After my appearance on Dr. Oz in November, things have really taken off for me, and I’m finding myself traveling much more frequently. Because of this, I need to have a suitcase practically packed and ready to go for last-minute travel. To help me stay organized, I also invested in a travel-friendly bag.

As I travel around the country, I often get asked, “what’s in your bag?”  At first, I thought people were joking! But then I began to realize that people really are curious to know how I maintain my healthy lifestyle in the midst of a very busy schedule and so much time away from home.  You asked, so here you go! This is “what’s in my bag.”

My Bag

Lululemon Bag - Amy Myers MD

Say what you will about Lululemon, I’ve read it all too. I do my best to support local companies and those who are committed to the best environmental practices (as you will see below). However, I am so thrilled I broke down and bought the brand-name bag that suits all of my needs.  It keeps me organized with a padded pocket for my laptop, a pocket for my snacks, a small mesh pock for the things I use to freshen up, a mesh holder for my water bottle, and two outside pockets that give me easy access to (and prevent me from losing) my keys or my phone. The center has enough space for everything else!

Food & Hydration



“Always be prepared” is my motto when it comes to food and travel.  It is nearly impossible to get The Myers Way TM approved foods in the airport or on an airplane.  I prepare a meal or bring leftovers on all flights no matter how long or short.  Click here for some of my favorite recipes!

I keep my meal tucked away in a spill-proof Pyrex container and wash it out once I get to my hotel to be used for the flight home.  My go-to snacks are Epic bison bars, kale chips, roasted seaweed snacks, salmon packs, Real Sticks, and organic dark chocolate.

I honestly don’t go anywhere without a stainless steel water bottle.  I keep one at my desk at work, one at my treadmill desk at home, in my purse and in my car.  I love them because they come in different colors and sizes, and depending on your preferences, you can choose insulated or non-insulated canteens.  If you’re in Austin, the airport now has a water filtration station next to the bathrooms near gates 7 and 17, so you can skip the plastic bottle saving you BPA and the landfill more trash.

Freshen Up



My favorite makeup is from the all-natural and toxin-free company Beauty Counter.

I will not wear any other make-up.  To freshen up in-flight, I carry the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Sheer Lipstick, and Powder Blush Duo.

To keep my hands hydrated, I carry sample sizes of my favorite organic, gluten-free, vegan lotion.  The brand has a full line of organic shampoos, lotion, and one of the safest sunscreens on the market.  The eye butter is to die for, and the ingredients are so pure you could eat them (but please, don’t do this).  If you want to learn more about the lotion company you can listen to my podcast with the owner and founder, Bob Root here.

Frequent hand washing is the absolute best way to prevent the spread of germs and to stay healthy while traveling.  I’m very leery of the chemicals in the soaps in airports and airplanes, so I carry a travel size of Dr. Bronner’s soap.  I’m not a fan of sanitary wipes, but these CleanWell wipes are all-natural and really work.

Work Time

My Macbook - Amy Myers MD

Long plane rides are a great time for me to get work done, whether it be writing articles or reviewing and editing eCourses, eBooks, and chapters of my upcoming book.  I love my laptop and carry it with me almost everywhere because it is so light. That way, when I have a few minutes to spare, I can quickly and easily get work done.  Honestly, I can’t decide which is my more used purchase, my Vitamix or my Macbook! One of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and of course, I’m using it to write this article right now.

Relax & Nap Time

My Favorite Eye Mask - Amy Myers MD
Lavender essential oil - Amy Myers MD


For long flights I carry earplugs.  Trust me when I say I know my earplugs! I have tried every earplug out there because for the last 20 years I have not slept a night without earplugs.  I also use my favorite eye mask because it blocks out the light,  is not too bulky, and fits like a glove. I use a Thermarest down pillow, either for lumbar support or to nap, and it’s great if I end up in a hotel without comfortable pillows.

When the turbulence gets bad, or if I’m feeling frustrated or anxious, I pull out my inner balance app and earpiece to practice deep breathing and track my heart rate variability.

Lavender essential oil is great not only to block out any unwanted smells but also to help with relaxation while traveling.

Staying Connected

iPhone - Amy Myers MD
iPhone Charger - Amy Myers MD

My iPhone is with me at all times. My family and office are saved in my favorites and only a button away.  I have all of my social media apps organized and at the tip of my fingers so I can stay connected with all of you.  My sweet sister gave me an external battery charger for my phone for Christmas, knowing I would be spending a lot of time on the road.  I also have a really cool case for my phone that holds my ID and credit card so I don’t have to dig in my purse and wallet every time I go through security.

I hope you find this information helpful as you navigate your travels. For more info about what I do once I land, check out my article here!

Now tell me in the comments below, what’s in your bag?

(I’d love to know, have you seen water filtration stations in other airports?  If so, tell us where!)