As An M.D., I Was Tired Of Toxic Multivitamins That Hurt My Patients… So I Created My Own

An all-in-1 solution backed by decades of medical practice, ironclad research, & results

The Myers Way® Multivitamin
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“Absolutely the best vitamin out there” 

-Rena R., Verified Buyer

Hi, my name is Dr. Amy Myers, and in the next few minutes I’m going to share with you some disturbing facts about the foods you eat today…

I’m also going to uncover why that nutrition label on the back of your multivitamin is hiding a secret that big companies don’t want you to know about.

These facts might sound shocking at first, but stick with me…

Because the 2 startling truths I’m about to reveal to you could literally change your life, and the lives of your friends and families…


What if I told you that it’s been scientifically proven that the fruits and vegetables you eat today are not nearly as nutritious as the same ones your grandparents or even your parents consumed just a few decades ago…

This is a major issue and I urge you to stay with me as I’ll be diving in and uncovering this mystery in just a little bit.

For now, let me fill you in on another bombshell that’s been kept hidden from you…


Not only does the FDA allow a whopping 20% margin of error on calories and nutrients reported on nutrition facts panels… 

(So that 100 calorie snack pack may well contain 120 calories… this adds up quick, and it’s perfectly legal!)…

Nutrition Facts label highlighting the percent Daily Value or RDA.

It gets worse, because the amount of nutrients the FDA says you should be getting every day is even more flawed!

We all know that the FDA has set a Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA for short) for most vitamins and minerals…  

You’ve almost certainly seen these RDAs reflected on the back of your breakfast cereal box or multivitamin label as “% Daily Value”.

However, did you know that those RDAs are in most cases only 1 mg higher than the amount your body needs JUST to keep you from getting any number of deadly diseases?

World War II era ration book

Not only that, these RDAs were established way back during World War II when food was scarce…

And the government had to feed a LOT of soldiers…

This is back when Americans were given ration cards to get groceries (just ask your grandparents)! 

The government was quite literally just trying to see how little nutritional value it could get away with recommending (and it really had to, because of the war effort).

Here’s the kicker, though.

Even though medical science and our understanding of the body’s needs has advanced by leaps and bounds since then, these RDAs have remained absurdly low and barely changed since 1941… and the health of America has suffered for it.

RDAs were so blatantly out of touch, even the government acknowledged it and switched to a new method in 1997…

It acknowledges differences for age and gender, however…

The number they put out to manufacture really is meaningless

Because it’s a “one-size-fits-all” approach for 327+ million people…


Would you wear a one size fits all bathing suit?

Absolutely not. It’s a very personal thing…

Especially when you want to look and feel your best.

Fear not though, because there’s a light at the end of the tunnel…

There’s actually an alternative to the RDA called the “ODI”, or Optimum Daily Intake…

The Optimum Daily Intake (ODI) is a new and improved dietary guideline agreed upon by the world’s leading researchers and physicians to meet optimal nutrition needs for your body… 

Instead of the bare minimum just to keep you standing upright… and narrowly escape contracting disease.

The ODI sets levels of micronutrients your body will not simply exist on….

It will THRIVE on.

The ODI is not widely known… 

Because of all the red tape and special interests at the FDA and other government agencies, food and supplement standards have been kept in the dark ages.

Your health simply isn’t a priority to the big money that pulls the strings in Washington…

They would rather keep lining their pockets with the same tactics that have kept us sick and made them rich for all these years.

This system-wide problem is only made worse by the shocking fact that your fruits and vegetables have been largely stripped of their vital, life-promoting vitamins and minerals…

And I’ll get into the root cause behind that in just a moment.

First however, let me just say something…

If you’re skeptical up to this point, that’s okay… I’m a natural-born skeptic as well.

Let me ask you a question though…

If the food we eat is as nutritious as it’s always been, as wholesome as our grandparents’ food…

And the FDA’s recommended daily values are actually high enough and worth following to make us healthy…

Then why has the average American life expectancy actually dropped EVERY year for the past 3 years (notice how decades of progress have flatlined!)

A graph showing the dramatic increase in average life expectancy from 68 years old 1950 up until just after 2010 when it flatlines at 79 years old.

Maybe you didn’t know that. And I know what you’re thinking…

It’s scary. But hey, why take my word for it?

Well, I’m an M.D., a world-renowned Functional Medicine physician, and a two-time New York Times bestselling author…

And my solution to this mess has done incredible things for tens of thousands of people over the last several years.

People like Dawn V.:

Dawn V. portrait

Noticeable difference in my health

“This is the only product that has delivered what it promised. There is a significant and noticeable positive difference in my hair, skin, and immune system, and it’s the only one I trust. It’s absorbable, and making a big difference for me.” –Dawn V.

Lorraine K portrait

Best vitamin ever!

“Best investment I’ve ever made! This has helped my overall health in as little as a week. I feel so different and well-nourished. I was lacking so many essential vitamins and this helped me get to optimal levels! Thank you Dr. Myers!” –Lorraine K.

Angeli F. portrait

Lab results don’t lie

“After using this for 3 months there’s been significant improvement. I will continue to use this product. So worth it!” –Angeli F.

What’s better? This solution is perfect for virtually everyone…

Whether you’re female or male…

33 or 73 years old…

Whether you’re 100 lbs. overweight or 10 lbs. underweight, it doesn’t matter.

I sound pretty confident, don’t I? Well, there’s a good reason for that.

While attending medical school, I developed an autoimmune condition–and my life was thrown into chaos.

You see…

Conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too.℠

My doctors weren’t able to help me, but now I’m a medical doctor myself…

Dr. Amy Myers MD in her Austin, TX clinic

After completing my residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland, I worked as an Emergency Room physician at Dell Children’s Hospital and Brackenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas.

And, maybe more importantly when it comes to YOUR situation…

I’ve seen and treated thousands of patients in my clinic who were struggling with issues ranging from debilitating fatigue to full-blown autoimmune diseases. 

But despite the mountain of evidence that the foods in our diet are not nearly as nutrient-dense as they once were, the sad truth remains:

Most conventional doctors fail to recognize the critical importance of one simple fact…

Your diet alone can no longer protect your body from:

  • Stress (which studies show people are experiencing at an all-time high)
  • Environmental toxins that are constantly attacking your body: electromagnetic radiation and 5G wireless, toxic mold hiding in your home or where you work, smoke billowing from wildfires that rage near and far…
  • And even chronic illness.

So, What’s Really Making People Die Younger…

And Do You Actually Need to Take Action?

It’s no secret that our modern environment, while filled with many wonderful conveniences and other advances, is not nearly as healthy as it used to be.

Our air and water are not as clean…

We’re surrounded by toxins in everything from the dyes in our clothing to the products we use to clean our homes…

Not to mention we’re incredibly stressed by our hectic lives.

This constant stress and all those environmental toxins have such a negative effect on your body that you actually need MORE nutrients than you used to…

So the problem is made twice as bad.

As I mentioned, life expectancy in the United States has actually decreased in recent years…

That was once an outrageous thought. In a country of seemingly unlimited resources and medical advances…

What gives? 

Well, a major culprit behind this riddle is actually a phenomenon called “soil depletion”…

You may be startled to discover that the fruits and vegetables grown today are not nearly as nutritious as they once were…

The University of Texas at Austin Seal

A landmark study was conducted by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Austin in 2004…

It compared the nutrition profiles of 43 different fruits and vegetables between 1950 and 1999…

And the results were nothing short of frightening.

The team of scientists found significant declines in the amounts of:

  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin C 

… In nearly every fruit and vegetable analyzed! And that’s not the only study out there.

Other lab results found that today you would have to eat 8 oranges to obtain the same amount of Vitamin A your grandparents got from just a single one! 

That means you would literally have to gorge yourself to get the same immune-boosting, sight-improving power of Vitamin A from your diet today…

And I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly thrilled about the prospect of consuming a grocery cart-full of citrus fruit every day!

When I discovered these studies, I was shocked.

You see, while modern agriculture has increased the food supply, making more food available for more people…

In the process it has also stripped the nutrients from the soil where our food grows.

This is called soil depletion, and every new season of crops grown actually increases the problem.

A graph showing the decline of minerals in soil, dropping from almost 500 parts per million in 1910 to less than 50 parts per million in 2006

It’s truly a frightening thought.

NO ONE is going to protect you or your family from our toxic environment other than you yourself…

And, in my medical opinion as an M.D., it all begins with taking the highest-quality multivitamin you can get your hands on.

So for years, I searched for a multivitamin that would actually have what your body needs, and in the proper forms for your body to use.


Well, 2 Reasons:

#1 – Because I knew I couldn’t simply recommend my patients just “eat more fruits and vegetables” anymore…

#2 – And they certainly couldn’t rely on nutrition labels based on World War II-era science… that were literally created for some made-up “average” person…

So essentially, the government issued everyone a “one-size-fits-all” prescription to maintain our health.

And that was fine…

When our country was out fighting bad guys overseas and struggling to support the war effort at home.

Today though, there are over 320 million people in the United States…

And our environment is more toxic than it has ever been…

So do you really want the Federal Government “playing doctor” by prescribing you some generic, inaccurate nutrition advice?

Just think about it…

Or would you rather have a medical doctor with a proven clinical track record and two New York Times Bestsellers under her belt make these recommendations for you?

You see, I wanted my patients to have peace of mind knowing they were nourishing their bodies with all the micronutrients (in the right forms!) they needed on a daily basis.

A family with young children playing Soccor

So they could actually have the energy to be at their son or daughter’s soccer game…

A couple toasting with wine glasses at a restaurant table overlooking an ocean sunset.

Or be in the mood to share a romantic evening with their spouse…

Two women having a conversation in a coffee shop together, smiling.

Or even just have the get-up-and-go to have a coffee date with an old friend…

And not just show up, but actually feel amazing while doing all those things!

With plenty of energy…

A better mood…

And a well-nourished body that’s more capable than ever to take on the demands of the day-to-day. 

And believe me…

There is something truly simple you can do to achieve these amazing results right now.

You see, after years of working as an ER doctor on the trauma floor, and after opening my world-renowned Functional Medicine clinic where I treated thousands of patients with complex cases….

A startling pattern emerged that I never expected to discover.

Two medial vials of blood for bloodwork.

Every patient that was fortunate enough to visit me always had a full panel of blood work ordered for them beforehand.

In that blood work, I would look at markers such as their vitamin and mineral levels, amino acids, antioxidants, and more…

And what did I discover?

That even though these patients were eating “healthy” diets full of fresh fruits and vegetables…

In a bizarre twist, nearly ALL of them had multiple nutrient deficiencies!

At first I couldn’t believe it, in fact, more than once I ordered a re-test just to confirm my findings…

However, the tests always came back and confirmed what I had feared all along.

That even though all of my patients had plenty of access to nutritious foods, and were following healthy diets, there simply wasn’t enough nutrition in the food anymore.

I was speechless.

“Why wasn’t anyone talking about this?”

I knew I had to do something about it…

I even went so far as to contact my state senator, hoping to sound the alarm about this hidden crisis.

When that went nowhere…

I literally spent years and thousands of hours conducting medical research and laboratory testing to develop a solution for my patients that just couldn’t be found anywhere else…

A solution filled with micronutrients your body can actually absorb and use to operate at optimal health and performance.

Yes, a lot of talking heads out there will tell you “If you eat a balanced diet you don’t need vitamins”…

But I’m here to tell you as a licensed medical doctor who has seen thousands of patients that these claims are absolutely FALSE…

The problem is, you see… 

Not All Multivitamins Are Created Equal.

Most multis on the market today are chock-full of worthless fillers…

And other ingredients in their absolute cheapest forms.

These cheap, unusable, unabsorbable “nutrients” can actually be outright toxic, and even cancer causing…

That’s not to mention that most of these multis don’t even contain the nutrients they claim to when tested independently.

Yet these manufacturers continue to bottle them up and sell them to the unsuspecting public! 

A woman in her 50s looking at a vitamin bottle in the among a multitude of options in the supplement isle of her local drug store.

What’s more? Even the better products out there that are trying to do the right thing…

They simply don’t have the medical training, experience, and know-how to hand-select the proper vitamins and minerals in their optimal, bioavailable forms to actually work.

… And they certainly don’t understand how much of each nutrient your body actually needs to perform at it’s best…

Worse yet, most products out there exist ONLY to make a quick buck…

They are NOT backed by a medical doctor…

Let alone personally formulated, tested, and OWNED by an M.D. herself!

In fact, that multivitamin sitting in your medicine cabinet, and all those boring bagged salads, pre-cut fruits, and bitter leafy greens you force yourself and your family to eat every day…

(Not to mention spend more of your hard-earned money on because you think you’re “doing the right thing”…)

Are NOT nourishing your body as much as you’ve been led to believe… 

And worse yet…

They’re very likely leaving you and the people you love:

  • Out of energy
  • Tired all the time
  • Overweight
  • Vulnerable to dangerous nutrient insufficiencies
  • And even exposed to illness, autoimmunity, and other chronic conditions

And once you feel awful enough to finally go to the doctor, they’re never able to tell you exactly what’s going on.

Instead, they tell you it’s all in your head, to get more sleep, or to simply eat more fiber or drink more water…

So, like most of us, you leave their office feeling desperate and frustrated…

Not to mention having wasted your time… and possibly even prescribed a harmful drug you don’t even need.

Trusting a Multivitamin Made By Someone Who Isn’t a Doctor…

Even those made by some of those big, respected companies out there that you see on health food store shelves…

Is Almost Always a Dangerous Mistake.

Because despite these companies’ best intentions, they simply don’t have the understanding. 

They haven’t worked with patients for over a decade like I have.

They don’t understand the immune system, or gut health…

And they certainly don’t know what all the gluten, dairy, soy, and lectins in their products do to your body…

How they slowly poison you, cause leaky gut, and actually do more harm than good.

With that in mind…

I knew I had to create my own multivitamin… one that I was confident prescribing to my patients.

And after years of research and testing, I finally developed the perfect formula to support optimal health.

It was the very first supplement I formulated after opening my renowned Functional Medicine clinic…

Where people would travel from across the country, even from other countries, to see me and get my multivitamin…

Spending thousands of dollars in a desperate attempt to reclaim their health.

And over the past decade, I’ve perfected the formula. I’ve worked with literally thousands of patients…


And some of the most complex health cases in the world.

And until recently, the only way you could get my multivitamin was to come see me…

But I saw such incredible results in my patients, I just knew I had to make it available to the public.

Kinderly A. portrait

A must have in your healing journey

“I have been taking this product for almost a month now and already have more energy and peace knowing that it’s doctor formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are bioavailable. I recommend this product to supplement a healthy diet and lifestyle.” -Kinderly A.

Tracy L. portrait

The best you can buy

“I’ve been taking this multivitamin for a while and I’ve noticed a difference in the way I’m feeling. My skin is better, and I feel more of a zest!” -Tracey L.

Merilee B portrait

The multivitamin I keep coming back for

“I’ve tried many different vitamins on my healing journey, but these are the only ones I keep coming back for. I’ve taken them for several years now and can always tell when I’ve missed a day. I trust Dr. Myers, and her products speak for themselves!” -Merilee B.

Introducing The Myers Way® Multivitamin

Packed with pharmaceutical-grade nutrients at optimal levels, in the most bioavailable forms for maximum absorption and effectiveness

The Myers Way® Multivitamin
Icons of product benefits: Kosher, Grass Fed, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy, GMP Compliant, Gluten Free, Physician Formulated.

The World’s #1 Physician-Formulated Multivitamin

  • High levels of key nutrients for general wellness and detoxification
  • Optimal Selenium, Zinc, & Iodine levels to support thyroid health
  • B vitamins in their activated forms to promote cardiovascular and neurological health, and optimize detoxification and methylation
  • Bioavailable calcium & Vitamin D3 to maintain bone health
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It’s perfect for anyone looking to build a foundation for optimal health.

It’s also completely free of common inflammatory and toxic ingredients and does NOT contain:








Artificial sweeteners

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is the world’s most intelligently-formulated multi, packed with micronutrients each painstakingly selected by me, Amy Myers, MD.

Each and every capsule is clinically engineered to help your body actually achieve the optimum daily intake, or ODI levels…

Instead of those useless RDAs from World War II that are keeping you from living your best life.

So you can overcome the “soil depletion” trap…

And finally get the nutrients your body actually needs to function like a well-oiled machine and make you feel 10, 20, or even 30 years younger!

The Myers Way® Multivitamin
  • Filled with chelated minerals that are easily utilized by your body including zinc, selenium, and iodine in their optimal forms to support hormone balance…
  • B vitamins in their coenzyme and methylated forms… so that you can actually absorb them and benefit from the energy they provide. Even folks with MTHFR SNPs can benefit! 
  • I also included bioavailable calcium, clinically researched to support bone mineral density…
  • And Vitamin D3 in it’s bioidentical form to support your mood, your immune system, and much more…
  • Vitamin A with mixed carotenoids…

Which is incredibly important for your vision, healthy skin, neurological function, defending against free radical damage, and getting the active form of thyroid hormone (T3) into your cells.

But that’s still just the start…

There are 2 critical difference makers that make The Myers Multivitamin® the most effective, unique, and medically-backed multi on the market today...

Difference Maker #1:

I’ve included iodine and selenium in my exclusive proprietary formula. 

I find that most of my patients are actually low in iodine.

I recommend in my New York Times bestselling book, The Thyroid Connection, to take between 150-300mcg iodine each day…

And I’ve made sure to include 300 mcg of iodine in my multi so you can feel your best, support your thyroid gland, and help you achieve your ideal weight.

Additionally, studies show people low in selenium have much higher rates of Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition.

I couldn’t find a multi on the market that had at least 200mcg selenium, so I made sure to include it, as well!

As you can see, The Myers Way® Multivitamin is truly a “one-stop-shop”, complete and comprehensive for virtually EVERYBODY.

Difference Maker #2 (this one is BIG):

Because of my medical license, I’m able to offer supplements that you simply can’t get other places. They are higher-quality, and often higher doses than other supplements you can find. 

And remember, people from all over the world have traveled countless miles and paid thousands of dollars for just a single appointment with me…

Just to get their hands on a bottle of The Myers Way® Multivitamin.

And for the people who have been able to incorporate my multivitamin into their daily routine, their success stories are overwhelming:

Karen I portrait

This is an excellent product

“I have studied the ingredients carefully and compared them to those of other brands. The daily percentage of each nutrient exceeds other brands. When I take this product, my blood work shows that my nutrient levels are evenly balanced. Not only that, I feel so well! This is an excellent multivitamin that I would recommend to anyone.” -Karen I.

Jeanie F. portrait

Love this multivitamin!

“I’ve been taking this multivitamin for almost 2 months now and have definitely noticed a big difference in my energy and health. I also have my husband taking it as he is a busy realtor and works long hours.” -Jeanie F.

Cindy A. portrait

Great multivitamin!

“Love this multivitamin! I’m able to save money in the long run after cutting back on buying all the supplemental vitamins this one contains! I feel great on it and plan on using it from now on!” -Cindy A.

Kathleen W. portrait

A multivitamin that makes a difference

“I have been using The Myers Way® Multi for several months now, and I really feel a difference in my energy levels. The pills are easy to swallow and cover all my nutritional needs. I’ve tried many different supplements and this is the best!” -Kathleen W.

Jessica J. portrait

Best vitamins I’ve ever taken

“Within 24 hours after taking these vitamins I felt a difference. I have more energy and my skin has started to clear up and my brain fog is better. I will be buying these again.” -Jessica J.

Gary V.

Multivitamin Superstar

“My energy level has much improved since I switched to this multi. It is indeed a superstar!” -Gary V. 

 Fortunately for you, you don’t have to work nearly that hard to get your supply today.  

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to obtain optimal amounts of the correct nutrients their body needs to thrive
  • Needs to support healthy thyroid and adrenal function
  • Is interested in promoting optimal hormone balance and weight loss
  • Has MTHFR mutations and wants to promote healthy methylation
  • Doesn’t eat enough organic fruit and vegetables

Your absolute healthiest self, for about $1.37 a day…

That’s less than a cup of coffee! With the abundance of toxins and stress in your life these days, your body requires greater amounts of protective micronutrients than it used to.

Due to depleted soil and poor water quality, awful industrial farming practices, and the horrendous way animals are raised for food these days…

You’re almost certainly getting fewer of these nutrients than ever before…

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is your insurance policy to ensure you’re getting the optimal amount of ALL of these micronutrients to maintain and fortify your health.

90-day return guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love The Myers Way® Multivitamin, I’m offering a 90-day Return Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, simply reach out to my friendly Customer Success team within 90 days of purchase to find out how to send it back for a full refund of your purchase price… and no hard feelings!

The Amy Myers MD Team!
My  Incredible Customer Success Team

What if some of the best days of your life haven’t happened yet?

Look, I realize how suffering from chronic health problems can rob you of your joy…

How it can steal your peace of mind…

And make you feel like you’ll never be the same again.

Not only is it frustrating, even infuriating…

It can leave you feeling hopeless. 

It can ruin your relationships, your job, and steal your independence…

And even make you feel like a burden to the people around you.

I’ve been there and I know exactly how that feels.

And that’s the way so many of my patients would tell me how they felt…

That is, until they began taking The Myers Way® Multivitamin.

Stop the frustrating trips to the doctor where they can’t really tell you what’s wrong…

What if you could finally do those things on your bucket list you’ve been wanting to do for years?

Woman in her 60s on a beach by the ocean enjoying life

Like take that cruise you’ve been eyeing with your spouse…

Or visit your kids out of state…

Or just have the energy to organize that garage sale you’ve been meaning to do…

It’s all very possible, IF you’re supporting your body with the nutrients it must have to thrive!

I invite you to join the tens of thousands of people who have decided to take back their health…

The choice is yours.

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You see, after 3 months of taking The Myers Way® Multivitamin, you’ll begin to notice a trimmer waistline, sustained energy throughout the day, and a boost in an overall feeling of wellbeing…

Your friends and family will probably be asking you what your secret is… 

“Have you changed your hair?” or “Are you eating differently?”

They’ll be dying to know just what has caused this incredible transformation in you…

And after 6 months, don’t be surprised if you feel 20, maybe even 30 years younger. 

When you order today, you have the choice of a 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month supply.

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I can’t wait to hear your success story, as well. 

Amy Myers, MD

Meggi Q portrait

The best multi ever!

“I have compared many multivitamins and Dr. Myers’ multi has the best and most minerals and vitamins than anyone’s! I feel healthy and energized taking this multi. And I have the blood tests to prove it.” -Meggi Q.

Sherri B. portrait

Great vitamin!

“My whole family takes these vitamins. It has everything we need and I don’t have to buy everything separately. Great product!” -Sherri B.

Debbie W. portrait

Love this vitamin

“There are so many valuable minerals in this vitamin that are not in regular over the counter vitamins. One in particular that I wanted was the selenium,. Now I don’t have to take another pill for that.” -Debbie W.

Rebekah M

Great Multivitamin

“I always had a hard time digesting multivitamins without feeling sick to my stomach. This multivitamin doesn’t make me feel sick and gives me energy!” -Rebekah M.

Nancy Y. Portrait

Saves me money

“Love that I can take all my supplements in one capsule and not have to buy separate items.” -Nancy Y.

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Multivitamin supplement facts


Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules with lunch and 3 capsules with dinner. Consult your physician before use.

Contents: 180 Capsules

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and moisture.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Gluten, Wheat, Dairy, Corn, Soy, GMOs, or Yeast.


What is a multivitamin?

A multivitamin is a combination of micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. My specially formulated, iron-free multivitamin contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

What time of day should I take The Myers Way® Multivitamin?

I generally recommend dividing the 6 capsule daily serving size into 2 doses; 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner. If you take thyroid medications, I recommend taking this multivitamin away from your thyroid medicine because it does contain calcium, which can bind to your thyroid medication.

Can I take The Myers Way® Multivitamin with Methylation Support®?

If you have MTHFR mutations or other issues with adrenal health, energy production, or nutrient absorption, you may find that extra B vitamin support is needed to help you feel your best. I recommend starting with the multivitamin to see if that is enough support for you, and then deciding if you need additional support, such as my Methylation Support® formula.

Is it safe for my child to take The Myers Way® Multivitamin?

While many choose to give their teenagers my custom formulated multi, I recommend that children use my Kid’s Chewable Multivitamin. The amazing flavor is an excellent incentive to get them to take it every day and it is specially formulated just for them!

Can I take The Myers Way® Multivitamin if I’m pregnant or nursing?

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, always be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new nutritional supplement when pregnant or nursing.

Linda E.

Love this multi!

I feel so much better since I’ve been taking this multivitamin! More energy, fewer food cravings, and my skin has cleared up. No more itchy patches!” -Linda E.

Donald S.

I feel great everyday

“I am 68 years of age. I communicated with a well-known nutritionist who recommended Amy Myers multivitamins. I feel great everyday with a full active agenda including golf, working out and gardening.” -Donald S.

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Great multivitamin

“This is the only multivitamin I have found that contains all of the extras I was looking for. I just ordered my second bottle because the first one seemed to be making a difference in overall health, feeling, and energy level.” -Kimberly D.

GIllian G.

Fantastic multivitamin

“Thank you Dr. Myers for giving me back my health. I have never been well all my life. I’m 33 and now feel like I can take on the world for the first time!!!” -Gillian G.

Pamela D.

I won’t take anything else

I can tell a difference since I have been taking this. I won’t waste my time and money on anything else. I’ll be reordering soon. Not going to let myself run out! I’m so thankful to have found this, and grateful for Dr. Myers for formulating it and making it available.” -Pamela D.


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