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Organics Superfoods Kit
Organics Superfoods Kit
Organics Superfoods Kit
Organics Superfoods Kit
Organics Superfoods Kit
Organics Superfoods Kit
27 fruits & veggies every day

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Organic Superfoods Kit:

  • 100% USDA Certified Organic
  • Rich in dozens of superfoods and over 100 phytonutrients that are often completely missing in our modern diets
  • Alkaline greens support detoxification and deliver a boost of antioxidants
  • Infused with high levels of ellagic acid to brighten skin & protect against harmful free radicals†
  • Mulberry promotes brown fat activation, helping maintain optimal fat metabolism†
  • Aronia berry supports heart cells and cell membranes by mitigating damage & DNA fragmentation caused by toxins and oxidation†
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Free radicals, oxidation, and toxins can rob you of your energy… and your youthful glow, & overall health! Your body must defend itself from the pollution and contaminants all around us, each and every day. That’s why it’s SO important to provide the cells in your body with the powerful phytonutrients, vitamins and polyphenols in high-quality superfood powders to fight off free radicals.

My Organic Greens & Organic Reds taste delicious. I’ve been following The Myers Way® for years, and at this point in my practice, I’ve literally tried it all. Many of the superfood powders I’ve purchased over the years tasted so bad, I had to throw them out! My Organic Greens & Organic Reds taste great, and unlike other brands, they do it 100% organically! You won’t find any added sugars, artificial flavors, GMO’s, or any other nasty ingredients.

The Organic Superfoods Kit will save you a ton of money. Have you been to a juice bar recently? The prices are astronomical. My team and I visited a few, and what we found was… not so great. First of all, almost nothing’s certified organic, and yet, the prices you’ll pay suggest they were grown fertilized only with gold dust. In our research, we discovered 30 servings of juice at a juice bar with the nutritional equivalent of what you’ll find in just my Organic Greens would cost you $255.00. Yikes! That’s over SIX TIMES more expensive per serving. When you add in the organic reds the savings go through the roof!

Forget about juicing yourself. The Organic Superfoods Kit will save you loads of time. Juicers are expensive, all the organic produce you need to juice is expensive, and the time spent pulling out the juicer, putting it together, washing and cutting veggies, actually juicing them, then breaking down and cleaning the machine before you put it away can take up your ENTIRE morning. With The Organic Superfoods Kit you get the nutrients of a fresh glass of organic superfoods juice, with just two simple scoops… one green & one red!

The Organic Superfoods Kit is so much better for you! The problems with getting your juice from a grocery store or juice bar are many. As I said earlier… it’s rarely ever organic. That means you’re getting concentrated pesticides and other nasty chemicals every time you take a sip of your juice. And besides the fact that a single serving of any of these store bought brands can cost you up to $9.00 a serving, there’s another big problem we need to discuss… The entire time your juice is sitting in that plastic bottle on the store shelf, it’s leaching carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting toxins such as BPA & BPS right out of the plastic! That’s right, because store bought brands are in a liquid form, they react with the plastic bottle they’re stored in. The superfoods powders in the Organic Superfoods Kit are 100% organic, and specially dried and powdered, preserving all of the nutritional value so it won’t leach chemicals from its 100% recyclable container!

My Organic Superfoods Kit is ideal for anyone who:

  • Desires brighter skin, an energy boost, and optimal circulation
  • Is interested in healthy weight loss and fat metabolism
  • Does not eat 8 full servings of fresh organic fruits and vegetables every day
  • Wants to save a lot of money and time vs. buying juice at a juice bar
  • Is tired of “superfood” powders that are filled with chemicals and toxins and demands delicious, premium, certified-organic options designed by a physician



How do I use Dr. Myers’ Organic Superfoods Kit?

When you purchase one of my supplement kits, you will receive an order confirmation email with instructions for using the kit attached for you! Just let my Customer Success team know if you’ve lost this email or have any concerns so we can assist.


What makes Dr. Myers’ Organic Greens & Organic Reds different from other superfood powders?

As a licensed medical doctor (M.D.), I take my supplements seriously. Every single one of my formulas, including Organic Reds, features the most bioavailable nutrients that are not only of premium pharmaceutical-grade quality, they’re also difficult for non-M.D.s to obtain.


How many bottles of Organic Superfoods Kits should I order?

Consistent supplementation is key when it comes to supporting optimal health and energy levels. Though everyone is different, I recommend ordering 2-3 kits consecutively to experience maximum results. Consider the Subscribe & Save option to have it conveniently delivered to your door each month with no hassle and at a substantial savings! Pause or cancel anytime for any reason.


What if the Organic Superfoods Kit doesn’t work for me?

If for whatever reason you’re not seeing the results you want, I get it. That’s why I offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all of my supplements. Just send it back and you’ll get a refund, guaranteed.


Will I be forced into a subscription?

Absolutely not, this is a one-time purchase unless you elect otherwise. If you are interested in saving on your monthly joint health supply, I do offer a Subscribe & Save option where you can save time + save 20% on every supplement kit order. I’ll automatically ship it to your door each month with no fuss or hassle. I recommend it if you’re serious about your health!


Can my child use the Organic Superfoods Kit?

Because Organic Greens contains adaptogenic herbs such as maca & ashwagandha, you should check with your child’s pediatrician or other healthcare provider before supplementing with the Organic Superfoods Kit.


Is Organic Greens okay to use while pregnant or nursing?

Because Organic Greens contains adaptogenic herbs such as maca & ashwagandha, you should check with your doctor or other healthcare provider before supplementing with the Organic Superfoods Kit while pregnant or nursing.


Is Organic Greens & Organic Reds okay to use in hot beverages or low-temp cooking?

Yes! While very high heat will damage some of the nutrients, enzymes, and phytochemicals, most of the nutritional benefits will remain intact due to the special drying and steam treating process the organic plant foods undergo before processing.


Is the Organic Superfoods Kit AIP approved?

Organic Greens contains small amounts of two ingredients derived from sunflower & ashwagandha, neither of which are technically AIP approved foods. However, the derived ingredients (lecithin, a fatty component of sunflower oil & withanolides, a steroid like phytochemical found in ashwagandha root) are only specific extracts (they do not contain the whole food or herb), and are specially processed to remove the offending alkaloids and inflammatory proteins usually found in them. This means that most people following an AIP diet will tolerate Organic Greens & Organic Reds extremely well! If you have a diagnosed allergy to any ingredient in my Organic Greens or Organic Reds formula, please speak to your allergist or doctor before using the product.

Organic Reds Ingredients

Organic Reds supplement facts

Organic Greens Ingredients

Organic Greens supplement facts
Autoimmune Solution ApprovedCandida Protocol ApprovedLeaky Gut Protocol ApprovedThe Myers Way ApprovedSIBO Protocol ApprovedThyroid Connection Approved

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

The reviews posted on this site are solely the opinions of our customers and do not represent the views or opinions of AMMD. We do not control, edit, or alter the content of customer-submitted reviews.

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