World famous gut specialist Dr. Amy Myers (M.D.) presents…

Get a New Lease on Life…
Whether or Not You’re Pristinely Healthy Today

Hi, I’m Dr. Amy Myers (M.D.)…

I’ll never forget the day a 50-year-old patient of mine asked me this searing question…

“What if the best days of my life are already behind me?”

“What brings you in today?”

“Everything. I’m bloated and tired all the time, and ever since I had my daughter, it’s been nearly impossible to lose any weight.

It’s embarrassing. No matter what I try…

My love handles look bigger every day… I can’t fit into my old clothes… I almost can’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror.”


goop Shape

Do you view your health like Erica did?

Like Erica you may chalk your mysterious symptoms up to “getting old.” 

You may believe that you must turn to expensive and risky surgeries or addictive drugs that often make things worse…

Or that you have no choice but to view young people with hopeless envy…

At one point I would’ve agreed. It’s exactly what conventional medicine brainwashes you to think…

“You’re doomed to a life of despair as you grow uglier… fatter… weaker… and suffer more pain.” 

Well, I’m here to tell you definitively…

That’s all a BIG FAT LIE!

Conventional medicine failed me… and it is my mission to not have it fail you too.SM 

Back to Erica and her health problems…

As a functional medicine M.D., I’m trained to get to the root of my patients’ health problems, so naturally I asked Erica…

“What are you eating?”

“I know what foods I should be eating, Dr. Myers. But just thinking about all that meal planning, shopping for organic and grass fed… It’s like a full-time job. I don’t have the time.”

Even if you’re fully devoted to following The Myers Way® — which is my famous method for reversing autoimmune disease and other health struggles… 

You may struggle with the time involved like Erica did. 

Life can get in the way. 

It wasn’t Erica’s fault!… and it’s not your fault, either.

It’s not easy to maintain a pristine diet with:

  • 🚫

    NO inflammatory foods such as processed sugar…

  • 🚫

    NO gluten…

  • 🚫

    NO dairy…

  • 🚫

    NO GMOs

  • 🚫

    NO added hormones & antibiotics

What Erica needed was a quick easy win… 
A simple way to get just ONE of her daily meals right!

The great thing?

I was able to combine my medical training… clinical and functional practice insights… compelling Harvard research… and hints from the habits of our Paleo ancestors… 

And lessons learned from my own personal battle with chronic disease…

To give her that ONE SIMPLE WIN!

I’ve treated thousands of patients as a functional M.D. and invested thousands into medical research…

So I was able to create a win for Erica that also became a big win for over 130,932 customers and counting…

Meet functional medicine’s premier leaky gut expert, Amy Myers, M.D.

Amy Myers, M.D. is a two-time New York Times bestselling author and world-renowned functional medicine physician. 

She developed an autoimmune condition that threw her life into chaos while she was in medical school. 

Her symptoms were mysterious but very serious… and they nearly forced her to drop out of medical school. 

She begged her doctor for help… and her doctor brushed her off repeatedly. 

After being misled and misdiagnosed repeatedly, she became sicker than ever.

In her words,

Conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too.

Long story short, she discovered she had to take her health into her own hands. 

She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland… worked at Dell Children’s Hospital and Breckenridge Hospital in Austin, Texas… and finally opened her own state-of-the-art functional medicine clinic where she helped countless desperate patients every year. 

amy myers md with dr oz

Your body is in desperate need of this nutrient…

holding extra fat

And you probably don’t get nearly enough of it from your foods to rescue you from premature skin aging, unchecked weight gain, chronic fatigue, or body bloating. 

I’m sure you want…

  • Glowing skin that even your significant other will notice 
  • Energy levels that make you feel decades younger
  • Relief from gut issues… ranging from embarrassing to downright dangerous

Introducing the 30-second breakfast that transforms your body into a leaner, healthier you — fast!

The quick, tasty, dairy-free breakfast smoothie revs up metabolism, 
boosts energy, and keeps you satisfied for hours… 

So you look and feel amazing!

It’s made of the cleanest non-dairy protein on the market. Protein is one of three primary macronutrients… alongside carbs and fat. 

Protein performs numerous functions to help people in Erica’s situation…

  • Helps maintain a stable blood sugar level
  • Boosts metabolism and fat-burning
  • Reduces appetite and cravings
  • Satiates you even while eating less food
  • Reduces the hunger hormone, ghrelin
  • Supports a healthy adrenal stress response
  • Helps heal and rejuvenate your gut lining

Protein is mission-critical for your health, as it was for Erica’s.

Protein is mission-critical for your health.

The Myers Way® Birthday Cake Paleo Protein
turns protein powder into a party…

Imagine starting each day with a health-supporting dairy-free protein powder… one that tastes like real birthday cake! 

Which turns your morning smoothie routine into a party… and brings back memories of fun-filled birthdays of yesteryear. 

It’s the world’s premier physician-formulated dairy-free protein, so you also get:

  • Careful sourcing from non-GMO, hormone- and antibiotic-free grass-fed beef
  • 21 grams of top-quality protein per serving
  • Essential and collagen-specific amino acids for your youthful look and wellbeing
  • Zero toxic and inflammatory ingredients such as gluten, dairy, and sugar
  • AIP/autoimmune friendly, keto friendly, Paleo approved
  • All the benefits of bone broth, with none of the hassle
  • Fun flavor… tastes like birthday cake (yay, celebrate every day!)

And it creates a REAL, proven difference you will feel and see on your body… within just days. Like Erica did.

You’ll see results when you implement this crucial Paleo “secret”… 

The average caveman would never make it if they were weighed down by a flabby belly… slowed by low energy levels… or made poor decisions during a blood sugar crash. 

They were too busy escaping predators, hunting for their next meal, and protecting their offspring. 

Obviously, they also didn’t have 24/7 stores, restaurants, and delivery options to create and fulfill food cravings. They ate what they hunted… and fasted till the next hunt. 

“Magically” transform your body… so you can enjoy your work,
home, and hobbies once again

The key weight loss tool you may be ignoring

Scientists at Harvard Medical School identified three reasons why eating more protein helps support you in reaching your optimal weight…

  • Optimal Weight Reason #1 Feel satisfied with fewer calories of protein compared to carbs or fat. Protein lowers your blood levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

  • Optimal Weight Reason #2 Increases your metabolic rate. It takes more work to digest and absorb amino acids/protein.

  • Optimal Weight Reason #3 Boosts lean muscle mass even while you lose weight. It tells your body to burn calories instead of storing them.

Other researchers say a high protein diet may:

  • 🔥

    Boost calorie burn by 80 to 100 calories per day…

  • 🔥

    Reduce junk food obsessions by 60%…

  • 🔥

    Make you feel full and cut late night snacking in half.

Perhaps most astonishing of all…

Cut 441 calories without even feeling hungry!

A clinical study by the respected American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that participants on a higher protein diet ate a stunning 441 fewer calories per day!

That’s the kind of result you might get from slaving away for 45 minutes on a treadmill… exhausting yourself swimming laps for one hour… or sweating 90 minutes of grueling hot yoga. 

Imagine consuming 441 fewer calories each day… while feeling full, satisfied, and pampered!

It’s all very possible… just don’t make this mistake…

Avoid these two risky proteins!

The devil is often in the details, and this is no exception.

What kind of protein should you avoid… or eat?

Two common protein types can sabotage your waistline, unleash painful inflammation, and wreak havoc on your body…


Whey protein is everywhere! For one reason… 

It’s Cheap. As in bad-for-your-body cheap.

Whey is the watery by-product of the cheese-making process. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well not so fast…

  • ☠️

    Allergic reactions – including rash, vomiting, and diarrhea… and near total intolerance in those who avoid dairy.

  • ☠️

    Painful side effects – including bloating, cramps, gas, increased bowel movements, nausea, upset stomach, liver damage, acid reflux, and more.

  • ☠️

    Can cause unexpected low blood sugar.


Plant proteins (pea, hemp, rice, and soy) also harbor silent dangers. I consumed these myself for a long time… as I ate vegetarian for 14 years. 

The truth about plant protein powders is frightening!

Manufacturers use hexane to make plant protein powder. It’s a cheap and profitable way to extract oil from plants. 

It’s also a neurotoxic explosive chemical that harms your central nervous system. 

This turns plant proteins into “chemical cocktails.” They can do great harm… especially the non-organic ones.

Switch to a completely hypoallergenic protein powder…

I couldn’t in good conscience recommend either whey or plant proteins to Erica. 

Which is why I took matters into my own hands and created the protein we now call Birthday Cake Paleo Protein.

The Myers Way® Birthday Cake Paleo Protein is completely hypoallergenic and derived from pure animal protein.

I personally rely on Paleo Protein every day for my own health and wellbeing. 

It is completely FREE of harmful whey and plant proteins, and dairy, gluten, GMOs, toxic hormones, antibiotics, and growth hormones. 

So that patients like Erica – and people like you and me – can reap its incredible whole-body health benefits. 

It includes the rare and hard-to-get amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and alanine that comprise collagen… 

Which is the “glue” that holds your body together!

This isn’t your typical funky-tasting supermarket protein powder either! 

  • 🚫

    NO lingering aftertaste

  • 🚫

    NO post-protein-shake bloating

  • 🚫

    NO more choking down grainy, clump powders!

This Ancient Fat-Melting Nutrient Is Perfect For Anyone Who Wants:

  • Healthy weight loss

  • More beautiful skin, hair, and nails due to boosted collagen levels

  • Control over your food cravings… stop obsessing over tempting sweets

  • Robust energy to thrive with work, home, and hobbies

  • New confidence you can see and feel… love how your jeans fit and how your skin glows

How well do you trust your protein source?

Another key factor in your search for top protein powder is the quality of its source. 

For example… did you know that factory-farmed cattle in the U.S. are force-fed diets of plastic pellets full of toxic chemicals including BPA dried blood meal (yuck!)… feather meal… and even the fecal waste of other farm animals (double-yuck!)?

To make matters worse…

The blood, feathers, and noxious byproducts force-fed those cattle are teeming with antibiotic-resistant superbugs… 

And artificial growth hormones designed to make cattle fat as fast as possible (and you too if you eat food from them…).

Then there’s the deadly virus bovine spongiform encephalopathy… which you may know by the name, Mad Cow Disease.

These are nothing but low-cost protein imposters that jeopardize your health! 

Those cheap sources were completely unacceptable to me…

I personally use Paleo Protein every day. Those kinds of cheap sources are unacceptable to me… and should be for you too. 

That’s why I searched the world over to find the healthiest and best cared-for grass-fed cows… which I found on the peaceful pastures of rural Europe. 

These cows don’t get hormone injections, antibiotics, or other toxic practices of factory farms so ubiquitous in the U.S. 

They’re fed the way cows eat in nature… and provide you with the quality protein you were meant to eat. 

That’s a large part of why we have so many raving fans of Birthday Cake Paleo Protein. Will you be next?

My files are overflowing with documented success stories like this…

Heidi W.
Birthday Cake now my top favorite…

Love this! Vanilla Bean was my favorite… till this Birthday Cake Protein Powder became available! It has a light flavor with just the right amount of “yum.”

Heidi W.

Verified Buyer

Linda S.
Helps me meet my protein macronutrient requirements…

I love this new Birthday Cake Paleo Protein! It’s filling, tastes good, and helps me meet my protein macros! I have this for lunch, my first meal of the day.

Linda S.

Verified Buyer

Amy K.
Seems like I’m eating dessert!

Love this stuff! Great flavor… makes me feel like I’m having dessert.☺ Plus, it makes me feel full which doesn’t always happen since I eat very clean.

Amy K.

Verified Buyer

And then of course, there’s Erica… 

You’d hardly believe Erica’s incredible results!

Erica started to see results from her daily dose of Paleo Protein almost immediately. Paleo Protein curbed her food cravings and made her feel full throughout the day. 

Two months later Erica was a completely different person. 

She looked amazing… her smile was back… her skin glowed… and she looked thinner and younger. 

This wasn’t a subjective opinion either. Her labs confirmed it! Across the board, her nutrient levels and other key health indicators significantly improved. 

Erica beamed with joy when she told me how much energy she felt. 

She breezed through her days, and still had energy to go out for dinner with her husband at night… or for a spontaneous day hike on the weekend. And she now wanted to do those things… 

She looked and felt amazing… her confidence skyrocketed. 

Years of wrinkles faded from her face…

Her husband even got jealous…

And she confided in me that her husband was getting jealous because much younger men were giving her eyes for the first time in years!

Erica was so ecstatic that she even took to Facebook to share her success story. 

Over time she continued her journey down four waist sizes. Could the next radical transformation story be yours?

The Myers Way® Birthday Cake Paleo Protein WILL do the same for you… guaranteed. Or your money back. 

As of the time of this writing I’ve sold 130,932 bottles of Paleo Protein (all flavors combined). My team receives dozens of inspiring stories every day from people just like you… 

People who now enjoy transformative weight loss, a younger appearance, and more energy than they’ve had in years!

I’m so confident you’ll love my Birthday Cake Paleo Protein that I offer a 90-day Return Guarantee. 

If you’re dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, reach out to my friendly Customer Success team within 90 days of purchase to find out how to send it back for a full refund of your purchase price… and no hard feelings!

Birthday Cake Paleo Protein is perfect for you if you check any of these boxes…

  • Want to overcome bloating, gas or stomach-turning

  • Prefer a physician formulated powder over mass market brands

  • Want to improve skin elasticity and hydration… and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

  • Follow a Paleo, AIP, or keto diet

  • Don’t get enough high-quality protein consistently

  • Are ready to replace your inflammatory protein with a pure source of clean protein and amino acids

  • Desire to accelerate fat burning and develop better muscle tone

  • Want to curb sugar cravings, support lean muscle mass, and promote healthy weight loss

  • Desire higher energy levels and a speedy metabolism

What you put in your body governs most of how you look and feel. Scientists now know that your genes only account for 25% of your health. The rest of it is under your direct control.

Power your new health outcomes by making Birthday Cake Paleo Protein a part of your daily routine starting today. 

I’m a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and I enjoy Paleo Protein every day.
And the best part? It only takes 30 seconds.

One scoop of Birthday Cake Paleo Protein gives you 21 grams of pure dairy-free protein deliciousness. 

Like a daily celebration.

It’s perfect for breakfast, pre- or post-workout, morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or late-night snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Many people love it as a meal replacement. 

And yes, you can enjoy your Birthday Cake Paleo Protein multiple times per day!

Best of all, it’s SIMPLE TO MAKE…

Add one scoop to 8 oz. of water or your favorite non-dairy beverage… blend till smooth… enjoy!

It tastes like a celebratory birthday cake… 

Feel free to mix it in smoothies, yogurt, coffee, and even add it to recipes such as Paleo-friendly muffins or pancakes. 

Kim M.

Delicious like all the other flavors but with this one I get to wish Amy Happy Birthday each day as I enjoy it. It not only tastes good, but my husband even says it has a terrific fragrance. I have this in a smoothie every morning with Leaky Gut Revive, Collagen Protein, coconut milk, lots of greens, blueberries, and a banana… it’s a great way to start my day and I save some for mid-morning and afternoon snacks.

Kim M.

Verified Buyer

Three awesome ways to enjoy Birthday Cake Paleo Protein

Party often… and party healthy… with Birthday Cake Paleo Protein. Here are some ways to get your “birthday party” on…

1. Breakfast Smoothie

Mix one scoop Paleo Protein with your favorite frozen fruit and non-dairy beverage. (I like coconut milk!) This morning breakfast or mid-morning pick-me-up supercharges your energy levels and fills you up.

2. Mighty Meal Replacement

Let’s be realistic… I know firsthand how hard it can be to eat the right foods when life gets in the way. In a pinch, The Myers Way® Paleo Protein makes for a remarkably healthy – and quick! – meal replacement.

Birthday Cake Paleo Protein is a pure complete protein featuring 21 grams of protein in every scoop… and a complete amino acid profile of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). 

Its vitamins, minerals, peptides, nucleotide factions, and other critical nutrients are exceptionally bioavailable… 

Which makes it FAR superior to mass-market meal replacements!

3. Craving – Crushing Snack

Nip late-day cravings in the bud. It’s no coincidence that most binge eating occurs at night. 

The fix? A scoop of Birthday Cake Paleo Protein with some frozen fruit and your favorite beverage… 

And you’ll swear you’re eating a piece of festive birthday cake! 

If these ideas aren’t enough to get you going, you also get an…

Exclusive bonus recipe book when you buy your Birthday Cake Paleo Protein

The Myers Way® Paleo Protein Smoothies and Treats eBook comes FREE with your order!

Gain instant access to this PDF recipe eBook… packed with dozens of decadent recipes when you order today. 

It’s sure to add a near-endless and delicious variety to your high-protein breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack times. 

Kris A.
Loved by bodybuilders…

I’ve noticed a huge difference using this protein powder. As a retired bodybuilder, I’ve used many protein powders. Now that I’m older, my body reacts differently to supplements. This gives a very clean, positive reaction and NO BLOATING…

Kris A.

Verified Buyer

Leslie B.
I love having a plan for breakfast in the morning

A smoothie with Paleo Protein makes it so I no longer worry about eating something that’ll be a lot of calories and low on energy! I hate to get hungry at 10:30 in the morning… the Paleo Protein shake keeps me solid till lunch! And the flavor and texture makes my smoothie delicious.

Leslie B.

Verified Buyer

Could Paleo Protein boost your energy, rejuvenate your cells, and make you look younger? Why not find out today?

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Order your Birthday Cake Paleo Protein today and celebrate wellness and energy every day!

Everyone should use a high-quality daily protein powder. If you lack the RIGHT protein, it’ll be all but impossible for you to reach your weight and health goals. 

Your body deserves the very best physician-formulated protein source available. That’s why the only protein powder that should be in your pantry is The Myers Way® Paleo Protein.

Paleo Protein is dairy-free, non-GMO, and is antibiotic and hormone free. It’s also gluten free, soy free, and is derived from the world’s most untouched cows across the pastures of Sweden. 

And best of all…

It takes just 30 seconds to prepare, is “clump-free,” mixes easily, and tastes like an indulgent piece of joyful birthday cake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Birthday Cake Paleo Protein made of?

The Myers Way® Paleo Protein is made from hydrolyzed beef that comes from happy, pasture raised European cows that graze on lush green fields in the sunshine. They’re raised with love and care and never given unnecessary drugs such as antibiotics, arsenic-based growth promoters, or hormones. They’re grass fed… never fed GMOs such as genetically modified corn and soy meal.

Can my child use Birthday Cake Paleo Protein?

Yes, absolutely! My daughter loves it! The Myers Way® Birthday Cake Paleo Protein is perfectly safe for kiddos… so long as they’re not allergic to any of its ingredients. Try making your kids a Birthday Cake protein shake with or without berries or other fruit for breakfast, or as an after-school or after-sports snack. They’ll thank you!

What time of day should I enjoy Birthday Cake Paleo Protein?

The Myers Way® Birthday Cake Paleo Protein is perfect any time of the day. I enjoy it in my morning smoothies. Many patients, family, and friend tell me they enjoy it at all times of the day or evening. They mix it into coffee or breakfast smoothies… or make it into a scrumptious dessert. Or drink it right before bed to help them sleep. 

Is Birthday Cake Paleo Protein safe to enjoy while pregnant or nursing?

Yes… provided you’re not allergic to any of its ingredients or you’re not on any medications that could contraindicate it. The Myers Way® Paleo Protein is safe to use in the amounts stated on the product label. However, I always recommend speaking with your healthcare provider before enjoying it during pregnancy or while nursing.

Is Birthday Cake Paleo Protein damaged by heat? 

All proteins are damaged by high heat to one degree or another. High heat can warp amino acid chains and create harmful structures called amines. That’s why you should also avoid charring or overcooking meat. It’s fine to add to coffee or tea. Baking it at temps below 350 will cause minimal denaturing.

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