I’m so excited to bring you the last article in my special series on 8 important truths about autoimmune disease.

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We’ve covered a lot of life-changing information that conventional medicine isn’t telling autoimmune patients. In this post, I have two final empowering truths to help you REVERSE your condition and take back your health AND a special announcement!


Truth #7. You are MORE than just your genetics, and they do not determine your destiny.

Leaky Gut, Environmental Triggers, Autoimmune Disease, Genetics - Infographic - Amy Myers MD

Twin studies have shown that genetics only accounts for about 25% of the chance that you will develop an autoimmune disorder. That means the remaining 75% of the picture is environmental — and therefore up to you! I find that an incredibly empowering statistic.

And, what I find the most incredible as a physician is that by addressing these environmental factors you can not only prevent an autoimmune condition, but also REVERSE it after it develops.

The question then becomes – what are these environmental factors and how can you overcome them using dietary and lifestyle changes.

Through my experience as a functional medicine physician and working with thousands of autoimmune patients, I have identified five environmental factors that play a key role in the creation of autoimmune diseases. I call this the root cause pie chart. Gluten-free of course :)

The Root Cause Pie Chart

The Root Causes of Autoimmunity - Infographic - Amy Myers MD

It is important to note that the elements of the pie chart are the same for everyone; however, the size of each piece are unique to your health history and unique biochemical makeup. For some, diet is the biggest piece of the pie, for others it is toxins or stress.

That’s why functional medicine takes a personal approach to healing – identifying what your unique triggers are and the best treatments for your needs.

Truth #8. You CAN make lifestyle changes to support your immune system and REVERSE your autoimmunity.

This truth gets to the heart of the difference between conventional medicine’s approach to autoimmunity and the functional medicine approach I have used to help tens of thousands of people take back their health.

Conventional practitioners treat autoimmune conditions by medicating the symptoms and suppressing the immune system. My approach treats autoimmune conditions by supporting the immune system.

The frustrating fact is that conventional medicine often goes for the quick fix: an acid-blocking medication rather than a change in diet to overcome acid reflux; immunosuppressants rather than a diet and lifestyle that promote health.

This medication-first approach results in more side effects, which require more medications, which in turn produce more side effects – a vicious circle that often seems to get worse and worse.

In contrast, my approach creates a “virtuous cycle”. By supporting your immune system using dietary and lifestyle changes, you increase vitality and achieve optimal health. Your mood, mental health, cognitive abilities, and overall energy levels improve. As your inflammation subsides, your skin glows and even your hair gets healthier. You look better, feel better, and function better. Now you are creating positive side effects, rather than negative ones, in an ongoing upward spiral of health.

My approach is fundamentally different. I feel hope every day I go into my office and see the patients whose lives have been changed. I experience it every time someone emails me another remarkable success story of how they reversed their condition by following my program.

I want to share that hope with you, so you can let go of the myths that surround you and embrace the promise of taking back your health. I want to empower you to reverse your symptoms naturally, restoring your energy and vitality.

If you, or someone you know is combatting an autoimmune disease and want to start the journey to reverse your symptoms and take back your health, sign up for my free, one-hour training. In this free training, you’ll discover how to reverse your condition naturally using simple, yet proven lifestyle changes. You can let go of myths about autoimmunity, get to the root of your disease, and take back your health.

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