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A Grain of Truth: The World’s 1st Gluten Summit

gluten summit

November 11-17, 2013

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has gathered 29 of the world’s leading experts on the topics of gluten-related disorders, nutrition and healthy living for a series of online interviews that you can watch for FREE .


During the summit, you will:

  • Learn about the latest research on gluten-related disorders
  • Understand why we MUST call more attention to them
  • Gain improved knowledge of proper diagnosis/treatment methods
  • More frequently ask, “Could this health issue be due to gluten?”

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A Grain of Truth: The World’s 1st Gluten Summit

What is The Gluten Summit?

The Gluten Summit gathers the world’s experts and opinion leaders (scientists, researchers, and nutritionists)–those on the cutting edge of gluten-related disorders and what to do about them–each for a one-to-one conversation with Dr. Tom O’Bryan of theDr.com about celiac disease, food sensitivities, autoimmunity, nutrition and more.

Why should I attend the summit?

The Gluten Summit will:

  • Bring the latest research to the public eye with interpretation from Dr. O’Bryan;
  • Call more attention to gluten-related disorders;
  • Potentially improve diagnosis and treatment in practice;
  • Teach better practices for safely eating outside of the home;
  • Encourage more clinicians, practitioners and patients to ask, “Could it be gluten?”

When is the summit?

The summit is an entirely free, online event from November 11-17, 2013.

How does the summit work?

Each day, several presentations will be posted to the summit website and will be available on demand for a 24-hour period for free. Once the free viewing period has ended, that day’s presentations will only be available for purchase as part of the summit upgrade package, which will include packages of video/audio files, transcripts and bonus materials.

What is the schedule of the summit?

You can find the complete schedule here. Highlighted Speakers include:

November 11th

November 12th

  • Alessio Fasano, MDWhy Creating the Healthiest Intestinal Environment Possible Can Arrest Your Vulnerability to the #3 Cause of Getting Sick and Dying

November 13th

  • Mark Hyman, MDA “Functional Approach” to Lifestyle Can Transform Your Body

November 16th

  • Loren Cordain, PhDWheat Germ Agglutinin: How a “Monster Molecule” Could Affect Every Cell in Your Body

November 18th

Will I be able to watch The Gluten Summit on a mobile device?

We’ve tested the viewing of the summit on multiple devices without issue. There may be a problem, however, if you choose to purchase any of the products that are associated with the summit, depending on your device. If that is the case, simply reach out to us and we’ll assist.


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