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Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit

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Customer review: "This kit is life-changing. After struggling with candida symptoms for years, this kit came to my rescue. It provided me with the relief I've been searching for, helping me control my health again. " Kelly G.
Candida Breakthrough Plus Kit, Main image
Customer review: "This kit is life-changing. After struggling with candida symptoms for years, this kit came to my rescue. It provided me with the relief I've been searching for, helping me control my health again. " Kelly G.
Candida Breakthrough Plus Kit, Main image
Candida Breakthrough Plus Kit, Main image
Customer review: "This kit is life-changing. After struggling with candida symptoms for years, this kit came to my rescue. It provided me with the relief I've been searching for, helping me control my health again. " Kelly G.
Support yeast balance in the digestive tract and discourage opportunistic yeast overgrowth.

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Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit:

  • Promotes a favorable environment for beneficial intestinal flora.
  • Creates an inhospitable environment for opportunistic yeast that are out of balance
  • Supports optimal gut health and intestinal barrier function
  • Formulated to minimize ‘die off’ reactions
  • Promotes a strong intestinal barrier and optimal immune function
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My Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit is a combination of five powerful nutritional supplements for anyone concerned with candida and yeast overgrowth. While small amounts of yeast and Candida are a normal inhabitant of your digestive tract, stress, a high sugar diet, a lack of healthy probiotic bacteria, immune suppression, and antibiotic use can cause it to grow unchecked and contribute to disease. I put together a selection of five powerful supplements in my Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit to help you keep candida and yeast in check, as well as maintain a healthy gut barrier and immune and digestive function.

Let me introduce you to the five supplements included in my Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit. 

Candifense® supports a healthy and controlled population of Candida Albicans in the gut. When I discuss an optimum balance of microorganisms in the gut, no conversation is complete without mentioning certain opportunistic yeasts, such as Candida albicans. Candida is a normal and regular inhabitant of the gut, but as many of you know and have had experience with, it can cause all kinds of problems when it grows out of balance. The enzymes in Candifense® help support normal candida populations in the gut and create an inhospitable environment for candida overgrowth.

When yeast is out of balance, look no further than Caprylic Acid. First discovered in goat’s milk, caprylic acid is a short chain fatty acid found in some mammal’s milk, as well as in tropical oils like coconut and palm kernel oil. This marvelous fatty acid actually has a very beneficial effect on microbial balance in the gut, especially with regard to dysbiotic yeast! However, most of the caprylic acid supplements I researched simply weren’t formulated to get the job done. Caprylic acid is a short chain, 8-carbon saturated fatty acid that can be absorbed too soon to have any effect, or be damaged and even digested by stomach acid, gastric juices, and your pancreatic enzymes. That’s why I chose a formula that is specially encapsulated and buffered with calcium and magnesium caprylates in order to protect its viability, and help it reach the large intestine and colon intact. The buffering mineral caprylates also make my Caprylic acid much gentler on the stomach.

Probiotics support optimal digestive health and yeast balance in the gut. While it’s true that probiotics live in your sinuses, your nostrils, on your skin, and even in your mouth, most of the probiotics in your body reside in your digestive tract, specifically your large intestine and colon. When stress, illness, antibiotic use, or a poor diet compromise the probiotic bacteria population in these areas of the body, digestive symptoms are imminent. Gas, bloating, yeast overgrowth and a disruption of normal bowel habits are often the first signs that something has gone awry. Supplementation with a top quality probiotic can help repopulate these areas with beneficial bacteria, often helping to restore normal digestion, and optimal microflora balance.

Leaky Gut Revive® is a powerful combination of important amino acids and botanicals that helps promote your body’s intestinal tissue repair mechanisms, repair damage caused by inflammation, restore your gut’s healthy mucous membrane and maintain a healthy gut barrier. 

Gut ImmunIG is the key first step to achieve and maintain optimal gut health—for good! Gut ImmunIG gets right to work—beginning the process to Remove—helping you get rid of the negative factors wreaking havoc upon the delicate balance of your gut microbiome. 

My Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit is perfect for anyone who:

  • Is concerned about yeast overgrowth and Candida
  • Has had or is having having digestive issues
  • Has used antibiotics in the past or recently
  • Wants to support optimal gut barrier function and discourage ‘leaky gut’
  • Is developing food sensitivities and want to support healthy immune function


How do I use Dr. Myers’ Candida Breakthrough® Plus Kit?

When you purchase one of my supplement kits, you are automatically emailed the instructions for using the kit right away! Just let my team know if you’ve lost your email or have any concerns.

Can I take Dr. Myers’ Candida Breakthrough® Kit with other kits or supplements from Dr. Myers’ store?

Unless you have a health condition or are on prescription medications that may be contraindicated, my supplements are generally safe to take alongside other high quality nutritional supplements, however, I always advise you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns before starting any new supplements so that your health history and specific challenges may be taken into account.

Is it safe for my child to use Dr. Myers’ Candida Breakthrough® Kit? 

While many choose to give their teenagers the supplements in my Candida Breakthrough® Kit, I recommend you check with your child’s pediatrician before starting any new supplementation so that your child’s health history and specific circumstances may be taken into account.

Can I take the supplements in Dr. Myers’ Candida Breakthrough® Kit if I’m pregnant or nursing?

I strongly encourage you to always be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new nutritional supplement when pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy and nursing are generally not good times to undertake a detoxification protocol unless recommended by your healthcare provider.

Can I take Dr. Myers’ Caprylic Acid if I’m allergic to coconut?

My Caprylic Acid is made by extracting select fatty acids from the oil of coconuts and palm fruit, it does not contain meaty white flesh of coconuts that contains the protein, so no viable protein should remain in the finished product. If you have a diagnosed coconut allergy, please speak with your healthcare provider before consuming any products containing coconut.

Do you offer a candida program or course with step-by-step guidance?

Yes! If you are looking for more in-depth candida education with step-by-step guidance, I formulated a program exactly for that purpose. Find out more about my Candida Breakthrough® Program today.


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Caprylic Acid:

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Probiotic Capsules 100 Billion:

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Leaky Gut Revive®:

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Gut ImmunIG:
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