Beat Your Symptoms and Create Lifelong Health

If you’re on this page, then chances are good that either you or a loved one is struggling with mystery symptoms or chronic disease. My mission is to help you address the root cause of your health problems, beat your symptoms, and enjoy the energy and vitality that are your birthright.

The following programs are based on the exact recommendations and protocols I’ve used for years in my clinic to help thousands of patients prevent and reverse chronic health issues. Each program is a complete blueprint for taking back your health, using scientifically-proven information, explained in a way that is easy to understand.

They are packed with my best strategies and helpful tools – such as checklists, symptom trackers, meal plans, grocery lists, and more – designed to arm you with everything you need to navigate your journey to wellness.

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SIBO Breakthrough™ Program!

The Myers Way® SIBO Breakthrough™ Program is the perfect, all-in-one, step-by-step solution for those who are tackling Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

In the case of SIBO, the delicate balance of microorganisms is disrupted, allowing bacteria to colonize areas of your digestive system that they normally wouldn’t.

The overgrown bacteria disturbs your gut’s normal activity, impacts every system of your body, and eventually leads to leaky gut, which in turns leads to chronic inflammation, and potentially even autoimmune conditions.

The Myers Way® SIBO Breakthrough™ Program includes everything you need to tackle SIBO and reclaim your health.

The Myers Way® Comprehensive Elimination Diet

Just beginning your health journey? This is the perfect place to start! A comprehensive elimination diet is a proven way to uncover your personal food sensitivities, and determine the perfect diet for your unique needs.

If you struggle with headaches, seasonal allergies, or gastrointestinal issues (like IBS), this program will help by dramatically reducing inflammation in your body, and beginning the process of healing your gut.

This course includes step-by-step instructions for eliminating and reintroducing foods, an introduction to leaky gut, a daily food diary (to track how your diet affects your symptoms), over 60 healing and delicious recipes, and specialized protocols for those following an autoimmune, SIBO, Candida, or paleo diet.

The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution Program

Conventional medicine has it all wrong when it comes to autoimmune disease. They are focused solely on managing symptoms with life-long, harsh medications – instead of looking at the true underlying causes of autoimmune disease. The good news is, with the right lifestyle and dietary changes, you can reverse your condition and take your health into your own hands.

In this six-week program, you’ll learn the five root causes of autoimmunity and proven strategies to overcome them, in over six hours of guided video lessons.

You’ll also receive a full 30-day meal plan with all new recipes and weekly shopping lists, plus handy cheat sheets, guides, and checklists to put all of the principles into practice.

The Myers Way® Candida Breakthrough™ Program

Are you tired of dealing with fatigue, brain fog, recurring fungal infections, and digestive issues? Have you left doctors’ offices feeling discouraged or confused because they weren’t able to pinpoint what was causing your symptoms?

I created this program to empower you with the same tools that have helped thousands of my patients recover from Candida overgrowth, rebalance their gut, and overcome chronic symptoms.

You’ll receive a step-by-step 30 day protocol, including an antifungal meal plan with recipes and weekly shopping lists, an antifungal and probiotic supplement regimen, plus a guided video series to teach you more about gut health, fermented foods, diet, and more.

Get ready to regain your energy, vitality, and feel like yourself again!

The Myers Way® Guide to the Gut Program

Are you ready to repair your leaky gut, overcome gut infections such as SIBO or parasites, and use diet and supplements to restore your gut’s healthy balance?

This program will provide you with all of the tools to diagnose and treat your gut health issues at home.

Through information-packed videos I’ll explain why the gut is the gateway to health, how diet, stress, and toxins can damage your gut, and how to repair your gut using functional medicine’s 4R approach. You’ll also receive diagnostic quizzes, a guide to gut-healing supplements, meal plans, and gut-healing recipes.

Gut issues are at the root of so many chronic health conditions. I truly believe that anyone can benefit from this powerful healing program.