I am so excited to share that my 1 HOUR TV SPECIAL is airing again, so if you missed it or want to watch it again, now is your chance!

My 28-Day Metabolism Makeover special is perfect for anyone with any type of thyroid dysfunction, fatigue, brain fog, or stubborn weight gain!

If you have unexplained symptoms, feel old beyond your years, or just not like your best self, you do not want to miss this show.
In the TV special, I show you how to beat the three thyroid wreckers using the power of whole foods, toxin-free living, and daily stress management. And, I walk you through my revolutionary program to drop stubborn pounds, regain your energy, and look and feel better than ever – in just 28 days.

I had so much fun filming this, and I even did a few demonstrations of how to make my favorite gut-healing recipes and toxin-free body products!

The program is airing on local TV stations around the country and new stations are picking it up every day. The show starts airing June 1st, with broadcasts throughout the month of June. 

Here’s a list of just a few of the stations airing my program:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • El Paso, TX
  • Gainesville, FL
  • Houston, TX
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Mobile, AL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Reno, NV
  • Savannah, GA
  • Tampa, FL

Check your local PBS and broadcast stations to find out when it airs in your city.

Plus, when you watch you will have a special opportunity to support your local station by ordering BRAND NEW TOOLS I’ve created, including my #1 tool for restorative sleep!

I am so excited for this release, and I can’t wait for you to tune in and share what you think!

Check your local PBS and broadcast stations to see when my program is airing in your city!

The 28-Day Metabolism Makeover is sponsored by:


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