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1 in 5 women have a thyroid problem.  Are you ready to banish brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, and all of the other symptoms holding you back from living your best life?

To finally connect the dots on what's truly causing your thyroid symptoms so you can REVERSE them naturally using simple and proven lifestyle changes?

It's time for The Thyroid Connection! This revolutionary book will walk you through the five environmental root causes of thyroid dysfunction and provide you with all of the tools to restore optimal thyroid function and take back your life.

The Thyroid Connection Reveals How To:

  • Work with your doctor to get the right lab work and thyroid medication
  • Uncover exactly what you should eat to support your immune system and thyroid
  • Tame the toxins that threaten your thyroid
  • Heal the infections that trigger and worsen thyroid problems
  • Relieve the stress that is sabotaging your thyroid and weight
  • Address the fear and isolation that exacerbates stress
  • And you'll receive a step-by-step, 28-day plan to put it all into action, with all of the meal plans, recipes, and resources you need to succeed!

I have seen the success of this protocol firsthand, in my clinic and as a patient myself, and now readers everywhere get the benefits of this medical breakthrough.

Order your paperback copy of the New York Times bestseller that has empowered people around the world to reverse their thyroid dysfunction and take back their health!

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Unexplained weight gain or weight loss? Hair falling out? Hypo- or hyperthyroid? Get the ultimate, 49-page Guide to Thyroid right now. It's packed with exactly what you need to know to reverse your symptoms and take back your life. You'll also receive 5 delicious, thyroid-nourishing recipes!

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Real Stories From Readers of The New York Times BestsellingThe Thyroid Connection

This book helped bring me back from the edge!

"My body was on a slow spiral downward, despite running 3 days a week at a competitive level. Low BMI, ate reasonably well, no previous health problems. I could not figure out why I felt "off". My conventional doctor could not figure out why, although the one thing he found gave me the clue to search for the right thing: "my thyroid numbers were a little off... not clinical... but getting there". I could not get into endocrinologist for 5 months! In that 5 month span, my thyroid went clinical, and while I was desperately waiting, I started on the diet suggested in The Thyroid Connection. Not just a little... I was all in. By the time I went to the endocrinologist, I had been on this diet for 2 months... and my numbers were back in range, and I am feeling so much better. I am not back to 100% yet... and you shouldn't expect a silver bullet either... but I at least feel like I am on the right path and have hope. Thanks Dr. Myers!!!"

- Pittman F.

Love Dr. Myers and this book does not disappoint

"Great patient resources that can be given to docs to help with testing. My doctor used it and said it was an excellent resource and found that I had low T3!"

- Amazon reader

Incredibly helpful and easy to understand

"Dr. Myers explains everything you need to know about the thyroid: how it functions; what happens when it doesn't function properly; the connection between the gut and the thyroid; what tests to ask for, or how to order some of them yourself; what supplements to take, and so much more. I'm glad that I ordered this book!"

- Lanell C.

So informative

"I really enjoyed reading The Thyroid Connection. It should be on EVERY DOCTOR'S DESK! I knew I wasn't the only one having problems with my treatment. Now to find the perfect doctor!"

- Deidre M.

A true GIFT from a doctor. Simply PRICELESS!

"Not only is this book well written, it is UNDERSTANDABLE! Explains and answers so many questions on the thyroid as a vital and total machine to the body's COMPLETE output. Dr. Myers is so passionate about educating and helping others SHE even lists resources to guide you further down the path to optimal health. A must read to anyone experiencing thyroid dysfunction or not! The beauty is owning the book to reread to fully grasp the importance of the thyroid gland to your entire body, in turn YOUR ENTIRE LIFE."

- Mada K.

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Dr. Amy Myers, MD

About Amy Myers, MD

Amy Myers, MD has helped tens of thousands of people restore their gut health and reverse chronic illness as a renowned leader in Functional Medicine. She is a 2x New York Times Bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection, and the founder and CEO of renowned health & wellness brand, Amy Myers MD®.

She has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, The New York Post, Women's Health, Huffington Post, GOOP, and numerous other television programs, radio shows, and print publications.