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Cutomer review: "I'm Staying Awake! I'm awake all day everyday for the first time in many many years. I even had energy on the worst day of my cycle.  Im so happy and I no longer feel frustrated." - Susan M.
Adrenal Support capsule bottle next to a Multivitamin capsule bottle sitting on a white granite countertop with white tile background.
Cutomer review: "I'm Staying Awake! I'm awake all day everyday for the first time in many many years. I even had energy on the worst day of my cycle.  Im so happy and I no longer feel frustrated." - Susan M.
Adrenal Support capsule bottle next to a Multivitamin capsule bottle sitting on a white granite countertop with white tile background.
Adrenal Support capsule bottle next to a Multivitamin capsule bottle sitting on a white granite countertop with white tile background.
Cutomer review: "I'm Staying Awake! I'm awake all day everyday for the first time in many many years. I even had energy on the worst day of my cycle.  Im so happy and I no longer feel frustrated." - Susan M.
Two rockstar supplements for thyroid support

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The Hashimoto's Support Kit:

  • Is tailor made for my patients with thyroid dysfunction, including Hashimoto’s disease
  • Offers high levels of key nutrients for general wellness and detoxification
  • Includes optimal Selenium, Zinc, and Iodine levels to support thyroid health
  • Has B Vitamins in their activated forms to promote cardiovascular and neurological health, and optimize detoxification and methylation
  • Promotes a more balanced physical and emotional stress response
  • Contains the micronutrient building blocks of adrenal hormones and supports optimal adrenal gland health
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Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support

I designed my Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit specifically for those with low thyroid, hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto’s Disease. Having suffered with a thyroid condition myself, I’m acutely aware of what a spreading problem thyroid dysfunction is around the world. If you have been newly diagnosed with low thyroid, hypothyroidism, or even an autoimmune disease that attacks and suppresses your thyroid such as Hashimoto’s Disease, then I designed this kit for you. Even if you suspect subclinical hypothyroidism or simply want to support your thyroid health as well as HPA axis function, then this is the kit for you.

Hashimoto’s Support: The Myers Way® Multivitamin + Adrenal Support

Let me introduce you to the two rockstar supplements included in my Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit. My Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit contains The Myers Way® Multivitamin: This new, custom formulated multivitamin, contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals, and is ideal for promoting optimal health. It also contains my custom Adrenal Support formula: My Adrenal Support is a cutting edge adaptogenic blend. I’ve improved the formula, and added Vitamin C, L-Tyrosine, and key B vitamins in their most bioavailable forms in order to support an optimal stress response, adrenal health and stress hormone production.

A Physician-Formulated Multivitamin

I recommend virtually EVERYONE take a high quality multivitamin. It’s absolutely critical to get the full spectrum of nutrients that your body needs. In order to ensure that you get everything you need for optimal health, I have specially formulated my own complete multivitamin. The Myers Way® Multivitamin contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

My Multivitamin Supports Optimal Thyroid Function

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is tailor made to help promote optimal thyroid function. Having personally lived with thyroid issues, I’ve spent my career perfecting the art of supporting thyroid health for myself, and my many patients. While I custom formulated it to be the perfect multivitamin for virtually everyone, it’s tailor made for those with thyroid dysfunction. In fact, ALL of my patients with hypo or hyperthyroidism, including Hashimoto’s and Grave’s Disease, have my daily multivitamin in their treatment plans. This specially formulated multi is the perfect companion to my second book, The Thyroid Connection, and it’s jam packed with micronutrients in the forms your body wants, and the amounts your thyroid needs. With optimal levels of thyroid supporting minerals such as zinc, selenium, and iodine, alongside antioxidants like vitamins C and E and other free radical scavengers, no other multi on the market does more to support your thyroid!

All multivitamins are not created equal! Most multivitamins are too low in key nutrients, and often times, these nutrients may be missing altogether. When I custom formulated my multivitamin, I made sure to include everything you need and in a form that is readily available and useable by your body.

Adrenal Support For Managing Stress

Stress is public enemy number one. While small amounts of stress are necessary for life and can actually help keep our immune systems sharp, as well as help keep you alive in dangerous situations, chronic stress is absolutely insidious. Unfortunately, our modern world, with all of its trappings and convenience, is also fraught with high amounts of stress. Chronic stress has been linked to almost every health condition you can think of, from headaches, migraines, digestive issues, and heart attacks all the way to adrenal fatigue, insomnia, advanced aging and a plethora of autoimmune diseases.

Adrenal Support For The HPA Axis

Let me tell you about the ‘HPA Axis’. When you’re stressed, your hypothalamus is the part of your brain that recognizes it. To put it straightforwardly and simply, your hypothalamus signals your pituitary gland, and they both in turn signal your adrenals to produce and release stress hormones. This is the basis of what is referred to as your HPA (Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis. While throughout human history, this has enabled us to effectively respond to stress by engaging the ‘fight or flight’ response, these days our high stress, modern environment, full of traffic, work, and financial, and even stress from chronic health issues keep the HPA axis engaged constantly in a huge portion of our population. When the HPA axis slides into dysfunction, thyroid health will often suffer.

Stress induced HPA Axis dysfunction leads to adrenal fatigue and adrenal burnout. When your adrenals are constantly being signaled by your brain to produce stress hormones, not only is this incredibly unhealthy for your overall health, affecting your mood, sleep, libido, immune system, blood sugar, appetite, thyroid, and much more, it’s also terribly taxing to your adrenal glands and micronutrient reserves. Your adrenal glands have to work incredibly hard to keep up with the demand of constantly being engaged, which can fatigue them and lead to adrenal dysfunction and burnout. It’s also perilous for micronutrient reserves! Vitamin C, trace minerals, magnesium, B vitamins, antioxidants, and more are all involved in producing this seemingly never ending demand for stress hormones. To compound matters, many adults already have suboptimal or insufficient levels of these micronutrients needed to produce stress hormones. This has a huge impact on thyroid health.

Who Needs The Hashimoto’s Support Kit?

My Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to obtain optimal amounts of the nutrients their body needs to thrive
  • Wants to support healthy thyroid and adrenal function
  • Wants to support optimal hormone balance and weight loss
  • Has MTHFR mutations and wants to promote normal methylation
  • Has a high stress job or works long hours
  • Gets fewer than eight hours of sleep each night
  • Regularly drinks coffee, black tea, or other caffeine containing beverages
  • Has or is concerned about adrenal fatigue


How do I take Dr. Myers’ Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit?

When you purchase one of my supplement kits, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions for using the kit attached for you! Just let my Customer Success team know if you’ve lost this email or have any concerns so we can assist.

Can I take Dr. Myers’ Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit with other kits or supplements from Dr. Myers’ store?

Unless you have a health condition or are on prescription medications that may be contraindicated, my supplements are generally safe to take alongside other high quality nutritional supplements, however, I always advise you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns before starting any new supplements so that your health history and specific challenges may be taken into account.

Is it safe for my child to use Dr. Myers’ Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit?

While many choose to give their teenagers the supplements in my Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit, I recommend you check with your child’s pediatrician before starting any new supplementation so that your child’s health history and specific circumstances may be taken into account. Please also be aware that I’ve formulated a multivitamin specifically for children which you can find out more about here.

Can I take the Dr. Myers’ Hypothyroid Hashimoto’s Support Kit if I’m pregnant or nursing?
I encourage you to always be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new nutritional supplement when pregnant or nursing.


The Myers Way® Multivitamin:

The Myers Way Multivitamin supplement facts

Adrenal Support:

Adrenal Support supplement facts
Candida Protocol ApprovedSIBO Protocol Approved

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