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Your FREE BONUS gifts below are packed with practical tips and resources to support you as you follow the 30-day plan in The Autoimmune Solution.

Video Series: How to Stock the Perfect AIP Pantry

Thanks to so many of you adopting AIP diets, there are tons of different options available for gluten-free and grain-free flours, healthy cooking fats, autoimmune-friendly sweeteners and more! Find out what products I stock my own pantry with so you, too, can become a true AIP cooking master!

Watch the videos below or click here to download them to your computer.

AIP Friendly Flours

AIP All-Natural Sweeteners

Healthy Fats for an AIP Protocol

Coconut Must Haves for an AIP Protocol

AIP-Friendly Protein Powders

The Myers Way® Guide to Supplements

Customize your supplement protocol with this simple guide! Learn which supplements to take, where to get them, and how to take them.

The Myers Way® Symptoms Quiz & Progress Tracker

Record your symptoms and track your weekly progress as you reduce your inflammation!

The Myers Way® Smoothie Recipes eBook

These delicious smoothie recipes are packed with essential nutrients to support your gut and immune system!

Ready to Get Started Right Now?

If want to get a jumpstart reversing autoimmunity right away, I recommend beginning with an L-glutamine supplement. As I always say, the gut is the gateway to health, and repairing your gut is where I have all of my patients start.

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is essential for both gut health and immune health. It repairs gut cells and strengthens the gut lining, in order to repair a leaky gut. Plus it helps reduce sugar cravings!

Order your bottle of gut-healing L-Glutamine here!

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