Thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being in the front lines of taking back control of your health. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey to optimal health. Nothing makes me prouder than to know you rely on me and The Myers Way® to help you improve your life. I am truly honored — every single day — that you trust me to provide you with helpful information, proven programs, and the highest-quality supplements to ensure you always have just what you need to live the optimal life you deserve. 

As you may know, I experienced the autoimmune condition known as Graves’ disease and have struggled with toxic mold illness on more than one occasion. Like many of you, I’ve known the fear and near-despair that comes with being ill, and with having my doctor dismiss me. That’s why it’s all the more gratifying that I can be of service to you.

This past summer, I had an eye infection that quickly became severe. The possibility of losing my sight in that eye became very real. The infection was extremely painful, yet the fear of losing my vision was even worse. I had to stay at home and had plenty of time to think and worry. At first, all my attention was focused on me and my eye. However, I began to realize that, one way or another, this crisis would pass and I would be back at work again — probably very soon. 

I began to think about all the people who don’t know when or if they will ever feel better. I remember that feeling from my first symptoms of Graves’ disease. It’s a terrible feeling. Although of course, I think about health all the time — it’s my job and my passion! — having that forced time away from work gave me time to reflect on my mission. I returned to the office rededicated to ensuring that everything we do at is focused on returning our community to optimal health and staying healthy for the long term. 

This coming year several things will be happening that will help me and the team do just that. A big one is that Amy Myers MD® will be moving to a new headquarters early in the year! We’ll have our very own building that’s been custom-designed just for us to help us grow into the future. And, in line with The Myers Way®, I’m working closely with the architects to make the building as “clean” as possible. I’ll be eliminating toxins from the workspace with filtered water, purified air, and low VOC paints and furnishings.

Even more exciting is that the warehouse will be on-site and we’ll have our own state of the art fulfillment center! This is something I’ve been hoping to do for a long time. It means I’ll have better packaging and I might even be able to pop in and write a few personal notes to tuck into your packages. It will also enable me to streamline the order process tremendously! I’ll also have greater control over inventory so although I can’t promise I’ll never be out of stock on anything, it will make it a lot less likely that I’ll ever have to keep you waiting. (And for anyone who did experience an out-of-stock event this year, I thank you so much for your patience!)

Of course, I have lots of new products I’ve been working on all of 2019 as well. I just can’t rest until I’ve brought the very best solutions to you! I get goosebumps when I think about what I’ll be introducing in 2020. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that they’ve got benefits for your joints, immunity, healthy aging, gut health, and your energy levels. 

Many of you have told me how much you love the bars, so I’ve been dreaming up some great new offerings there as well. I extensively test and retest the ingredients to give you the highest-performing snack or meal replacement without skimping on flavor. You can be sure that I tasted quite a lot of them to make sure they were just right!

There will be a few more innovations coming along this year that will help me serve you better. Some will be behind the scenes and you may not even notice. However, many of them will be innovations that are based both on my own research and my experience treating thousands of people in my clinic. I’m looking forward to sharing those with you throughout the year.

This past year was certainly a busy year and I think 2020 will be as well! I developed many new products for our community and to keep that momentum going, I grew my staff as well. To close the year, I’d like to share this video I created about why I do what I do and what led me to my goal of helping as many people as possible achieve optimal health.

I want to thank you once again for letting me be a part of your health journey. My husband, Xavier, my daughter, Elle, my entire team, and I wish you all good health, peace, joy, and love in 2020.