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Why Buy From Amy Myers MD®?

Welcome to AmyMyersMD.com!

I'm Dr. Amy Myers, two-time New York Times bestselling author, functional medicine physician, and CEO of Amy Myers MD®. 

I founded Amy Myers MD® to serve the health needs of those seeking a functional medicine approach to wellness. After years searching and failing to find the perfect supplements for my patients, I decided to formulate my own with an emphasis on efficacy and quality. 

Who Am I?

My Passion For Functional Medicine

During my second year in medical school at Louisiana State University, I was diagnosed with Graves' disease, an autoimmune condition of the thyroid.

All of my concerns were ignored or dismissed by my doctors before they finally diagnosed me correctly. Unfortunately, conventional medicine only gave me two choices: use radioactive iodine to ablate (blow up) my thyroid; or have my thyroid surgically removed.

I eventually made the difficult decision to have my thyroid ablated, a decision I regret to this day.

Despite this serious setback, I graduated with my Doctorate of Medicine and went on to complete my residency in emergency medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

From there, I served in Austin, Texas as an emergency physician at both Dell Children's Hospital and the University Medical Center Brackenridge from 2008-2010.

In 2010, with a desire to help patients achieve their long-term health goals, I started my own clinic — Austin UltraHealth. It was there that I was able to pursue my passion of functional medicine by becoming a certified functional medicine physician in 2012.

Finally, supplements from a source you can actually trust.

Since then, I've gone on to write 2 New York Times bestselling books, as well as the Amazon #1 bestseller The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook. I've been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show 7 times, starred in my own PBS special, and featured in dozens of television, radio, and magazine interviews.

Many other supplement brands are run by fly-by-night operations looking to turn a quick buck with inconsistent or inadequate ingredients. Not so with Amy Myers MD® — it's one of the only health and wellness brands owned and operated by a real medical doctor (that's me) who puts the consumer's health first and always above profits.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Collagen Protein

You'll know exactly what you're getting because all my products are 3rd party tested and verified.

You may be surprised to know that the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA and it's up to the manufacturer to ensure they're delivering high-quality products that contain what they say they do.

All of the supplements I carry in my store carry the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal, meaning they have been 3rd party tested for purity, quality, potency, and composition, so you can rest assured that you're getting the key nutrients you're paying for and that your body actually needs.

Paleo Protein lineup

High-potency, pharmaceutical grade supplements to maximize value and impact.

Because I am a licensed physician, the supplements I carry are pharmaceutical grade, meaning they are higher quality and typically higher dosages than you can find in a health food store or online retailer.

This is vital because my supplements are designed for optimal recommendations instead of recommended daily allowances which most other supplements stop at. This is because recommended daily allowances only meet your minimum requirements and fall short of what you need for optimal health.

If you look at a supplement such as my 100 Billion probiotic, you will find that it contains double, even triple the potency of competing probiotics. And, because cost per unit is a key metric to look at when choosing supplements, this gives you the added benefit of more bang for your buck.

Storewide powders overhead

My supplements contain no gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, preservatives, dyes, or toxic ingredients.

If you have an autoimmune disease or other conditions negatively impacting your health, then you should look to cut out toxins and inflammatory foods from your diet.

This is why I make sure to source all of the ingredients in my supplements from pure, clean sources so that you can rest easy knowing that you're getting exactly what you paid for and nothing else.

Collagen protein and beauty products

The highest quality ingredients in the form that is best absorbed and utilized by your body.

The form and formulation of the vitamins and nutrients in your supplements make a difference! I have specifically sourced and formulated the ingredients in my products to be in their most bioavailable forms for maximum effectiveness.

This means that my supplements will be absorbed faster and more completely making sure that you get more of what you need with less waste.

Vetted by Dr Amy Myers MD

Every product in my store has been personally vetted by me.

Every product I carry and put my name on is the final result of a process that begins with me working with thousands of patients to determine the products they need to achieve optimal health, researching what formulations produce the greatest results, and finally pass rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure efficacy and safety.

When you see the AMMD logo on any of my amazing products, you can rest easy knowing that it's the highest quality available.


90 Day Return Guarantee

Shopping is risk-free with my 90-day return guarantee.

I stand behind all of the products I carry in my store. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply send the unused product back to me, and we will refund your money.*

Myers way community

My team is committed to delighting and WOWing all of our customers with exceptional support.

If you have questions about a product or how to place your order, my team of highly trained customer success specialists are here to support you via live chat, email, or phone.

Dr Amy Myers MD

My expertise, passion, and commitment to service are all in an effort to empower you to take back your health.

As a licensed functional medicine physician, my commitment will always lie with helping you meet your optimal health needs.

*Exclusions apply, please see the FAQs.

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