It is common to see weight loss as a result of following The Myers Way® protocol. For some, this may be beneficial. However, I also see patients who are of normal weight or who are underweight, so losing additional weight while on the protocol is a concern. If you are struggling to maintain or gain weight while on The Myers Way® protocol, focus on increasing healthy fats! One way to do this is by incorporating a smoothie (such as the one listed below) into your diet as a meal replacement or snack.

Fats naturally have greater than two times the calories per gram than proteins or carbohydrates. Thus, they are a great way to add beneficial calories to your diet without adding too much ‘bulk’. Examples of healthy fats include extra virgin olive oil, coconut/coconut oil and coconut butter, grapeseed oil, animal fats, avocado/avocado oils, and flaxseed oil.

High-Energy Mint ‘Chocolate’ Smoothie

High-Energy Mint ‘Chocolate’ Smoothie



Prep Time

5 minutes



  1. Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend well.
  2. Optional: Increase or decrease coconut milk and/or add water until desired consistency is achieved.