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Give back and make a difference.

Once you know something, you can’t unknow it, you have to act on it. And I know that when you understand how your body works, you have the ability to control an incredible amount of your own health. I think that’s astounding!

So I am absolutely committed to reaching all who want to improve their health from long-sufferers of a chronic condition, to those who have reached a milestone in their life and need a change, to those who simply want peak health.

Service to others is at the core of all that I do and by giving everyone the knowledge to become his or her own health advocate, through my website, blog, eCourses, podcasts and clinic, I want to change as many lives as I possibly can. I’ve made a commitment to give back in the following ways.

For every purchase from my store whether it be supplements, eCourses, eBooks or wellness coaching, we will donate a portion of all proceeds to these organizations: