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Review - Dr. Amy Myers Essentials Kit - Complete Omega-3, Probiotic 30 billion, Liquid Vitamin D3 K2 and Multivitamins
Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit - The Myers Way Multivitamin, Vitamin D3/K2, Probiotic 30 Billion, Complete Omega-3 - Amy Myers MD®
Review - Dr. Amy Myers Essentials Kit - Complete Omega-3, Probiotic 30 billion, Liquid Vitamin D3 K2 and Multivitamins
Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit
Essentials Kit - The Myers Way Multivitamin, Vitamin D3/K2, Probiotic 30 Billion, Complete Omega-3 - Amy Myers MD®
Review - Dr. Amy Myers Essentials Kit - Complete Omega-3, Probiotic 30 billion, Liquid Vitamin D3 K2 and Multivitamins
The 4 supplements everyone should take

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My Essentials Kit:

  • Supports whole body health in every cell of the body
  • Is the PERFECT foundation for building your supplement regimen
  • Offers the highest quality supplements in their most bioavailable forms
  • Is ideal for those who are healthy OR trying to take back their health!
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4 Physician-Formulated Supplements for Optimal Health

Here are four supplements that everyone should take on a daily basis.

The Ultimate Supplement Foundation

New to nutritional supplements? THIS is where to start if you are unsure of what supplements you should be taking. One of the most common questions my team and I get is, “What supplements should I be taking to protect or regain my health?” In fact, we hear it many times every day! My Essentials Kit is the perfect place to start if you are confused or unsure about how to build a strong supplement foundation to help you regain your health.

Supplements are a Vital Part of a Healthy Diet

Even the most ideal diet on the planet is lacking in critical nutrients needed for optimum health. Our food is not what it used to be. Our air is not what it used to be. We almost never get enough sunshine… and we live in an overly hygienic and sanitized environment, twice removed from the beneficial probiotic organisms our immune and digestive systems evolved with. With the abundance of toxins and stress in our lives these days, our bodies require greater amounts of protective micronutrients than we used to. Due to soil and water quality, industrial farming practices, and the way animals are raised for food, many of us are getting less of these nutrients than ever before! Add to that our lack of exposure to sunshine and beneficial probiotics, and you have a recipe for ill health, when we try our best to eat well and stay active.

The 4 Must-Have Supplements for Every Diet

My Essentials Kit is a combination of four of the most important nutritional supplements virtually EVERYONE should be taking. I am often asked what core supplements I recommend to all of my patients. If I could ONLY recommend four supplements to someone looking to support vibrant health and overcome health challenges, what would they be? Well, that is exactly what I’ve done with my Essentials Kit! My Essentials Kit is a combination of the four crucial for health nutritional supplements I recommend virtually EVERYONE take in order to avoid suboptimal micronutrient levels, and optimize whole body health, whether you are looking to maintain your health, or take it back from the grip of disease!

The Only Multivitamin You’ll Ever Need

Let me introduce you to the four supplements included in my Essentials Kit. My Essentials Kit includes The Myers Way® Multivitamin: This new, custom formulated multivitamin, contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals, and is ideal for promoting optimal health. Probiotic Capsules 30 Billion: These potent 14-strain probiotic capsules help maintain a healthy intestinal microecology and support digestion, a healthy mood, bowel health, and a balanced immune response. Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid: Vitamins D3 and K2 work together to help maintain appropriate calcium skeletal distribution and promote healthy artery elasticity, as well as to support mood and immune function. Complete Omega 3 Capsules: Omega-3 fatty acids support a healthy inflammatory response, critical for maintaining whole body health, as well as healthy immune and cardiovascular function.

I recommend virtually EVERYONE take a high quality multivitamin. It’s absolutely critical to get the full spectrum of nutrients that your body needs. In order to ensure that you get everything you need for optimal health, I have specially formulated my own complete multivitamin. The Myers Way® Multivitamin contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

All multivitamins are not created equal! Most multivitamins are too low in key nutrients, and often times, these nutrients may be missing altogether. When I custom formulated my multivitamin, I made sure to include everything you need and in a form that is readily available and usable by your body.

The Best Maintenance Probiotic Available

My Probiotic Capsules 30 Billion are the best formulated maintenance probiotics available. When I formulated my 30 Billion strength probiotics, I chose 14 of the most important strains, and made absolutely sure that there were enough viable CFU’s in each capsule to support digestive health, immune function, mood, and even weight control for those looking for the perfect daily probiotic.

Probiotics support optimal digestive health and can help you ‘beat the bloat.’ While it’s true that probiotics live in your sinuses, your nostrils, your vaginal canal, on your skin, and even in your mouth, most of the probiotics in your body reside in your digestive tract, specifically your large intestine and colon. When stress, illness, antibiotic use, or a poor diet compromise the probiotic bacteria population in these areas of the body, digestive symptoms are imminent. Gas, bloating, and a disruption of normal bowel habits are often the first signs that something has gone awry. Your appetite, weight, skin health and much more can all suffer when this occurs. Supplementation with a top quality probiotic can help repopulate these areas with beneficial bacteria, often helping to restore normal digestion, and helping you ‘beat the bloat’, and support whole-body health.

Vitamin D3 K2 For Optimal Bone Health

Vitamin D is needed at every level for whole body health. In fact, every single type of tissue in your body has receptors for Vitamin D. Your bones, heart, brain, muscles, immune system, you name it, all require sufficient Vitamin D to function optimally. Vitamin D is also the only vitamin that also functions as a hormone in the body, making it even more important to be sure you are not deficient or insufficient in this all important micronutrient. I combined my Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 to help support bone growth, calcium absorption, and cardiovascular health.

Omega 3 Fish Oil For Optimal Inflammatory Response

If I could recommend only one supplement for a healthy inflammation response… It would be a pure and potent Omega 3 fish oil. Hands down, every time. Fish oil is the world’s best and most bioavailable source of Omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA. These polyunsaturated short chain fatty acids positively promote the production of inflammation mediating proteins such as eicosanoids, protectins, resolvins, and more. With over 8500 clinical trials and peer reviewed published articles to back it up, a top quality fish oil is my preferred go to for all issues related to inflammation.

Who Should Use The Essentials Kit?

My Essentials Kit is perfect for anyone who:

  • Doesn’t know where to start when it comes to nutritional supplements
  • Wants to build the perfect base for a health supporting supplement protocol
  • Has tried other supplements before with poor results
  • Demands the highest quality nutritional supplements available
  • Is looking to maintain or take back their health!


    How do I take Dr. Myers’ Essentials Kit?

    When you purchase one of my supplement kits, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions for using the kit attached for you! Just let my Customer Success team know if you’ve lost this email or have any concerns so we can assist.

    Can I take Dr. Myers Essentials Kit with other kits or supplements from Dr. Myers’ store?

    Unless you have a health condition or are on prescription medications that may be contraindicated, my supplements are generally safe to take alongside other high quality nutritional supplements, however, I always advise you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns before starting any new supplements so that your health history and specific challenges may be taken into account.

    Is it safe for my child to use Dr. Myers Essentials Kit?

    Be sure to always check with your child’s pediatrician before starting any new supplementation.

    Can I take The Myers Way® Multivitamin if I’m pregnant or nursing?

    While My Essentials Kit is generally safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, always be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new nutritional supplement when pregnant or nursing.

    Complete Omega-3 Softgels:

    Complete Omega-3 Softgels

    Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid:

    Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid Supplement Facts and Ingredients

    Probiotic Capsules 30 Billion:

    Probiotic Capsules 30 Billion Supplement Facts and Ingredients

    The Myers Way® Multivitamin:

    The Myers Way Multivitamin supplement facts
    Autoimmune Solution ApprovedCandida Protocol ApprovedLeaky Gut Protocol ApprovedThe Myers Way ApprovedSIBO Protocol ApprovedThyroid Connection Approved

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