIP and Paleo protocols. If you’re hosting, create a meal that is entirely The Myers Way® approved and if you’re attending a party, bring at least one dish that you know that you can eat.
  • Digestive Enzymes – you can take these before a meal to ease digestion and protect against accidental gluten exposure
  • Thrive Market – if you’re traveling and have limited access to health food stores, Whole Foods, or Costco, but want to make your own The Myers Way® meals on the go, order your pantry items ahead of time from Thrive Market. They offer all of my favorite The Myers Way® approved items at prices 25-50% lower than most stores!
  • ButcherBox – to have grass-fed, pasture-raised meats delivered that were never given antibiotics, hormones, or GMOs. I had my Thanksgiving turkey delivered from Butcher Box and it was amazing!

Gut Health Recovery

If you do overindulge or accidentally eat something on your no list without knowing it, here are tools to help you bounce back and minimize the effects.

How to Manage Your Stress

  • Find what stress relief activity works for you and make time for it regularly:
    • Walks
    • Listening to music
    • Meditation or prayer
    • Yoga
    • Whatever works for YOU!
  • The Myers Way® Adrenal Support
  • 8-9 hours of Restorative Sleep:

My Favorite Supplements for the Holiday Season