Minimize Toxins with DIY Toxin-Free Home & Body DVD and E-book - Featured Image - Amy Myers MD

Rid your home of toxins with my all-natural DIY recipes for toxin-free home and body products!

No need to let the chemicals of those toxin-packed cleaners and moisturizers into your home – my DIY toxin-free home & body DVD and eBook have everything you need to keep your home smelling fresh, looking clean, and best of all, toxin-free!

Each recipe contains only natural ingredients that will keep your home and body clean, all without the harmful effects of the parabens and phthalates that disrupt your health and keep you from feeling your best.

Watch my step-by-step instructions on DVD for helpful tips, and download or print the recipes to bring with you to the store while you shop for ingredients!

These recipes are perfect if you:

  • Have an autoimmune or chronic illness
  • Have thyroid dysfunction
  • Use beauty, home, & body care products with parabens or phthalates
  • Have a sensitivity to store-bought home or body products
  • Want to minimize the toxins in your home

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