From the desk of world-renowned functional medicine physician, Amy Myers, MD:

Japanese Marine Biologists Discover
“Cold Switch” That Shifts Your Body
Into Fat-Burning Inferno Mode…

Skip the Gross Cabbage Soup Diets and Grapefruit Fads that starve
you… THROW AWAY all the new-agey cleanses that don’t work, and
FINALLY get your sexy and slim SELF back in as little as 30 days!


In the Next Few Minutes You’ll Discover:
  • The “shiver secret” uncovered by Japanese marine biologists that tricks your body into calorie-crushing cold mode… and trust me, you are NOT going to want to close this page until you discover what this means for people just like YOU
  • Dr. Myers’ 3 fat-melting, bloat-busting secret weapons available ONLY on this page that will have you fitting into your favorite jeans again — in no time!
  • The easiest, fastest way to flatten your tummy, reclaim your youthful energy, and crush those sugar cravings (without having to run a marathon!)

Now, what I’m about to tell you may change the way
you look at weight loss forever

Let me explain further…

It’s common knowledge that you do actually need SOME fat on your body to survive and protect your organs…

Yet, too much of the WRONG KIND of fat can actually be dangerous when it’s stored in excess— it’s called white fat.

And truth be told, this white fat that accumulates is not easy to get rid of long term… 

This is most often the kind that hangs over your waistband, creating that ‘muffin top’ look.

Overweight woman hand pinching excessive belly fat

Now, you DO still need access to some stored fat for energy.

This happens during a process called thermogenesis

Which basically means heating your body up through metabolic stimulation in order to burn calories.

The thermogenic process is actually triggered when you shiver (your body’s natural response to extreme cold)…

Which helps you survive in harsh weather conditions.

As it turns out, shivering also burns a HUGE number of calories…

In fact, when you’re exposed to very cold temperatures, you burn an average of 100 calories in just 15 minutes!

Now that doesn’t mean you have to climb into a tub of ice water every day to get the calorie-zapping, thermogenic benefits of shivering…

Because something called brown fat acts as your body’s “cold switch” that gets turned on when you shiver.

It’s also what keeps newborn babies (who don’t shiver yet) and hibernating animals warm, as it breaks down fat in order to produce heat.

baby in a blanket

And the interesting part is… brown fat doesn’t act the same as white fat

Now you may be asking yourself…

What does brown fat have to do with getting rid of unsightly white fat?

Turns out, it’s actually REALLY important.

See, when your body temperature drops to a certain level, your brain sends a signal to activate brown fat…

And this triggers a biochemical pathway that ends with these cells burning calories to keep you warm and, well… alive.

Brown fat activation is being studied for its role in weight
loss and as it turns out… there’s some very promising
research behind it.


  • It’s a metabolic activator that helps torch calories

  • It breaks down stubborn, unsightly white fat cells to generate heat

  • It tricks your body into thinking it’s cold — so you kick into “fat burning mode”!

Here’s the BIG problem though…

As you get older, your brown fat becomes mostly inactive (though it’s still present in your body)…

And eventually brown fat is replaced almost entirely with white fat.

As I mentioned earlier, white fat is critical to protect your body…

The issue is, too much white fat can build up over time (especially in your mid section)… 

And this is linked to some pretty serious health issues such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes…

Not to mention, excess weight can crush your confidence — making you look and feel years older than you actually are

I’ve seen firsthand with some of my own patients… many felt trapped in a body they no longer recognized.

woman standing and looking at her stomach in a mirror

And it’s not your fault.

You’ve probably tried everything… and maybe you’ve gone to your doctor seeking answers…

Only to be told you need to “eat less, and move more.

I get it — it’s SO frustrating to feel like nothing you’ve tried is working.   
And I’ve had hundreds of my patients over the years come to me seeking the same answers just like YOU…

Well, I’m here to tell you, after years of research — I’ve finally developed a tried and true method for activating brown fat AND consistently dropping unwanted pounds…

And it’s based on my decade plus of experience as an ER doctor and functional medicine expert

You’ll be eating delicious, mouth-watering meals that DON’T taste like rabbit food…

You’ll look AND feel your best…

And perhaps best of all…

You don’t have to run a marathon, undergo any expensive and risky nip/tucks, or eat cabbage soup for 6 months.


How do you “wake up” the brown fat in order to boost your metabolism and literally burn away unappealing white fat?  

After all, we don’t all have the ability to be exposed to cold temperatures on a regular basis…

I don’t know about you, but my idea of fun isn’t a daily polar bear plunge! 

So this is where it starts to get good…

I discovered there IS another way to hit your body’s cold switch and turn on the very same thermogenic process that torches excess body fat

It’s called fucoxanthin, and it’s a marine carotenoid found in certain species of brown seaweed that has been studied for its ability to activate brown fat metabolism in your body.  

And amazingly…

A team of Japanese marine biologists discovered that fucoxanthin contains a fat burning secret previously UNKNOWN to the Western World…

seaweed in a glass bowl

A unique protein called UCP1, normally found only in brown fat, which activates the process of non-shivering thermogenesis… 

The team of marine biologists fed animals fucoxanthin, and nobody expected what happened next!

The animals experienced the very same “shiver mode” that TORCHES calories and boosts metabolism in humans…  

What this means is that fucoxanthin can help white fat mimic the same thermogenic properties of brown fat, which immediately kicks your body into fat-burning overdrive.

white adipose tissue, white fat cell stores fat, brown fat cell burns fat

Amazingly, fucoxanthin is just ONE of the “metabolism hacks” I’ve combined in a comprehensive weight loss program you’re about to learn all about…

First though, you’re probably wondering who I am and why you should believe what I have to say…

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Myers,

I’m a medical doctor, 2x New York Times bestselling author, & world-renowned functional medicine physician.

amy myers md with dr oz

I’ve appeared on the Dr. Oz Show 7 times, created a hit PBS Special, been a guest on several nationally syndicated podcasts…

My work has been published in respected medical journals…

And I even received a patent for my original research on Morinda citrifolia (noni) and its effect on human angiogenesis.

I specialize in empowering those with autoimmune, thyroid, and digestive issues to reverse their conditions and take back their health for good.

Of course, you might be wondering what any of this has to do with losing weight…

And I’ll tell you right now — the short answer is everything…

Honestly, it wasn’t until I became a highly regarded functional medicine physician myself that I realized the TRUE root cause of excess weight…

And that is… neglecting something called:
Your Gut-Brain Axis.

female silhouette with the gut and brain highlighted and arrows pointing back and forth

The gut-brain axis plays a crucial role in helping you stave off unwanted pounds…

And that’s because it holds within it a fat-burning secret that most doctors know VERY LITTLE about!

Now, the ONLY way to activate fat burning via your gut-brain axis is to activate the entire pathway at the same time…

And while vigorous exercise, caloric restriction, and intermittent fasting can help activate your gut-brain axis…

It’s often not enough to drive the metabolic change you need to reach your goal weight.

That’s exactly why I set out to create a program that does all of this and MORE!

It’s called… The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program

I released it to a select group of people in early 2021 just to see how effective it really was…

I gave them: 

  • 3 pharmaceutical-grade supplements I formulated myself
  • A month-long meal plan designed by me, personally…
  • Some tips and tricks I’ve learned that help me sleep better and handle stress better as a doctor and busy mom
  • And also how I keep my waistline tight and slim WITHOUT doing a ton of exercise…

And WOW — the results were nothing short of ASTOUNDING! 

But don’t just take my word for it…

Lynna saw incredible results within 30 days… the breakthrough she was waiting for after trying nearly everything under the sun to lose weight for years! 

Her story is a true inspiration to me, and reminds me why I became an M.D. in the first place…

And there are even MORE success stories where that came from…

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program has EVERYTHING you need to achieve your weight loss goals!

Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program

90-Day Return Guarantee
Formulated by Physician
Free Shipping
Safe and Secure Checkout

Now, I know you may be asking yourself…

How can this program help ME reach my optimal weight?

First, You’ll Fire Up Your Metabolism
With 3 Secret Weapons…

#1: CLA: The Gut Game Changer

CLA bottle
CLA Supplement facts

Though you can get some conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) from grass-fed beef and dairy, it’s nearly impossible to get enough from diet alone (not to mention dairy is an inflammatory nightmare)…

That’s a BIG PROBLEM because your gut really needs CLA to “even out” the bacteria in your gut that contribute to fat storage!

CLA helps feed the good bacteria in your gut that play a direct role in body weight regulation, protecting you against unwanted pounds.

CLA Metabolism Support:

  • Helps increase fat metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day (even at rest) and use energy more efficiently

  • Acts as a “slim-signaling” prebiotic to help feed the good gut bacteria that directly affect weight regulation

  • Tells your body to use its fat stores for energy first so you can maintain lean muscle mass

#2: Lean: The “Cold Switch” Activator

Lean bottle

Lean Metabolism Support with EGCG works by:

  • Influencing the control center of your body: your brain, working along with your gut, to increase serotonin levels for appetite control

  • Helping you fight those “in the moment” cravings

  • Flipping the “cold switch” that helps your body think its shivering (safely!) — which can burn 100 calories… in just 15 minutes!

#3: The Myers Way® Double Chocolate Paleo Protein Ties It All Together…

Paleo Protein Double Chocolate

My amazingly delicious Double Chocolate Paleo Protein is made from 100% grass-fed hydrolyzed beef protein…

Paleo Protein will instantly become the most delicious weight loss weapon you’ve EVER tried: 

  • Can increase resting metabolic rate by 15-30%!

  • Supports gut barrier function and lean muscle tone by fortifying your gut wall and providing the necessary tissue-building peptides to encourage muscle growth

  • Helps curb cravings and keeps you fuller longer by providing 21 g of pure, grass-fed protein per serving

Paleo Protein can be used as a snack or meal replacement on the program, and get this… 

In a study conducted by the respected American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, participants on a higher protein diet ate 441 fewer calories per day!

I can’t think of a more satisfying way to manage those midday hunger pangs than with a delicious, chocolate protein-packed smoothie!

And that’s JUST the start…

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program is a comprehensive, done-for-you lifestyle protocol for sustained weight loss…

That has NEVER been available to anyone
outside of my clinic walls… until now.

There’s no guesswork, gimmicks, or “magic pills” here…

Just Imagine…

  • Feeling lighter and stronger than you have in years, seeing a slimmer body start to take shape…
  • Fitting into that favorite dress, shirt, or swimsuit… the one you thought you’d never be able to wear again…
  • The RUSH you’ll feel from all the looks and compliments from friends and family…
  • Going shopping for a new wardrobe because your old clothes are TOO BIG for you…
  • No longer being afraid to look in the mirror or hiding your body from your spouse…

ALL of these things are possible… with the right support!

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program

Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program
90-Day Return Guarantee
Formulated by Physician
Free Shipping
Safe and Secure Checkout

You’ll Receive The ENTIRE Step-By-Step, 30-Day Weight Loss
Program (Including Supplements) Inspired By Functional Medicine!

With the Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program, You’ll Receive a
TREASURE TROVE of Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements, an
MD-Designed Meal Plan, and PRICELESS Resource Guides:

  • 3 unique powerhouse supplements that work together to address your gut-brain axis, making sustained weight loss achievable

  • A full month of delicious meals and snacks that are tailored to your specific program so you won’t get bored or ever feel deprived (including recipes, an easy-to-follow guide for portioning, and program food lists that’ll make shopping and meal prep a breeze)

  • Mouthwatering, step-by-step recipes you’ll be enjoying throughout the program

  • A progress tracker so you can keep track of your energy levels, and positive changes in your appearance, sleep, mood, digestion, and muscle strength

  • Tips on how you can optimize your sleep and avoid some of the common pitfalls that keep so many people tossing and turning at night

  • A useful reference guide for exactly how and when to take your supplements

  • A 30-day activity tracker that will keep you motivated as you work towards your fitness goals (without forcing you to exercise your butt off)

  • Tips on reducing your toxic burden with science-based detoxification methods I personally use in my everyday life

I’ve Lost 4 Inches Off My Waist!

“I feel so much better this week, and I do feel accomplished. My energy was better. I lifted weights, did pilates, yoga, walked a 5k, and hiked 5 miles. I have lost 4 inches in my waist. I have only lost about 10 lbs but my body overall really shows it. I fit back into my jeans perfectly and my tops aren’t too tight in my arms and chest anymore. So I would definitely say this was a success.”

Keri W.

Verified Buyer

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program is a one-of-a-kind, synergistic approach to weight loss that actually delivers results… in 30 days. 

So when you’re ready to lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds, THIS is the place to be!

But that’s not ALL The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program delivers…

Not even close!



The Myers Way® Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ 30-Day Guide reveals: 

  • The crazy thing that happened when I turned 46 — that inspired me to create this program for you — and how I’m leaner than I’ve been in 20 years (even though I’m exercising less)!
  • The 6 underlying causes of stubborn weight gain (some will surprise you), as well as some quick & easy lifestyle tweaks to keep unwanted pounds off
  • The real reason why most conventional doctors completely fail to help you with weight management
  • My famous 4R approach to beating bloat and shedding excess pounds by optimizing your gut health


  • Day-by-day instructions on EXACTLY what you’ll do for the entire program
  • An exclusive meal plan designed by me (with an optional, fast-track keto option!)
  • 28 days of delicious recipes that are designed to fire up your metabolism
  • A convenient shopping guide (you can print and take it with you!)
  • A complete supplementation regimen (what to take, when, AND why)
  • A clear breakdown of which foods to enjoy and which to avoid so you can reach your goals


The most difficult challenge when it comes to losing weight is actually keeping it off
This is where the Roadmap For Life Guide comes in. It’s packed with exactly what you need to know about what it takes to live lean and healthy… for life!

ebook cover for Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Roadmap for Life

This comprehensive guide includes: 

  • Strategies you need to keep the weight off (they’re simple and effective)
  • Stress, sleep, exercise, and detox reference guides from me — it’s like having me right by your side cheering you on! 
  • Simple methods for dealing with food sensitivities or gut infections while you heal your leaky gut, making reaching your optimal weight much easier to achieve  

You’ll also receive: 

  • A 4-week Activity Tracker to get (and keep) you moving (without wearing yourself out)! 
  • The Myers Way® Guide to the Thyroid that reveals one of the most common (and hidden) reasons why so many people are gaining weight
The Meyers Way® Optimal Weight Breakthrough Activity Tracker ebook cover
The Myers Way® Guide to the Thyroid ebook cover

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program

Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program
90-Day Return Guarantee
Formulated by Physician
Free Shipping
Safe and Secure Checkout

With the Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program, you’re
getting a physician-backed program that will:

  • Fill you up… so you’re never left feeling hungry or deprived again
  • Help you discover a new level of sustained energyso you can get back to the things that matter most
  • Stop cravings in their tracks… so you’re fueling up with foods that actually help you burn fat more effectively 
  • Help support a healthy sleep cycle… so your brain has the proper signaling needed for appetite control and using stored fat for energy
  • Give you a renewed sense of confidence… so you feel sexy and empowered to take back your health

Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock and
reclaim the body you had when you were younger?

Back to the days when you could eat nearly anything you wanted without gaining an ounce… 

When you had boundless youthful energy, vitality, and could tackle anything that came your way…

To be fair, weight loss is not an easy thing to tackle because there are so many lifestyle factors that come into play.

I saw so many of my patients come to me (nearly in tears) because they couldn’t figure out why they just weren’t losing weight, despite trying nearly everything.

So, I knew I had to do something

I had to find a better way because everything they tried failed.

And as their doctor, I just couldn’t stand by and fail them

Now, I realize you’re probably tired of the diet industry as a whole (as most are)… 

You’ve also probably been fed the line that there’s a “shortcut” to sustained weight loss…

Or that somehow cutting calories and eating low fat will do the trick…

Well, I’m here to tell you, that IS NOT a recipe for long term success. 

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and an estimated 45 million Americans go on diets each year

The fact is, these numbers keep climbing, yet so many people continue to walk around with extra weight they can’t seem to get rid of no matter how hard they try… 

And none of it is your fault

Most doctors – the very people you’re supposed to be able to trust with your health… are still giving outdated advice for weight loss

In fact, your doctor probably received just a handful of hours in actual nutrition training (19 hours, on average)

It’s true… 19 actual hours of nutrition training in medical school… that’s nothing!

They will be the first to put you on a doomed-to-fail calorie restricted diet… 
And I know firsthand working with my own patients who were trying to lose weight that this isn’t how you successfully keep it off.

Dr Myers with a patient

And this is why the Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program
is SO unique

It targets the multiple aspects of successful weight loss all at once

And I totally get it… you’re probably asking yourself, can this really work for me?

Are you…

  • Tired of feeling like you’re running on fumes, barely able to make it through the day…

  • Wishing you could stay in bed and hide from everything…

  • Longing for those ‘skinny days’ when you could eat whatever you wanted and your weight wouldn’t budge…

Well, this program is absolutely for YOU…

And you CAN get your life back.

What if…

You had a way to jumpstart your weight loss that actually targets fat burning from deep within… even while you sleep

Torching the stubborn white fat that seems nearly impossible to get rid of… 

Restoring your energy… the kind of boundless energy you had in your 20s…

What if you could also fill up on delicious, mouth-watering meals (like this) that will tantalize your taste buds AND leave you feeling satisfied while you BURN FAT

chicken and avocado on lettuce

Your Breakthrough Starts NOW

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program

Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program
90-Day Return Guarantee
Formulated by Physician
Free Shipping
Safe and Secure Checkout

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program has already helped
so many people just like YOU:

  • Keep their metabolism firing all throughout the day

  • Feel fuller longer

  • Support lean muscle mass, healthy weight, and a fortified gut lining

  • Beat the belly bloat and squash sugar cravings

  • Burn calories while they sleep

And I want you to experience the results you deserve too, which is why I made some tweaks before offering this unique weight loss program to the general public. 
The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program is the exact same protocol I’ve used with hundreds of my patients in my functional medicine clinic.

And now you can experience it for yourself…

Just check out the treasure trove you’ll receive in this unique program designed by me,
Dr. Amy Myers.

You’re getting access to

  • The pharmaceutical-grade supplements 
  • The physician-designed resource guides
  • The 30-Day Meal Plan and weekly shopping lists

Just 30 days from now, you can experience:

  • An overall leaner, slimmer figure — and the confidence to go with it*

  • Fewer cravings for unhealthy snacks & sweets (a major obstacle when it comes to healthy weight loss)*

  • Steady, “fountain of youth” energy — without the crashes*

  • More regular and satisfying bathroom visits because your digestive system is running smoothly*

This is exactly why a lifestyle program can be a complete game changer when it comes to reaching your ideal weight…

And if you really want to get on the fast track to achieving
your goals, I’ve got great news…

The UPGRADED Optimal Weight Breakthrough™
Program also includes 2 digestion-boosting,
bloat-busting powerhouses that will have you
whittling your waistline in no time!

Upgrade #1

Leaky Gut Revive®

Leaky Gut Revive® is a natural, 6-in-1 physician-formulated blend of nutrients designed to soothe and repair your gut quickly. Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade l-glutamine and a unique combination of restorative botanicals, Leaky Gut Revive® combats the root cause of leaky gut — resulting in reduced belly bloating, smoother digestion, a repaired gut lining, and a healthier appearance overall.

Upgrade #2

Complete Enzymes

Complete Enzymes

Complete Enzymes are formulated to support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as assist the body’s intestinal repair and inflammation responses.

They also contain a special enzyme, DPP-IV, specifically designed to break down gluten and stop it from wreaking havoc on your body!


You’re also getting over 4 hours of exclusive BONUS video footage where I talk with 5 top functional medicine experts like Robb Wolf and Tom O’Bryan from around the world about all things weight loss (a $79 value)!



Choose your program and start today!

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program
Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program




  • CLA Metabolism Support

  • Lean Metabolism Support

  • The Myers Way® Double Chocolate Paleo Protein


30-Day Program Guide:

  • Meal Plan
  • Supplement Guide
  • Sleep Guide
  • Recipes
  • Goal Setter
  • Detox Guide

Guide to the Thyroid
Progress Tracker
Roadmap For Life

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Upgraded Program
Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Upgraded Program

Best Value!



Includes Everything From The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™️ Program, Including These Amazing Upgrades!

Gut-Boosting Upgrade:

  • Leaky Gut Revive®

  • Complete Enzymes

PLUS 5 BONUS videos
from some of the top functional medicine experts from around the world!

The Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program is backed by a 90-day return guarantee… so it’s risk free.

90-day return guarantee


I’m so confident you’ll love my Optimal Weight Breakthrough™ Program, I’m offering a 90-day return Guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason at all, simply reach out the my friendly Customer Success team within 90 days of purchase to find out how to send it back for a full refund of your purchase price… and no hard feelings!

You have nothing to lose… except for extra pounds.

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