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    Hello Forum World!

    I am 32, diagnosed with non-Hashimotos hypothyroid in March. I discovered Amy Myers and her work a few weeks ago when I started seeing a new therapist who had Hashitmotos.

    I saw my doctor and started on pure encapsulations multivitamin, nordic naturals omega 3, orthobiotics probiotics, and cerenity for sleep. I noticed a huge difference (from the multivitamin especially) almost immediately after starting the supplements.

    I cut out gluten and alcohol, and was more intentional about cooking my own healthy meals. I was sleeping 8 hours and generally feeling great. I wanted to start the elimination diet because I’m eager for as much healing and wellness as possible. I would like to become pregnant next year.

    Well, getting off caffeine proved to be a very difficult next step. I had gradually reduced my coffee consumption over the past few weeks. I stopped coffee Monday, was throwing up by that evening, and had a terrible headache for 3 days. It ended up getting so bad that I went to a free-standing ER room covered in vomit. They gave me tylenol with codeine and an antibiotic for sinusitis. They also did a bunch of tests, a CT scan and a spinal tap. Luckily, they ruled out brain tumor and other bad stuff. I feel like I didn’t really need all those tests and meds (especially the antibiotic) but I also was not really sure what to do and was desperate and in extreme pain.

    It is Friday and I feel very weak and still have a dull headache. I want to continue in this journey, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by what happened this week. My plan is to do acupuncture tomorrow and see if I can get some herbs to help with detox. I’m going to just stay with my gluten and alcohol free diet until I feel more stable and rest as much as I can. I feel like maybe slow and steady is the path for me, but I’m curious if anyone else has experience with this.

    I want to add that despite having a week from hell, I am grateful for so many things: sites like this that have so much wonderful information, a supportive partner who was by my side during the whole ER ordeal, a cute cat, and my own strength in being able to stay away from coffee despite how sick I felt. I’m just a little confused about what to do next and feeling scared.

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    Dana Faris RDN
    Dana Faris RDN

    Hi Katie,

    Thanks for sharing your story! It certainly can be an overwhelming situation to change lifestyle factors to optimize your health and feel like they aren’t exactly doing the trick. You sound like you are really going the right direction and I would certainly go slow and steady. It definitely is not an overnight change!

    To follow up on Katie’s question, is there anyone else that has experienced this type of reaction with removing coffee?


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