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(Practically) Done-For-You
Meal Planning… FREE!

Imagine a functional medicine physician, registered dietician, and gourmet chef on hand for you and your family 24/7.

Just pick your recipes and follow the automatically generated shopping lists… throw the ingredients together… and enjoy life-changing meals that will give you real results!
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Amy Myers MD Meal Planning Tool

The Myers Way® Meal Planning Tool is FREE!

  • Get Instant Access to a library of over 450 innovative recipes that are quick, easy & delicious!
  • Each recipe is compliant with Dr. Myers’ lifestyle protocols, including AIP, gluten- and dairy-free, Paleo, keto, and more.
  • Automatically generated shopping lists that make going to the grocery store fast and efficient.
  • FREE 35 Gut Recovery Recipes eBook direct to your inbox. This eBook is packed with simple and deliciously mouth-watering recipes that are sure to strengthen your gut.
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