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Complete Enzymes Chewable

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A woman feeling digestive pain - Complete Enzymes aid digestion - Amy Myers MD®
Digestive enzymes chewable dietary supplement - Amy Myers MD®
Chewable enzymes for digestion, 120 capsules - supplement facts - Amy Myers MD®
Complete Enzymes Chewable review
A woman feeling digestive pain - Complete Enzymes aid digestion - Amy Myers MD®
Digestive enzymes chewable dietary supplement - Amy Myers MD®
Digestive enzymes chewable dietary supplement - Amy Myers MD®
Chewable enzymes for digestion, 120 capsules - supplement facts - Amy Myers MD®
Complete Enzymes Chewable review
A woman feeling digestive pain - Complete Enzymes aid digestion - Amy Myers MD®
Support digestion & nutrient absorption

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  • Promote optimal gastric acidity
  • Assists in the breakdown of protein into constituent amino acids
  • Supports maximum calcium, magnesium, iron and other mineral absorption
  • Helps to activate pancreatic enzymes
  • Maintains healthy gastrointestinal microbial balance to help support the immune system
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Support Nutrient Absorption with Digestive Enzymes†

The body’s production of digestive enzymes decreases as you age, that’s a fact. That’s why I recommend nearly everyone take the highest quality digestive enzymes they can find. Look no further than my Complete Enzymes!†

Physician Formulated: The Best Digestive Enzymes

These are my favorite digestive enzymes. I formulated these to be the best of the best. Take a look at the product ingredients and you’ll see that they have an unusually complete, and very broad blend of plant and microbial-based digestive enzymes. Many manufacturers skimp on enzyme types and strains to save on costs. I made sure when customizing my Complete Enzymes Chewable that they were specifically designed for those of you seeking a broad spectrum of digestive support for your individualized needs. These enzymes break down everything from protein and protein peptides to carbohydrates, disaccharides, sugars, lipids/fats, and even vegetable fiber.†

Formulated using the same enzymes contained in our Complete Enzymes with the exclusion of lysozyme, Complete Enzymes Chewable is a good choice for administering enzymes to children or adults who may prefer a chewable tablet. This broad-spectrum enzyme formulation has moderate amounts of enzymes to allow it to be comfortably chewed for routine daily use as needed. It can assist in the breakdown of a wide range of proteins, peptides, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fibers. Serratia peptidase helps support healthy immune system modulation.†

Digestive Enzymes to Help You Digest Gluten†

Have you ever been dining at a friend’s house or a restaurant and been “glutened”? I can’t count on two hands the number of times this has happened to me. As those of you seeking to avoid gluten in your diet know, it really is the absolute pits. When formulating my complete enzymes, I made certain to include DPP-IV, a protease enzyme that actually helps break down gluten! I never travel or dine-out without taking a bottle of Complete Enzymes along with me. While I certainly wouldn’t consider it a ‘free pass’ to eat gluten for those with gluten-avoidant lifestyles, it’s paramount for occasional accidental exposure or cross-contamination.†

You Produce Fewer Digestive Enzymes As You Age!

Digestive enzyme production weakens as you age. That’s right, your pancreas’ enzyme production gradually slows down as you grow older. This impacts the effectiveness of your entire digestive tract, as well as becomes a limiting factor with regard to the nutrients you are able to absorb and utilize. Employing a broad spectrum digestive enzyme can not only help ensure you are properly digesting the food you take in throughout life, but also help ensure you are able to absorb and utilize the valuable vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients these foods contain!†

Who Should Take Complete Enzymes?

My Complete Enzymes Chewable are perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants the very best digestive enzyme available that is equipped to break down a broad spectrum of foods, and assist with optimal absorption and utilization of micronutrients
  • Has or is concerned about food sensitivities
  • Is looking for a way to manage accidental gluten exposure and cross contamination
  • Wants to support their inflammatory response, immune system, and digestive health
  • Is looking for a digestive enzyme with no animal based ingredients whatsoever

Suggested Use: Chew 2 tablets at the beginning of each meal. Consult your physician before use.

Contents: 180 Chewables

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Store away from heat and moisture.

DOES NOT CONTAIN: gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.


When is the best time to take digestive enzymes?

I recommend taking digestive enzymes a few minutes or immediately before a meal. This allows the various strains of enzymes a moment to mix with gastric juices and activate so they can best assist with the breakdown of foods. I’m often asked if it’s “too late” to take digestive enzymes in the middle of, or after a meal. The simple answer is, “No.” It certainly is not too late. Taking them in the middle of or after a meal will still offer great digestive benefits. In fact, I have many patients who actually take their enzymes between meals to assist with GI health.†

Is it safe for children, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers to take Complete Enzymes Chewable?

Yes. Provided you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in my Complete Enzymes, on any prescribed medications that could be contraindicated, or have been advised by your physician not to take digestive enzymes for any reason, then Complete Enzymes are safe to use in doses recommended on the product label. If you have any concerns whatsoever, I always recommend speaking with your physician or other qualified health care provider.

How long should I take Complete Enzymes Chewable?

While I am often asked how long a digestive enzyme should be used, this question doesn’t have a ‘one size fits all’ answer. While I commonly recommend that some take my Complete Enzymes before every meal to assist their body’s digestive and absorptive efforts, as well as to support healthy immune function, some may not feel that you need it as often, or perhaps only with larger meals. Several of my patients and friends even just carry a bottle with them while traveling or dining-out just in case they accidentally get ‘glutened.’†

Complete Enzymes - Chewable supplement facts
Autoimmune Solution ApprovedCandida Protocol ApprovedLeaky Gut Protocol ApprovedThe Myers Way ApprovedSIBO Protocol ApprovedThyroid Connection Approved

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The reviews posted on this site are solely the opinions of our customers and do not represent the views or opinions of AMMD. We do not control, edit, or alter the content of customer-submitted reviews.

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