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    Hi Dr Amy, moderators and fellow Myers Way-Goers (or rather, Way-Showers!) i just purchased the Autoimmune Solution Program following my recent purchases of the Autoimmune Solution Audiobook and Autoimmune Summit, and i am so excited/relieved/grateful to FINALLY have some answers that make sense and someone who actually knows what they are talking about to hold my hand and guide me through the process to wellness so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. My question is this: the autoimmune condition that i am currently dealing with (for over 2 years now) is Ulcerative Colitis, for which i was VERY reluctantly placed on immunosuppressants (100mg azathioprine) and anti-inflammatories (4800mg mezavant -mesalasine), which have utterly failed so far, even after several rounds of evil steroids (Prednisolone and Budesonide) which rendered me suicidally depressed, grossly overweight (i put on 2 stone in 3 months!!!) and forced onto antidepressants/sleeping pills out of sheer desperation and fear, of which i have taken myself off since 3 weeks ago as i did not want them in the first place and they made me even worse. As a holistic practitioner myself i am a huge believer and follower of natural/herbal/alternative medicine and like Dr Amy, conventional medicine has not worked for me thus far, but because of the nature of my condition i have not been able to consume the ‘right’ foods to help me heal, nor take the desired herbs due to my gut sensitivity, so i have not been able to follow my natural diet of choice which is the Paleo diet, which has always worked for me previously. However, after having taken myself off my meds before, resulting in a severe flare-up, although my long-term goal is to get myself off them for good, i am wise to the fact that they must be transitioned gradually not suddenly removed, and that there must be something else already in place to render them futile, so my VERY long-winded question is, how does this program work if i am on immunosuppressants, is it counter productive? When i was first diagnosed i was actually taking herbal supplements for Lyme disease (which was a huge factor in developing this condition) and i questioned whether or not it would be counter-productive to take immune-boosting/balancing supplements whilst on drugs to SUPPRESS the immune system, as surely they counteract no? Naturally, my consultant didn’t know, but although my intuition tells me that they ARE counterproductive, and that my immune system needs BALANCING and NOT suppressing, how do i follow this protocol (in terms of supplements/herbs etc) if i am on immunosuppressants and can’t suddenly come off them? Is it safe to be on these meds while doing this or will it cause a reaction within my gut? Sorry about the long ramble, but i finally feel that i have somewhere that i can take this long-time bewildering and unanswered question where there are experts educated and informed enough to give me an intelligent answer! Hurrah for you!!! THANK YOU! apologies for my long-windedness, it is just that i am a little over-excited as i really had reached beyond my desperation point and this feels finally like the light at the end of a very long tunnel! Any advice and guidance hugely appreciated, and again, bless you and thank you all, you are making SUCH a difference and giving us all so much hope and self-empowerment – i am forever grateful. With much love and gratitude, Leanne xxxxx

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    Hi Leanne, thanks for sharing your question – did you receive a reply? I am also interested to find out the answer. Thanks, Lou


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