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    Dr. Amy Myers
    Dr. Amy Myers

    Hey gang,

    I have a VERY exciting update to share with you – The Myers Way® Support Community is moving to Facebook!

    Many of you may remember that this community started on Facebook, and I moved it over here so that my staff and I could better moderate it.

    While this community has grown to be a wonderful and supportive space for those following The Myers Way® (thanks to all of you!), we have realized that Facebook allows us to provide the best environment for this type of group.

    I recently hosted the Candida Control Challenge on Facebook and it was a HUGE success! All of the members were so involved, offering words of encouragement and empowering each other to take control of their health. This is what made me realize that the format and sense of community on Facebook will make The Myers Way® Community even stronger and more accessible.

    Note that it will be a private community so only our members will be able to see your posts!

    The new Facebook Group is already up and running and joining couldn’t be any easier!

    1. Log into your Facebook account
    2. Request to join the community right here

    As we make our big move, we will keep this community up and running for a few days while everyone makes the transition. Then, on Friday, Oct 13th this community will close and my staff and I will only be in the new Facebook group.

    I want to thank you all for making this group a strong and supportive community and I can’t wait to see you all in the Facebook group!

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    Will this forum stay online, even if it is closed to future posts, as a reference? There is a lot of great information here that can be found through searches!

    Such information can easily get lost on Facebook as the posts become SO numerous and there is generally no way to search for specific topics. Therefore, questions get asked repeatedly which adds to the bulk!


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