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Affiliate marketing is currently one of the highest-paying revenue-sharing programs on the internet. By partnering with us and referring visitors to our website, you can start earning extra income while also helping your audience get better health.

Important Note:

The Amy Myers MD® Affiliate │ Influencer Program is now being hosted on the Impact Network

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Affiliate | Influencer Partnerships

A Partnership Perfect for...An Entrepreneur with a Captivating Blog, Website, or Email NewsletterSocial Media Influencers with an Engaged Audience and Strong Following
Up to 15% Commission
Custom $10 OFF Promo for Your Customers
Exclusive Access to Campaigns and Promos
Creative Support from the Amy Myers MD® Team
Dedicated Account Manager
Sales Tracking with 30-Day Attribution
Up to 10% Commission
Free Product
Custom $10 OFF Promo for Your Customers
Exclusive Access to Campaigns and Promos
Creative Support from the Amy Myers MD® Team
Dedicated Account Manager
Sales Tracking with 30-Day Attribution
RequirementsDigital Property that is Health + Wellness FocusedMinimum Follower Base of 2,500 on at Least One Social Media Channel

Why Join The Amy Myers MD® Affiliate Program?

At Amy Myers MD®, I take pride in formulating my supplements with the highest-quality ingredients sourced from all over the world, regardless of the cost. Only the purest and best will do. That’s why all of my formulas are backed by third party testing and GMP certification. Quality and efficacy are the driving force behind every formula. I also ensure that all of my supplements are gluten-free, and free of other common allergens such as dairy, corn, soy, egg, peanut and tree nuts.

I initially developed this line of supplements to use exclusively with my patients at my clinic, Austin UltraHealth. However, over the past five years, I’ve given people around the world the ability to purchase my supplements here in my store.

I pay my affiliates competitive commissions at the end of every month based on the tried-and-true “last touch” attribution model with a 30-day web cookie. This means that anyone who clicks your affiliate link and then makes a purchase within the next 30 days counts toward your commission (as long as they didn’t click someone else’s affiliate link after yours during that time frame).

We provide you with the tools you need to earn commissions, while we handle all the ordering, shipping, and billing processes.

Not only will you earn a generous commission based off of each item sold, but you will also be empowering others to take back their health just like you have!

The Amy Myers MD® Influencer/Affiliate Blended Program

Interested in taking it a step further? Our blended affiliate and influencer program gives you the opportunity to earn commission based on sales while also earning free products in exchange for social media content. The criteria for admission into this program is dependent upon your social media following and is best for those interested in becoming a brand ambassador.

One of the main benefits of this program is being able to choose specific products and initiatives that you are most passionate about. While marketing campaigns and promotions are included in the blended program, we also encourage the promotion of any products or information you are passionate about sharing with your community. As part of the program, we provide you with a unique coupon link that can be shared on any social media platform. Not only does this give your followers a discount, but also creates more revenue for you!

How It Works

Publisher (blogger, Website, etc.) partners with Amy Myers MD

Publisher puts ads on their site, writes review, etc.

Consumer clicks through to Amy Myers MD website and makes a purchase

Action is tracked and Publisher is paid commission on sale.

Ready to join?

Have questions? We are ready to help!

Simply send an email to partners@amymyersmd.com  for a prompt response.

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