World-renowned gut health M.D. reveals…

Drink This Every Day and Stay
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Night Binge Eating!

Introducing: An organic “Forgotten Superfood” That Crushes Cravings…

And best of all… it destroys hunger, infuses your body with 19g of pure protein for immediate
joint nourishment, hair, skin, & nails, and gut support… and only has 1 net carb per serving!

The Only Physician-Formulated Bone Broth
Available to the Public + the Comforting Flavor of
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

Read on to discover:

  • Why this ancient Paleo superfood is based on thousands of years of healthy living… yet mysteriously disappeared from dinner tables in recent years

  • The real reason private chefs for the NBA’s most famous basketball team prepare this drink for their star players every single day

  • How most mass-market varieties cut corners, expose you to toxic ingredients, and may actually be doing you MORE harm than good!

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Experience the Restorative
Power of Bone Broth Collagen

 Bone Broth Collagen Chicken Front
Robyn C.
Can’t Go a Day Without It!

“Dr. Myers’ Organic Chicken Bone Broth Collagen tastes wonderful and makes you feel great! I can definitely tell when I’ve skipped a staple of my daily routine. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to! Wonderful product!”

Robyn C.

Verified Buyer

Gluten Free
Non Dairy
Free Range
AIP Friendly
GMP Compliant
Soy Free

Amy Myers, MD

2x New York Times Bestselling Author and famed functional medicine physician, Dr. Myers has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show 6 times, and has helped millions of people worldwide lose weight, heal their gut, overcome autoimmunity, and achieve optimal health.


goop Shape

Right now, I’d like to ask you a very important question:

Have you ever tried dieting… but just felt hungry all the time?

Did you starve yourself with salads and even make yourself go to sleep early just so that you wouldn’t have to wrestle with miserable cravings and hunger pangs?

If you answered yes, that’s okay — I’ve been there and you aren’t alone.

But let me ask you this: what if there was another way?

Female bare feet on weight scale

What if you could actually trim pounds while feeling full and satisfied all the time?

You see, most weight loss gimmicks simply focus on calories…

What they FAIL to do is take into account an all-but-forgotten secret to weight control: satiety (or feeling “full”)…

Which is quite literally much more important than focusing on calories alone.

Fat woman hand holding excessive belly fat. Healthcare and woman diet lifestyle concept to reduce belly and shape up healthy stomach muscle.
The fact remains, however, mainstream “dieting” still has a huge blind spot when it comes to encouraging foods that actually make you feel full.

So that brings me to the big problem with dieting…

Hunger: The Waistline Roller Coaster

You see, hunger is one of your body’s most powerful and beneficial processes…

It helps ensure you take in enough calories for your daily needs.

However, it can also work against you — especially when you’re trying to lose weight. After all, you could easily lose weight by just eating less…

BUT, the less that you eat or the longer you hold off from eating, the hungrier you become…

And the longer it takes for your hunger to go away once you do start eating.

See the problem here?

When you’re very hungry… you’re almost guaranteed to overeat!

Homemade Slow Cooker Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes

Meaning you’ll eat a bunch of extra calories that will immediately slow or even reverse your weight loss.

However, the problem remains: the only way to stop feeling hungry is to… you guessed it: eat!

Eating makes you “full”, helping you to feel pleasant and satisfied after a meal…

The tricky part is, though, some foods are more filling than others…

For example, a heaping plate of boiled potatoes and pot roast is going to keep you full for hours…

However, a croissant is only going to satisfy you for a few minutes (at most!) and almost certainly have you raiding the fridge within the next hour or two.

And then the next day you have to deal with the feelings of guilt from binge eating the night before…

Not to mention your belly looking so bloated you look 6 months pregnant, and it’s so bad you don’t even want to look in the mirror.

Maybe you can relate – and again, it’s not your fault!

That’s why I set out to formulate quite literally…

Human caucasian hand holding fridge door isolated on white background. color image in horizontal orientation

The most filling food on the planet: Bone Broth.

My physician-formulated bone broth is made by slow-simmering organic, pasture-raised chicken bones for 8+ hours.

This process properly extracts all of the skin-firming collagen, glycine, and other beneficial nutrients into a hearty, comforting broth that is, more than anything…

Extremely satisfying and filling.

Truly, even though our grandmother and Paleo ancestors knew very well the amazing power of bone broth…

Golden Milk Broth Latte

It’s something we have simply forgotten about over the last 100 years, leading to society-wide health issues you see everywhere today:

  • GI issues such as leaky gut, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation

  • Unexplained food sensitivities to dairy, gluten, legumes, corn, and soy

  • Obesity, weight, gain, high abdominal fat

  • Sagging skin, premature aging and wrinkles

  • Aching, clicking joints

So, going back to that slimming secret I mentioned above: satiety.

Everyone has a sense of how “filling” different foods are…

But modern scientists and nutritionists literally measure this “full feeling” now…

And in my opinion as an M.D., THIS drink is the best way to hack your daily routine and “trick” your body into feeling full and satisfied all day and night!

Using something called the Satiety Index, we can determine how filling different foods are on a per-calorie basis.

And when we take a peek at the Satiety Index…

Guess what food is at the very top?

Chart Satiety Index Common Foods
Bone Broth Collagen Chicken Front

As you can see, potatoes and non-starchy vegetables are the only foods anywhere close to as filling as bone broth.

Sadly, their high carb content can sabotage your waistline… no matter how filling they are.

Bone Broth is Over 150% MORE Filling

Than Nearly All Foods on the Satiety Index and Has Just ONE Net
Carb — Making it a “Secret Superfood Weapon” for Weight Loss!

Imagine having a delicious mug of homestyle chicken noodle soup every day…

That’s literally MORE filling and satisfying than pasta, pastries, eggs, and rice!

Now, here’s the interesting part…

The science behind the Satiety Index is fairly new, to be sure…

But humans have been drinking bone broth and staying lean and trim for CENTURIES now!

Archaeologists have uncovered evidence that bone broth was prepared in jungles, islands, and caves all over the world.

Which isn’t surprising…

Because in ancient times, after working so hard to hunt and capture your kill…

You didn’t waste any part of the animal.

Especially the marrow-rich bones… these were anything but “waste” to our primitive ancestors!

Camping kettle over burning campfire, Carpathian forest
Beautiful senior couple in aprons is reading a book of recipes, talking and smiling while cooking together in kitchen

These bones were (rightly) seen as a potent nutritional powerhouse that kept us energized, strong, and fit in the days (and sometimes weeks) between hunts.

Even until about 50 years ago… our own grandparents simmered pots of bone broth in their own kitchens!

Then, something mysterious happened…

Bone broth just disappeared from family homes and restaurants.

As fast food chains and processed snack foods became the norm, bone broth because a “forgotten food”…

Unlike say, twinkies and Wendy’s french fries, bone broth isn’t something that can just be mass-produced on the cheap.

And of course, big grocery has tried to turn bone broth into a boutique, unaffordable food…

I’m sure you’ve seen the ready-made bone broths in the specialty aisle:

The most popular brands are a steep $8 per carton…

Or $10 a jar…

So you’re paying $4-5 of your hard-earned money for each serving of bone broth.

That’s pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.

And to add insult to injury, NONE of these brands have any medical professional on their staff… let alone a world-renowned functional medicine M.D. (that’s me).

So, when I saw this HUGE problem with both cost and quality…

I decided to do something about it.

Bone Broth Competitors with prices

Introducing The Myers Way®
Bone Broth Collagen

The World’s ONLY Physician-Formulated Bone Broth

  • Convenient powder instantly transforms into delicious chicken soup-style broth

  • Rich in skin-beautifying, joint soothing Collagen peptides – 9g per serving

  • Promotes gut health and proper digestion

  • Non GMO, gluten, dairy, and soy free

  • Supports healthy hair, skin, nails, and bones

  • AIP/Autoimmune friendly, keto friendly, Paleo approved

Bone Broth Collagen Chicken Front

Bone Broth is called “Liquid Gold” for a Reason!

Don’t just take my word for it, though…

Susan G.
Best Bone Broth Ever!

“Honestly, you don’t want to miss out on this! All the hard work taken out, nothing but goodness put in. This is BEYOND convenient. Mixes easily and the taste is better than anything else I’ve tried and I’ve tried what’s out there. It’s great for traveling too! I’m only on my second container, but I already know I’m a fan for life. As others have mentioned I do add a tiny bit of salt, but hey, if that’s all I have to do to enjoy an instant cup of this deliciousness, what is not to LOVE, about that?! Thank you Dr. Myers for such an amazing product. I am spreading the word to friends and family!”

Susan G.

Verified Buyer

Lauren B.
Helped My Gut Tremendously!

“I’ve had horrible gas and gut issues for a few years now! I heard about Amy’s products and started with the Bone Broth Collagen – it’s a staple in my diet now. First thing in the morning to help my gut after I break my fast. I can’t say thank you enough!”

Lauren B.

Verified Buyer

Caroline L.
Impressed With The Quality

“This is the best-tasting bone broth that I have bought.”

Caroline L.

Verified Buyer

Larry T.
My Wife And I Love It

“Love this product! My wife and I enjoy having an afternoon cup of bone broth. It’s a perfect hot and healthy drink between meals. Was surprised how good it tastes, as good as my homemade broth. Thank you Dr. Myers for this bone broth!”

Larry T.

Verified Buyer

Jacob L.
Comfort In A Cup

“I love Dr. Myer’s bone broth Collagen! It’s delicious and calming. I drink it like a cup of tea at night.”

Jacob L.

Verified Buyer

There’s a seemingly endless list of reasons you should be consuming
a high-quality, pasture-raised bone broth. But there are 3 incredible,
near-instant total body benefits that stand out above the rest:

It’s the absolute best way to get your daily collagen.

You’ve probably heard of collagen by now — it’s the most abundant structural protein in your body and is quite literally the “glue” that holds you together!

Consuming collagen protein has been shown in clinical settings to have an incredible impact:

  • Beautify hair, skin, and nails

  • Boost metabolism

  • Support a health gut lining and smoother digestion

  • Reduce cellulite

  • Act as the “WD-40” for achy, clicking joints

portrait of a smiling blonde woman of 40 years

Collagen also contains the amino acid glycine, which is mission-critical to overall health but your body cannot produce enough of it on its own.

Each comforting cup tastes like a cheat meal, yet is amazing for your body… and your cravings will disappear with just ONE sip!

My Bone Broth Collagen is made from USDA certified organic free-range chickens, making for a savory quality and purity you can truly taste, plus…

Given how filling and satisfying bone broth is, you won’t have to battle cravings anymore — no matter what time of day (or night)!

Pretty young woman sitting on sofa and enjoying first morning broth in sunshine

You don’t have to exercise like a fitness junkie to experience the slimming effects!

Bone Broth is such a game changer when it comes to conquering hunger and experiencing results you can see and feel.

You don’t have to work out to lose weight while adding bone broth to your routine… but you might find that after the first few days, you have renewed energy and will actually want to exercise!

Woman doing stretching legs in the park on a sunny morning. Sports exercises outdoors.

The power of bone broth is so respected… Famous athletes
are literally hooked on it for muscle and workout recovery,
and even extending their playing careers!

That’s right… private chefs for the NBA’s most famous basketball team turned to bone broth in 2013 after one of their star players went down with a serious injury.

So, why did bone broth become the NBA’s “stone age secret weapon”?

Well, it could be because the collagen rich broth helps your body make cartilage…

Which you have all throughout your body: your bones and joints, and even your skin, eyes, and gut lining.

Bone broth is also incredibly rich in minerals that support the immune system, healthy blood, and even optimal kidney function.

According to one private chef, once players felt the total body benefits of bone broth… it became an absolute daily necessity for many of them!

This not your typical over priced supermarket bone broth…

  • 🚫

    NO overwhelming smell or “gamey” taste

  • 🚫

    Mixes easily, no more clumping!

  • 🚫

    Shelf stable with NO preservatives or toxic additives

PLUS, GET 2 FREE, Exclusive Bonus Gifts!

A cozy ironstone mug to enjoy your new bone broth

It gets better, too… When you place your order today, not only will you get my nourishing and delicious Bone Broth Collagen shipped to your door in just a few days (shipping is FREE in the U.S., by the way)…

You’ll also receive a FREE cozy ironstone mug to enjoy your new bone broth!

The Amy Myers MD® Ironstone Ceramic Mug is the perfect way to savor comforting bone broth, rich hot chocolate, or your favorite cup of coffee or tea. It’s sturdy ceramic construction and non-reactive glaze will be your morning companion for years to come!

Oh, and there’s more! You’ll ALSO receive FREE instant access to:

The Myers Way® Nourishing Collagen and Bone Broth Recipes eBook

Want some mouth-watering ways to immediately enjoy Bone Broth Collagen? When you order today, you’ll instantly get access to this beautiful (and incredibly useful) PDF eBook, packed with over 24 gut-fortifying and joint-soothing recipes!

ebook and mug
Gluten Free
Non Dairy
Free Range
AIP Friendly
GMP Compliant
Soy Free
Bone Broth Collagen is easily HALF the price of most mass-market bone broths per serving (oh, and most of those aren’t even organic!), is actually M.D. formulated… with double the protein and collagen in every scoop!
A close up of a group of hens in a coop looking at camera on a chicken farm..

And speaking of these non-organic bone broth imposters…

Can you really trust the source of your bone broth?

Did you know the factory-farmed chicken in America are fed diets of plastic pellets full of toxic chemicals such ad BPA, dried blood meal yuck), feather meal and even fecal waste of other farm animals?

Its true… and to make matters even worse, the blood, feathers, and noxious byproducts force fed to these poor chickens is teeming with antibiotic-resistant super bacteria, arsenic-based growth promoters, asthma medications, and artificial growth hormones designed to fatten up those chickens as quickly and inhumanely as possible…

Not to mention these innocent chickens are typically confined to massive, windowless sheds that hold thousands of birds each… where they become so distressed, they peck at each other constantly causing injury even death.

These farming practices are not only disturbing… the toxic final product is not something I as a medical doctor would EVER advise you to put into your body.

Thats why I made it an absolute priority to source my Bone Broth Collagen from only 100% USDA-Certified Organic Chicken who are pasture raised, roam free, and live healthy, humane lives.

Chicken or hen on a green meadow. Selective sharpness. Several chickens out of focus in the background

Collagen Brand Comparison Vertical
Collagen Brand Comparison
Formulated by Physician
GMP Certified
Third Party Lab Tested
bone broth, ebook, and mug

I’m proud to be Your Physician Source for the Most Delicious & Clean Bone Broth You’ll Ever Find.

And it’s backed by my 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

I’m so confident you’ll love my Bone Broth Collagen, I’m offering a 90-day Return Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, simply reach out to my friendly Custom Success team within 90 days of purchase to find out how to send it back for a full refund of your purchase price…
and no hard feelings!

Ryan W.
Soothing Relief!

“This has great taste and a perfect soothing solution to an evening meal as a night cap. Great to have it on hand if one doesn’t have time to make their own.”

Ryan W.

Verified Buyer

Kyla R.
Incredible Flavor

“I LOVE this stuff! It tastes amazing. I drink it mid-day when I need a boost! Thank you Dr. Myers!”

Kyla R.

Verified Buyer

Sharon K.
I’m A Bone Broth Believer Now

“I wasn’t a big fan of bone broth that I’ve made before. But this is delicious, easy to make, and I actually enjoy drinking it. I like to add a little bit of salt and pepper and it’s perfect!”

Sharon K.

Verified Buyer

Jennifer V.
Nourishing and Flavorful

“This is a delicious, rich tasting bone broth and I love to drink it alone as a snack. It also makes a good addition to chicken soup and other chicken dishes to add nourishment and flavor.”

Jennifer V.

Verified Buyer


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Now That You’re “In The Know”… What Will You Achieve?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re now familiar with the incredible benefits one simple addition to your daily routine can make (and sadly, most people don’t know about it yet):

A diet featuring a 100% USDA-certified organic, pasture-raised bone broth is absolutely mission critical when it comes to looking your best, feeling amazing, and keeping your weight under control.

And the beautiful part is… you can quickly experience incredible results in both your appearance and how you feel overall! Meaning:

steamy soup in a crock
  • Feeling the daily robust energy you need to thrive at work, home, and hobbies that make you happy.

  • A tight grip on “craving control” morning to night. Say bye to those obsessive thoughts and temptations of junk food!

  • Achieving new personal bests in your physical pursuits you may never have thought possible.

  • Enjoying an upbeat mood around the clock… even at the dreaded “3 o’clock dip”.

  • A confidence boost you can see and feel, as you’ll love how your jeans fit, and how your skin glows in the mirror.

Yvonne C.
My New Comfort Food

“This bone broth is very delicious and it has now become my new comfort food. With a sprinkle of lemon, it makes it that much better. I also use it to season my Mexican rice which traditionally uses chicken bullion and it’s a GREAT substitute. It lasts a long time and I highly recommend it!”

Yvonne C.

Verified Buyer

Kelly F.
Makes My Joints Feel Amazing!

“Tastes great and I’ve noticed that the joint pain I was experiencing has disappeared. I trust all of Dr. Myers’ supplements.”

Kelly F.

Verified Buyer

Cheryl S.
Love it!

“I add a little salt to a cup every morning, and it’s my new favorite thing! SO soothing and delicious!”

Cheryl S.

Verified Buyer

Great product!!

”I love to use the chicken bone broth collagen powder in homemade chicken soup – to boost the protein value, or in a plain chicken broth – as a quick meal on the go. It tastes great, mixes well, and is perfect for the Winter months or really anytime. I highly recommend it!”


Verified Buyer

Candace D.

“I just received my bone broth I love the taste. I use it in the evening if I get hungry. Takes the edge off.”

Candace D.

Verified Buyer

Janet O.
None Of The Fake Stuff

“The best I’ve ever tasted and the most nutritious… without all the fillers.”

Janet O.

Verified Buyer


Chicken Bone Broth Collagen supplement facts
Bone Broth Collagen Chicken Front

GMP Compliant
Soy Free
Gluten Free
Non Dairy
Free Range
AIP Friendly

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