50 Years of Medical Research Condensed Into One Inflammation Breakthrough

How A Medical Doctor’s Crumbling Health Uncovered A Life-Altering Discovery…

(Plus, the Dirty Health Supplement Cover-Up That May Be Worsening Your Inflammation Without You Knowing!)

Dear Friend,

What I’m about to tell you in the next few minutes is going to shock you.

Because it’s regarding a hidden health danger lying in plain sight…

One you may be putting in your body every single day.

It is estimated that 20 million Americans consume this ONE supplement daily…

Because they’ve been told it’s “good for them” or will help them “live longer and healthier.”

But what if I told you 99% of these products on the market today are crawling with toxic pollutants, industrial chemicals, and even radioactive waste…

Yet the U.S. government actually allows a certain amount of these poisons to go into your bloodstream every day?

Pretty disturbing, I know.

However, the fact remains that this substance CAN be incredible for your body.

That’s why it was touted as a “miracle compound” when it was first discovered 50 years ago.

What scientists didn’t factor in at the time…

Is that it can only benefit you IF:

  • It comes from the right source
  • It is extracted the right way
  • It is in the optimal dose.

The good news is…

Once I reveal what to look for, you’ll be able to avoid these dangerous pollutants and tainted supplements on the market going forward…

And feel safe as a fortress, knowing you reaped all the whole-body benefits…

Without any of the hidden nasty stuff.

You probably haven’t heard of this yet, as it has only been made possible in recent years…

It’s due to a new, third-party testing and purified extraction process that originated in the scientific community as early as the 1800s…

But was never utilized when scientists first discovered the compound.

I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, though, you’re probably wondering who I am, and why any of this should matter to you.

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Myers,

Medical doctor, two-time New York Times bestselling author & world-renowned functional medicine physician.

And if you’re like millions of other Americans…

Who suffer from inflammation and other health concerns that keep you struggling in a constant uphill battle for your health…

Then it’s VERY important you pay attention…

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal:

Dr. Amy Myers
  • The ONE single thing you’re almost certainly suffering from that is sending you hurtling towards full-blown autoimmunity
  • A simple secret to support a healthy inflammatory response so you can feel like the “old you” again
  • What the Greenland Inuit Eskimos knew about longevity and how it’s changed medical science forever
  • How the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown could still be poisoning you today
  • My #1 trick for supporting cognition, vision, and a positive mood… and better yet, it takes just 20 seconds a day and will cost you less than a cup of coffee!
  • The sneaky way some doctors disregard your suffering… only to get you hooked on prescription meds

But first, let’s get back to my story and why it matters to YOU.

Back in 2005, I Battled for My Own Health.

I couldn’t believe what was happening to me…

I was lying in bed, clutched in the grip of yet another panic attack. Night after night, I tossed and turned. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me!

My heart was racing, my mind was racing, and I wondered when things would get better.

It was pure misery.

Early into my second year of medical school, I was seized by panic attacks — I never knew when another one might strike.

My brain was constantly in overdrive, I was dropping weight rapidly, and always in a mild sweat. My hands shook with a noticeable tremor.

Then insomnia kicked in.

I felt as though I was living in a prison of anxiety, dizziness, and fatigue.

Even worse was the helplessness — the feeling that my life was no longer my own.

My worried friends convinced me to see a doctor who, dismissively, brushed aside my concerns.

“I think it’s just stress,” the doctor said.

“Medical students often think they have every disease they’re learning about.”

Rather than helping me, she was patronizing me.

That said, I knew enough to trust my own intuition. So I demanded a full workup and lab testing.

It turned out…

My instincts were spot on.

I wasn’t just panicking over courses and exams. I had an actual, diagnosable condition:

Graves’ disease…

… A disorder in which the thyroid is overactive and being attacked by your own body.

Finally, my misery had a name!

However, little did I know…

My life would be changed forever when I was…

Held Hostage By 3 Terrifying Treatment Choices

Learning its name was just about the last comfort I got…

Because the conventional treatments for my condition were beyond grim.

There were three choices on the menu, and none of them were appealing.

The first and least invasive choice was to take a drug known as propylthiouracil (PTU).

This prescription medication was supposed to stop my thyroid from working so hard and keep it from overproducing the hormone.

Sounds good, right?

Then I looked at propylthiouracil’s side effects:

Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting

Mild rash or itching


Dizziness or spinning

Joint or muscle pain

Decreased sense of taste

Even hair loss!

Okay. What were my other options?

Bottle of pharmaceutical medication

There were two different ways I could have my thyroid gland destroyed (That’s right — the doctors recommended I literally destroy my thyroid, which I needed to live!).

I could either have it:

A) Surgically removed.


B) I could have a procedure called “thyroid ablation”, which involves swallowing a radioactive pill to kill my thyroid.

The choices terrified me to the bone.

Despite my enrollment in a conventional medical school, I believed there were other roads to health.

My plan had always been to become an integrative physician who used diet and natural approaches as much as possible.

That desire was reinforced when…

My mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Her illness made it clear how resistant most conventional doctors are to ANY non-traditional approach.

When I asked Mom’s doctor about some promising nutritional therapy I’d researched…

He simply scoffed, mocking the very idea that nutrition could play a major role.

As I prepared for medical school, I understood and accepted that this response would be typical of the mindset I would encounter…

However, I never imagined being on the receiving end!

Conventional medicine offered my mother nothing other than chemotherapy, which only made her feel worse.

My mother died less than five months after she was diagnosed.

I entered medical school the following year — and one year later I was suffering from Graves’ disease.

“How can so many things be going wrong with me?”

Unable to sleep, I spent the night sobbing.

It was hard enough that my mother had passed, and having an autoimmune condition on top of that…

It felt like an endless uphill climb.

See, instead of living a life where you get to make choices about what food you want to eat…

Or what you’ll wear, where you’ll go, and how much fun you’ll have…

You are completely at the mercy of your health condition…

Which dictates everything you do…

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And if you’re anything like the thousands of patients I’ve worked with over the past decade…

Then I know for certain you are willing to do just about anything to get your health back.

Some doctors are quick to push prescription meds on you as a preventative solution…

However, as both you and I know…

Pharmaceuticals usually come with a laundry list of side effects…

That trap you in a medication merry-go-round…

And rob you of your energy, happiness, and sanity.

Plus, once you start taking prescription meds, you’re almost guaranteeing you’ll be stuck on them for the rest of your life because you didn’t fix the underlying issue, you only put a bandaid on it…

And that’s not a life anyone wants to lead.

Now, as a medical doctor myself, I can absolutely say…

Conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Dr. Amy Myers.

I’m a functional medicine physician and a proud author of two New York Times #1 bestsellers.

After completing my residency at the University of Maryland, I worked as an emergency room physician at Dell Children’s Hospital and Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas.

From there, I opened my world-renowned functional medicine clinic, Austin UltraHealth, where, for many years, I helped patients from around the world take back their health.

And, more importantly, when it comes to YOUR situation… 

I’ve treated thousands of patients in my clinic who were struggling with inflammation so bad, that if they didn’t already have an autoimmune condition… they were well on their way to developing one.

Despite the mountain of evidence that inflammation can lead to a full-blown autoimmune condition, the sad fact remains:

Most conventional doctors fail to recognize the critical importance of ONE single nutrient…

With 50 years of data collected by scientists and researchers…

That can be an absolute game-changer for inflammation and autoimmune conditions!

The Inuit Eskimos of Greenland knew this to be the case.

You see, in the 1970s, a team of top Danish scientists and researchers traveled to a tiny village nestled in the arctic tundra of Greenland to study an indigenous tribe with some remarkable health characteristics, the Inuit Eskimos.

And what they discovered was shocking…

Because those very same Eskimos consumed very high amounts of “heart-clogging” fat…

So you would think they’d be sicker, fatter, and die younger.

Smiling Eskimo woman wearing traditional clothing in wind against clear blue sky

However… the exact OPPOSITE was true.

As it turns out, the Inuit consumed high amounts of fatty fish from the pristine coastal waters of their home country…

And they had among the lowest rates of cardiovascular disease in the entire world!

After that, the word was out on this mystery nutrient found in the fish the Inuit ate day in and day out…

Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

Omega-3s are long-chain fatty acids that hold a wealth of total body health benefits, including:

  • Supporting a healthy inflammatory response…
  • Sharpening cognition and optimal brain health…
  • Promoting feelings of wellbeing and a positive mood…
  • Even facilitating healthy eyesight, especially low light and peripheral vision!

That’s right…

Contained inside are polyunsaturated long-chain fatty acids, which positively promote the production of inflammation-mediating proteins, such as eicosanoids, protectins, resolvins, and more!

It’s why in the decades that followed, especially the 1990s, Omega-3 fish oil supplements became the hottest new trend in health & wellness.

Everywhere you looked, these “wonder capsules” were touted as miracle pills for improving quality of life and making you feel amazing again.

And there was definitely some truth to that.

With one BIG problem, though.

You see, the vast majority of the Omega-3 fish oil we consume today does NOT come from the crystal-clear, pure coastal waters of 1970s Greenland.

Instead, it often comes from polluted oceans

Factory fish farms where the fish are fed ground up pieces of other fish, or dog food…

And even bodies of water that are teeming with cancer-causing radiation.

It’s true.

The sad fact is, most fish oil supplements you find at the grocery store, or even the health food store, come from irradiated waters, either from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan or close to it.

And you may not be prepared to hear this, but…

The 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown is Still Unleashing Massive Amounts of Radioactive Isotopes Into the Pacific Ocean off the Coast of Japan…

Radioactive warning sighn

It’s even made its way to the west coast of the United States…

And into your supermarket fish oil capsules.

So when you pick up that family-size bottle of Omega-3s at the grocery store, thinking you’re doing the right thing for not only your health but your family’s as well…

You may actually be exposing them to hidden poisons (and potentially rancid oil) buried in your Omega-3 capsules.

Not to mention, many of these mass-market fish oils are derived from larger fish species…

Which have been proven to harbor more toxins and harmful poisonous compounds than smaller fish.

That leads me to my next point:

These 3 Letters Should Scare You: PCB

PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, are synthetic chemicals once used in hydraulic fluids and industrial electrical equipment.

These toxins were banned in the U.S. in 1979 for use in all but completely enclosed areas, however, heavy past usage has resulted in environmental contamination worldwide…

Especially in fish

PCBs are dangerous because they act like hormones, wreaking havoc on your nervous system and contributing to a variety of illnesses, including cancer, infertility, and sexual side effects.

Alarmingly, researchers at the University of Illinois unearthed a shocking discovery:

In their study, people who ate fish with high levels of PCBs in their blood had difficulty recalling information they had learned just 30 minutes earlier!

You see, PCBs are absorbed into the bodies of fish and released into your bloodstream when you consume that fish…

But it gets even worse…

Bigger fish that eat smaller fish accumulate greater and greater concentrations of PCBs in their flesh and can reach levels many thousands of times higher than the PCB levels in the water itself…

Water which most people would never even think of drinking!

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, “Well, I’ll just eat more salmon and get my Omega-3s that way. Whole foods are always better besides.”

Well, I’m here to tell you as a medical doctor…

This thinking is just plain false!

And it can be especially dangerous when it comes to eating fish to obtain your daily dose of Omega-3s.

That’s Because the Salmon You Buy at the Fish Counter Most Likely Comes From Factory Fish Farms…

Which makes the fish you eat even more toxic.

Because salmon are becoming so rare in the wild, 80% of the salmon consumed in America today comes from massive fish farms.

These farmed fish are actually fed the flesh of healthier, wild-caught fish…

Disgusting, I know.

Factory fish flung into a sorting pipe

Worse yet, it takes 5 pounds of commercially-caught fish to create just 1 pound of farmed fish, so it’s terrible for the environment too…

And all that commercially netted fish comes with heavy doses of toxins such as mercury, as discussed above, which then concentrates in the flesh of farmed fish…

Making it one of the most toxic things that humans routinely put into their bodies.

Farmed salmon also has twice the fat of wild salmon, and this fat collects even more toxins.

Plus, farmed salmon are dyed pink (literally!) to impersonate their wild cousins.

Their flesh is actually a gross grey if they don’t dye it…

And that dye is awful for you.

In 2003, a class-action lawsuit was filed in the state of Washington because the labeling on farmed salmon neglected to mention the artificial coloring…

This has alarmed scientists because the dyes used in salmon can cause retinal damage in humans.

The health consequences of exposure to all the toxins found in salmon can be grave — the Environmental Working Group estimates that 800,000 people in the U.S. face an excess lifetime cancer risk… just from eating farmed salmon.

Farmed salmon is not only higher in fat and calories than wild-caught salmon… it actually INCREASES inflammation in your body.

Typically farmed salmon are fed GMO corn products and byproducts – which are high in PRO-inflammatory Omega-6 oils…

The problem with this is, too much Omega-6 can actually create inflammation in your body…

Putting you on a path to full-blown autoimmunity.

It Happened to Me — and That’s Why I Had to Have My Thyroid Destroyed

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you… otherwise, you could easily be subject to the same medical treatments that:

May or may not ease your symptoms…

Trigger harsh side effects (such as rash, itching, hives, hair loss, changes in skin pigmentation, swelling, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, loss of taste, joint or muscle aches, numbness, headaches…)

And unleash constant anxiety about whether or not you’ll ever feel normal again.

That’s Exactly Why I Formulated My Own Omega-3 Fish Oil…

With over 8,500 clinical trials and peer-reviewed articles to back it up, a top-quality fish oil is my go-to supplement for support in all issues concerning inflammation.

For decades now, doctors like myself have been recommending fish oil because of its powerful and proven ability to facilitate a healthy inflammatory response.

Just like a high-quality multivitamin, a top-quality fish oil should be at the top of everyone’s supplement list, especially to support:

  • Healthy heart and cardiovascular function
  • Gut health and immune response
  • Inflammatory modulation
  • Thyroid function
  • Positive mood
  • Restful sleep
  • Bone health
  • Eye Health

Fish oil does it all, and more!

But ONLY if you’re able to ensure the highest standards for purity, potency, and freshness.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce my…

Pharmaceutical-Grade, GMP-Certified, and 3rd-Party Tested by Eurofins for the Purest, Highest-Potency, and “Burp-Free” Fish Oil Supplement Available Today

3 Bottles of Complete Omega-3

gluten free paleo autoimmune protocol approved no artificial sweeteners No GMOs non dairy egg
Dawn M

These are now my GO-TO OMEGAS!

“I’ve taken Omegas for years, but the Amy Myers Omegas are the first ones I totally trust. So much can go wrong during the process of Omegas being made and stored, so it’s nice to feel good about taking these and knowing I’ve made the right decision for my body. I also like the higher dose per capsule.” – Dawn M., Verified Buyer

Derived from smaller fish species from the untouched
waters off the coast of Chile and Peru…

The Myers Way® Complete Omega-3 Softgels

  • Contains a full 1000 mg of EPA/DHA per softgel
  • Supercritical Extraction ensures heat, solvents, and oxygen are never used, maintaining the delicate integrity of the oil
  • Superior re-esterified natural triglyceride form is 170% more bioavailable than leading fish oil supplements
  • Won’t cause fishy aftertaste or burps
  • Supports your body’s healthy inflammatory response
  • Far exceeds international standards for purity
  • Supports healthy vision, mood & cognitive function

Risk Free. 90 Day Return Guarantee.

Pam B

Quality Counts

“I’ve been looking for a quality Omega-3 for quite some time. I trust this Omega 3 is sourced from uncontaminated fish which is hugely important. I have no trouble swallowing these and I’ve never experienced a fishy taste or after-taste with these. I like that there are 60 capsules because cost is a factor for me as well. Overall, I’m impressed by the quality and will buy again.” -Pam B., Verified Buyer


I Know I Feel Better

“I know I feel better taking these Omega-3s than any other that I have taken!” -Vicki C., Verified Buyer
-Vicki C., Verified Buyer


Great supplement!

“This is a really good Omega supplement , especially when it comes to effectiveness while having no side effects whatsoever. Easily digestible, easy to swallow, and overall does its job without complications. Great product.”
-Olga I., Verified Buyer

Complete Omega-3, Physician-Formulated for Purity and Potency.

If you understand the risks every time you buy poor quality, mass-market fish oils and DEMAND something better…

Right now is your opportunity to claim a supply of the purest, most bioavailable fish oil in the world!

This is no supermarket Omega-3 for three BIG reasons…


Complete Omega-3 Softgel fish equivalent

Finally, a fish oil with 1,000 mg of EPA & DHA in ONE softgel! Most mass-market brands I researched have a serving size of two, three, or even nine softgels a day… wow.

This is because they pale in comparison when it comes to their actual potency.

Imagine instead, getting the health benefits of an expensive filet of wild Alaskan salmon… in just one small softgel…

You can stop feeling like you’re swallowing horse pills multiple times a day!

2. Small Fish Species

Sourced from small fish species off the cold, low-salinity waters of Peru and Chile, far from the warm, salty, irradiated oceans off the coast of Japan and the Pacific U.S., Complete Omega-3 fish oil is non-GMO, certified sustainable from pristine waters, and antibiotic-free.

Most other fish oils source from larger species…

But remember, when larger species of fish eat smaller ones, the toxins build up in their flesh even more.

In other words…

The larger the fish, the more poisonous it can be for YOU.

So even though the larger species yield more fatty acids…

Map of South America with Peru and Chile highlighted

Small fish are reliably the cleaner source of fish oils, and help make the purity of my Complete Omega-3 fish oil possible!

School of Sardines
School of Mackerel


Scientists use supercritical extraction to extract fish oil

Supercritical Extraction is the very best way to extract fish oil.

It’s a process where the oil is expressed from the fish using high pressure exerted by forced carbon dioxide gas…

This is ideal because many other brands use heat, chemical solvents, molecular distillation, and volatile enzymes to extract and purify their oils.

Supercritical extraction uses none of these, ensuring that the fish oil in your capsule is fresh, pure, potent, and safe.

And, it’s part of what makes my Complete Omega-3 170% more bioavailable in your body.

What’s more…

To ensure the world’s purity, potency, and freshness levels, I made sure that my Complete Omega-3 far exceeded all international standards.

I also took painstaking care to get my Complete Omega-3 fish oil clinically tested by neutral, third-party scientists.

Several purity markers are tested including, fat peroxidation, PCBs, dioxins, mercury, microbiological limits, and heavy metals…

So you know that you’re getting the absolute most pure, clean, and effective Omega-3s on the planet.

Meanwhile, every batch of product undergoes raw material and manufacturer finished product testing, as well as independent third-party testing.

No other fish oil on the planet can claim to be more rigorously tested or of higher quality.

Complete Omega-3 is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to support a healthy and balanced inflammatory response
  • Does not regularly eat fish and seafood
  • Wants to support healthy thyroid and immune function
  • Is looking to alleviate occasional aches and pains
  • Is interested in promoting brain health and cognitive function
  • Wants to facilitate optimal hormone balance and weight loss

I’m Proud to be Your Source for One of the Purest and Highest-Potency Physician-Formulated Fish Oils You’ll Ever Find.

90-day return guarantee


I’m so confident you’ll love my Complete Omega-3, I’m offering a 90-day Return Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, simply reach out to my friendly Customer Success team within 90 days of purchase to find out how to send it back for a full refund of your purchase price… and no hard feelings!

Amy Myers MD Team
My devoted Customer Success Team

Risk Free. 90 Day Return Guarantee.


These are great!

“I started buying these from Dr. Myers instead of fish oil from local drug stores. They have helped so much! Such better quality ingredients, which are hard to find!”

-Pamela W., Verified Buyer


First time trying this brand

“I’ve used many other brands of Omega 3s and this is the only one that doesn’t cause burping issues or affect my gastritis. I’ll continue using it.”
-Heather S., Verified Buyer



“Another product I can count on! I know I can trust their sourcing for this product and that is huge!

-Chelsea S., Verified Buyer


Fits perfectly into my daily routine!

“I started taking Complete Omega-3 about 3 weeks ago, and I wanted to mention that I feel more protected by taking this supplement. I have an extremely hectic, stressful job and my body pays the price. With Dr. Myers’s Complete Omega-3, I feel that I am supporting my body every day.”
-Angela R., Verified Buyer

I’m a Medical Doctor (M.D.) who has experienced the benefits of Complete Omega-3 myself, and this is what I personally take to support total body health.

Omega-3 Supplement Facts
67% More DHA
gluten free paleo autoimmune protocol approved no artificial sweeteners No GMOs non dairy egg


Choose Your Package

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3 Bottles of Complete Omega-3

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90-Day Return Guarantee
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Complete Omega-3 is the #1 Supplement for Those of You Who:

  • Want to support a healthy and balanced inflammatory response
  • Do not regularly enjoy fish and seafood
  • Want to support healthy thyroid and immune function
  • Are looking to alleviate occasional aches and pains
  • Need to facilitate cognitive function and brain health
  • Want to support optimal hormone balance and weight loss

Not fishy

“I have tried alot of fish based Omega-3….. They always give me fish burps. Such a turn off for me. I can’t get on board with taking what I need to if it grosses me out. I have been better with taking this kind of supplement because it does not give me fish burps. I will be ordering this again. Thank you Dr. Myers!”
-Brandy A., Verified Buyer


Great product

“Glad I switched from previous omega-3 product… it’s definitely a way more potent formulation, and also like that I only need to take one a day.”

-Tania A., Verified Buyer


Properly tested

“It’s essential to have an Omega tested for heavy metals and impurities. Most companies do not. It’s also dosed in just 1 softgel!”

-Trista W., Verified Buyer

This 80 Cent Softgel Provides You The Total-Body Health Benefits of a $15 Filet Of Wild Alaskan Salmon

(And That’s Just From the Store! Imagine How Expensive it Would be at a Restaurant…)

Now, you may be asking yourself,

“How many bottles of Complete Omega-3 should I order today?”

Well, you’re probably going to start noticing results within just a few days.


Any medical doctor (including myself) will tell you a high-quality Omega-3 will only benefit you more and more over time.

So I strongly suggest you consider purchasing 3 bottles today.

Because you’re going to save your hard-earned money on every bottle when you order 3 right now.

While people are astounded that just ONE of my softgels contains the same EPA/DHA as many of the supplements on the market that require 2, 3, or even 9 capsules…

My suggested use that you will see on the bottle is to take TWO softgels per day, so you’re getting over 2,000 mg of the purest Omega-3s every single day.

That means each bottle is meant to last 30 days… and 3 bottles means you’re covered for a full 90 day period…

That’s about a full season for a single person!

However, for a family of 3 that would be a 1 month supply, so please consider all your loved ones with your decision.

Remember… a high-quality Omega-3 fish oil is something I recommend to nearly everyone for optimal health and peak functioning.

I look forward to hearing about your story of incredible results and success after introducing my Complete Omega-3s to your daily routine.

Now is the time to take back your health.

The choice is yours.

Click the button below to get Complete Omega-3s shipped right to your door, while they’re still in stock.

Thank you for your time today.

Amy Myers, MD


How quickly will I get my order? We aim to process orders in 1-2 business days. Shipping is FREE to the contiguous US on all orders.
Will I be forced into a subscription? Absolutely not. I do offer a Subscribe & Save Plan on all my products (and I highly recommend it!), but only if you elect to do so from my store. Purchasing from this page today is a one-time purchase.
Isn’t fish oil high in mercury and other heavy metals? Many mass market fish oils contain higher than acceptable levels of mercury, heavy metals, arsenic, and other pollutants. With recent disasters like the Fukushima incident, even radiation has become a concern. Rest assured, I source the fish for my Complete Omega-3 fish oil only from some of the purest waters in the world, and it’s certified pharmaceutical grade by Eurofins.
How big is the softgel? Is it easy to swallow? My Complete Omega-3 fish oil comes in a larger size 1300mg fish-gelatin softgel. It’s very smooth and should be easy to swallow for most teenagers and adults. However, those of you who have trouble swallowing larger softgels please take note. You may want to mix yours into a smoothie if you have trouble swallowing larger softgels.
What kind of fish does the fish oil come from? My Complete Omega-3 fish oil only from pressed anchovies, sardines and mackerel from the purest waters in the world that harbor oil rich cold water fish.
Does the softgel contain any gelatin from beef or pork? No, the gelatin of the softgel is made from fish, not toxic factory farmed pork. I formulated my Complete Omega-3 to come in a fish gelatin softgel made exclusively from tilapia and/or catfish. This means pescatarians, those who eat Kosher or Halal, or those avoiding beef or pork may also benefit from taking my Complete Omega-3 fish oil, as it is completely free from any pork or beef gelatin.

Best Omega-3 supplement I’ve found

“All of Dr. Myers’s supplements are premium quality. The Complete Omega-3 Softgels are high potency and I never taste that fishy aftertaste or smell. Excellent!”
– William T., Verified Buyer

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