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Share Your Health Story in a Documentary

Share Your Health Story in a Documentary - Dr. Amy Myers Promo Image - Amy Myers MD

My ultimate goal is to help as many people as possible reverse their autoimmune disease and regain their health so I love hearing stories from patients and readers alike who have taken their health into their own hands and seen incredible improvement on The Myers Way®. If you have been able to successfully reverse your autoimmune condition or thyroid disease by following The Myers Way®, I want to hear about it!

Your story could be featured on my website or one of the two documentaries that I will be a part of in this upcoming year! Real stories, from people like you, are what spread hope to those who are struggling with thyroid disease or an autoimmune condition.

Three Easy Steps to Submit Your Story:

1. Record a video, 3-10 minutes long, telling us your story.

2. You can record the video on your phone or computer using its camera or Quicktime. Or, NCH Software is a FREE and easy download that allows you to record and save your video.

3. You can email the video directly to Or, if the file is too large to email, attach your video to WeTransfer and email it to Do whatever is easiest for you!

What to Include in Your Video:

  • What was your specific autoimmune or thyroid diagnosis?
  • How was your disease affecting your life? Physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, career wise?
  • What did your doctor tell you that you could expect in terms of outcomes?
  • Did you try any other treatments or protocols before The Myers Way®? What led to you to follow The Myers Way®?
  • What changes did you make while following The Myers Way®? (changing diet, starting supplements, switching to toxin-free products, etc.)
  • What was your result? If you saw any immediate improvements, please describe what you changed, what the results were, and the timeframe. What were your long-term results?
  • How did these results bring you happiness in the areas you mentioned earlier, emotional, physical, relational etc?
  • Speaking directly to the person watching as ‘you’ please give your word of action to improve their health. This will be more generic rather than appealing to specific protocol or person, it’s designed to inspire the person watching to take action for their health.

How to Make Your Video a Success:

1. Don’t stress about the content of your recording. We have people that handle the editing of the video to make the content to look great!

2. Audio is super important. Perhaps top priority! Make sure you’re close to the microphone on your phone or video recorder.

3. Lighting can also make a big difference – Windows provide beautiful light. Facing the video with a window behind the camera works best, it lets the light shine on your face. Shooting your video outdoors is also nice. If it’s sunny, it’s best to find some shade.

4. Feel what you’re saying, and let the words sincerely share your story.

5. Upload the file as it is after transferring it off of your camera or phone. You can edit the video if you like and give us both versions. Make sure the original file remains in good quality rather than texting it to another phone or something that may result in quality loss.

You can do it! Don’t let the small technical stuff bother or throw you.

Just let yourself shine to the world. I want to see your heart! If you get excited, angry, upset, start crying, don’t censor yourself, we want to see all that you’re experiencing. That’s what touches people and helps us all feel connected.

I can’t wait to hear your story!

*By emailing this account, you are releasing your story, name, and likeness to be used on my website, newsletter, Facebook and other social media outlets, documentaries I take part in, and any upcoming books I publish.

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