A medical doctor and a health coach address the cutting edge of medicine, health, and how to live well.

In this podcast, John Rosania, VP of Clean gets personal with Dr. Myers as she shares why she became a medical doctor and the key moments in her life that led her to functional medicine.

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 Before Med School

  • Dr Myers’ first interest in medicine
  • How you can be eating “health” food but they may be the wrong foods for you.
  • What she learned during in the Peace Corps in Paraguay?

The Med school years

  • Why she went to medical school instead of a naturopathic school
  • What medical school is actually like
  • How medical school does not focus on nutrition or getting to the root cause of disease

Getting Sick

  • Dr. Myers’ autoimmune condition, Graves’ disease, and what she did about it
  • How her conventional doctor thought her autoimmune condition was in her head
  • How she helped patients overcome Graves’ and Hashimoto’s disease

The Discovery of Functional Medicine

  • What is functional medicine? Is it alternative medicine?
  • The core principles of functional medicine
  • How functional medicine doctors are different than conventional doctors

Practicing What She Preaches

  • What Dr. Myers eats (She was a vegetarian for over 20 years)
  • Dr. Myers’  personal daily meal plan